22 Cute Things It Means When A Guy Winks At You

Winking is a human quirk that can convey so much hidden meaning. If a guy follows you, is it flirting? Sometimes it is, but not always. There are many reasons why a guy might send a little wink your way.

What does winking symbolize?

There is often much more behind such small gestures.

Depending on the context and relationship of the two people, these two people can be flirtatious, playful, comforting, or downright shy.

Ultimately, winking is simply a way we communicate using our body language. 70% to 93% of the messages we send each other are non-verbal and logical.

It’s so important to us in social situations that since it was first introduced in 2010, it’s become a must-have winking emoji for our text messages.

What does it mean when a guy winks at you?

1. He flirts

Probably the most common association we all associate with winking is flirting. If a guy flirts with you, it can signal his attraction and let you know that he’s interested in you romantically.

But why flirt? Well, there is science behind it.

Research shows that our pupils tend to speak up when we are aroused and excited. We’ll probably start blinking a lot more.

It’s your body’s natural way of telling your brain it’s satisfied with what it sees. It has been suggested that this natural phenomenon of increased blinking is a way to play.

It sends a clear message to the other person, saying, “I’m excited about this.” For this reason, flirting is flirting.

That’s why when your crush snaps at you; it’s likely to make your heart skip. But to know if it’s flirting or means something else, it’s essential to read the context in which he’s doing it and check for other signs that a guy likes you.

2. He feels love for you

Of course, winking isn’t always meant to be sexual, but it can still indicate a connection between two people. Perhaps this bond was spiritual but still tender.

If you are close friends with the guy who hit you, this may signify a warm relationship with you. Usually, this will be accompanied by a smile.

This can leave you confused and questioning whether he thinks of you as just a friend or something more. But we’re hoping the energy around him makes up for it because this kind of cuddly wink feels more like what grandpa would give you.

There would be no other courtship acts because this is just a way of communicating sincere love.

3. He teases you

When we use another widespread wink, we joke around with someone and want them to know it. We don’t want them to take what we say too seriously. So we give a little wink after what we say to show that we are not light and severe.

This can be especially helpful when you say it sarcastically or with an arid sense of humor. Therefore, if a guy makes fun of you or mocks you out of spite, he may try to show you what he means and not hurt his words.

He doesn’t want you to take it personally, and he wants you to be able to say that he means it innocently.

Whether or not he flirts like this depends on the situation, his body towards you, and what he says. Teasing happens between friends, but in some contexts, that’s one of the signs he’s attracted to you.

4. It is sexual

Even a step up from flirting uses winking to hint at something more apparent. There is a naughty result with this kind of wink. A rather over-sexualized comment will likely accompany it.

Even with a joking tone, he’s testing the waters to see how you’ll respond. For example, he “longs to get to know you closely” and follows it with a wink.

Wink’s action reinforces the meaning of his sexual comment to you so that you fully understand the sub.

5. He greets you

Some guys wink as a form of greeting. This may be the case if he follows you when you say hello or goodbye.

Although it doesn’t specifically mean “hello,” winking can be a way of acknowledging someone and making a connection.

A guy says the same thing when he says goodbye to you. It’s a way of saying “care” or “see ya later” with his body language.

6. He is kind

If you’ve ever wondered if you’ve read too much to a guy, the truth is that many men will practice it as a means of becoming friends.

Winking not only means different things to different people but can also mean different things in different countries and cultures.

For example, while in Asia, it is considered vulgar, in western culture, it means more context. Being friends with someone will make someone feel bad for you. Even a stranger can do this to you, which means they try to be friendly and kind to you.

Maybe it’s as simple as a wallet that gives you your change at the gas station and tells you to have a great day.

7. He tries to reassure you

A wink can be a comforting sign to someone that we’re on their side and have their back. If something has happened to make you sad, a guy might send you a little wink to try to cheer you up and offer silent support.

Maybe you are stressed, and he wants to reassure you. He even asked across the crowded room, “Are you okay?” he can send a wink towards you as a signal and check you out.

It’s his way of showing that he’s looking out for you and maybe defending himself against you.

8. He wants to get your attention

Winks between two people, especially with a larger group, silently signal to each other — like a private message. In this way, winks can almost be a code used by two people so that they don’t say anything that would be a gift to the company they are in.

For example, when a visitor arrives in Nigeria, parents will often look after the child and tell them to leave the room.

If he cannot use words for whatever reason, this may be your way of focusing on yourself. Similarly, it can also be used as a small signal to you of an inside joke.

Maybe another friend says something. He winks and raises an eyebrow at you so that you know something different than what is being said.

9. He tells you to chill

A wink can be a signal that he thinks he needs to rest. Maybe he’s trying to calm you down or leave you alone if he thinks you’re getting a little heated.

Whether it’s cute or annoying will likely depend on the situation. If you’ve had an argument and he wants to end it, this can be a comforting and peace-making step.

