Photographer Tells Interesting Stories Through Toy Photography 

Mitchel Wu creates and crafts attention-grabbing tales utilizing toy pictures, a comparatively new artwork type. He captures the phantasm of movement and emotion the place none exists, bringing new life to the world. He’s taken photographs for a powerful checklist of shoppers, together with Disney, Marvel, Hot Wheels, and Hasbro.

His toy pictures was even featured in Marvel’s 616 documentary, now streaming on Disney+! There’s no restrict to creativity, and Mitchel proves it by way of his distinctive work. Based in Los Angeles, he gives a one-of-a-kind expertise for shoppers worldwide.

This type of pictures affords an ideal escape from the in any other case mundane world round us. By channeling your internal little one, it means that you can discover magical lands created by your creativeness.

While toy pictures dates again to the 1800s, it didn’t acquire traction till the Nineteen Seventies. Around this time, a person by the identify of David Levinthal grew to become the daddy of miniature pictures.

Over time, it developed into a worldwide phenomenon principally involving LEGOS, motion figures, and popular culture imagery. It’s such a various artwork type and may embody many themes and story concepts. Many artists draw inspiration from widespread sources corresponding to Disney films, Star Wars, and Pokemon characters.

Here’s a few of Mitchel’s work

Some of Mitchel’s toy photography tasks embrace the next:

  • Kermit the frog using a dinosaur within the desert
  • Woody from Toy Story strolling a tightrope between ketchup and mustard bottles
  • Spongebob using a surfboard
  • A mannequin automotive plowing by way of a gap in a donut
  • The Flintstones hurriedly driving away from a large ape
  • Mario and Luigi driving their carts by way of a sand dune away from a T-rex
  • Incredible about to battle a large octopus
  • A ghostbuster capturing Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas with a proton pack
  • Hedwig from Harry Potter flying by way of a forest with Harry within the background

Toy pictures helps the viewer grow to be immersed within the story, making them really feel like they’re really in a unique land.

Photographer Tells Interesting Stories Through Toy Photography

“For me, toy photography is really all about storytelling,” Mitchel says. “Storytelling is what makes an image impactful and engaging, so my goal is to have my image just really stop you in your tracks and for you to go ‘Whoa, what’s going on here?’”

After feeling burnt out together with his career, he looked for one thing new to relight that artistic spark. Little did he know his nephew would level the way in which to his subsequent journey.

“I was a wedding photographer, I shot hundreds of weddings. So in 2015 I realized that I was going to stop shooting weddings and I needed to find something else.”

“Right around the same time, my nephew who photographed toys as a hobby said, ‘Hey Uncle Mitch, why don’t you come up next time you’re in San Francisco, bring your camera gear and let’s go shoot some toys?’”

Mitchel had no prior expertise with toy pictures and didn’t know what to anticipate. However, as soon as he tried it out, he bought hooked instantly. There’s simply one thing about telling a narrative utilizing toys that brings out the child in you.

“It took several months for me to get up there; I brought my gear, I had no toys. [My nephew] lent me a couple of Stormtrooper action figures, and from the very first click of the shutter, I realized that this was something incredible,” Mitchel mentioned. “It was an amazing way to tell stories, and it was a way for me to get back to the creativity that I always imagined myself being involved with.”

What started as a interest shortly grew to become a newfound career for Mitchel. It’s yet one more story that conjures up us to pursue our goals since you by no means know the place they’ll take you. Sometimes, you don’t discover your ardour till later in life, however your world turns the wrong way up if you do.

Creating new worlds with toy pictures

“From the very first time that I took a photo of a toy, I understood the amazing potential there was to create a career out of toy photography. It’s been a dream come true, and the crazy thing is, it’s not even a dream I knew I had five years ago,” Mitchel mentioned.

People worldwide have left their jobs to search out their ardour, so Mitchel isn’t alone. However, his story affords a novel perspective for the reason that subject of toy pictures isn’t well-known. Even nonetheless, it’s gaining recognition across the globe attributable to social media and different shops.

“That really taught me that you have to go into life with eyes open, to take risks, and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Because if I had done none of those things, none of this would have happened,” Mitchel says. “I plan to continue to work on and improve my own storytelling and my image-making because those things never end.”

Mitchel loves his new career and continues to make plans for the long run. With toy pictures, it appears the one limits are those you create for your self. Mitchel aspires to maintain breaking these limits and be taught new strategies in his thrilling career path.

“Besides that, I really hope to travel the world more to meet up with some of my toy photography brothers and sisters around the globe. Because toy photography is definitely a growing global phenomenon, I’m so pleased to be a part of it. The past five years have been incredible, and I cannot wait to see where the next five years leads me,” Mitchel mentioned.

Final Thoughts: toy pictures gives man with a brand new, enjoyable career

When one man bought fed up with wedding ceremony pictures, he determined to take photos of toys as an alternative. You may surprise how one can make a career out of toy pictures, however Mitchel proves it’s attainable. He’s taken photographs for large names within the business like Disney, Marvel, and Mattel. Who knew that photographing our favourite characters from childhood may flip right into a career path?

Mitchel’s inspiring story reveals that you may create your path in life by following your coronary heart and utilizing your creativeness.

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