On the other hand, if he’s trying to dismiss what you’re saying, he can hardly seem all that attractive.

10. He means he’s going along with something

Imagine this scene; you are having a conversation with different opinions. Maybe you are discussing something, or there is a difference of opinion.

Finally, instead of taking it any further, he tells you, “you’re the winner,” and follows it up with a little winch.

In this context, it’s saying that he might disagree with you, and his wink is a sign of that, but he’ll send it off anyway.

“Okay, whatever” kind of w, ink.

11. He wants you to play too

Does the guy in question just entirely lie?

His win for you is to go along with what he says and put him in the background. Whether it’s a fib or a prank he’s playing on someone, it’s his way of saying you should play along and not give the game away.

Take this as your sign that the two of you are with each other now.

12. He tries to be mysterious

For some reason, he thinks that he said something a little cryptic (maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you) and that he followed it with a crane is somehow mysterious.

He’s trying to be calm and wants you to think he’s a little sauce and smooth. Whether you do or not is another matter.

While this doesn’t automatically mean he’s attracted to you, he does want you to find him attractive. He goes for the James Bond international of the mysterious vibe.

13. He is unreasonable

Some boys are a little goofy and like to play around. Winking may be part of his repertoire, and he plays up to that silliness.

Maybe he tries to make you laugh a few times during the conversation, probably out of anger. In this wink, he plays a court joke. It is for your fun and role-playing.

14. He is up to mischief

Perhaps, accompanied by a bit of anger, a lamp sent your way prepares you for evil. If a guy is skeptical, he’s either up for a joke or up to no good.

It’s a sneaky little signal that he just did something or is about to do something naughty.

15. He knows your game

When a guy thinks he’s into you or knows what he’s into, he might do it to you. This is a game-play way of telling you, “you winked at me” I know what’s going on.

Maybe your insistence that you’ll be hitting the gym later or not having a second glass of wine is met with a little healthy skepticism or disbelief.

His wink, maybe an “ok” or “is that right?” accompanied by This is his way of letting you know that he knows the actual score.

16. He enters into purgatory with you

A wink is a way for two people to be complicit in something. If he obeys you, it can confirm that he tacitly agrees that you can trust his discretion.

He wants you to know that he will not give you up. Wing says that no matter what happens, he will keep quiet and not let anyone.

It can also work both ways; maybe it gives you a secret. He follows this with a wink, telling you he’s sure of what he’s telling you.

17. It is chewable

Some guys may use winking in their repertoire as well. In the proper context, it can be sweet because, under their pretense, cheesy guys usually don’t know how to communicate.

They over-compass on their insecurities and over-accumulate “attractiveness” (or what they hope will be attractive).

If you like this guy, you’ll probably find him pretty cool, if not for a little round-the-eye corn.

18. He is showing off

accompanied by other confident behaviors. This type of person enjoys being the center of attention. He’s probably the typical jock type who gets too into himself.

He feels like a cock, and how he looks at you shows it. This is a sign of his masculinity. He silently tells you that “that man.”

If you’re on a date, a guy might give you a little tear when he picks up the tab and tells the waiter he’s going to pay. He confidently assumes and asserts himself in hopes of impressing you.

19. Saying, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

Have you ever asked him for help with something? Or, perhaps, he has volunteered his services to you. After all, a boy loves a Ramsar in distress because it’s all part of his heroic instinct.

If he comes to your rescue or solves a problem for you, you may find that he gives a wink in addition to letting you know it’s no problem.

It’s his way of saying, “Okay, I got it.”

While this isn’t necessarily swagger, it exudes healthy confidence that screams, “trust me; I know what I’m doing.”

This wink tells you there is no need to worry because everything is in your hands.

20. He is breaking the ice

Winking can be a guy’s way of breaking the ice, especially if there’s tension or nerves in the air for whatever reason.

For example, maybe you’re meeting for a first date, and he wants to be free of any awkwardness so that the conversation can flow freely.

Like other conversation starters, a wink can serve as a bit of an icebreaker to break down any awkwardness.

21. It tells you that the conversation is to continue…

Have you ever chatted with a guy on a break?

In this case, he may say something like “we’ll talk later” or “we’ll continue this later” as he wraps up the conversation.

He lets you know that you two aren’t over and wants to pick up where you left off. Most likely, there is some unfinished business between you, and he wants to make it clear that he intends to return to it soon.

This is also a sure way that he expects to see you again.

22. This is a habit for him

Come on; we can be guilty of reading into every little thing, especially when we’re interested in someone and trying to figure out that they feel the same way.

But the truth is that, while winking has many potential cultural meanings and interpretations, it doesn’t have to mean anything.

You will encounter some men who win as a habit. They don’t even realize they’re doing it. They do this to almost everyone who probably doesn’t even know you.

In that case, maybe it’s part of his behavior. It doesn’t always have to make a lot of sense.

How to respond when a guy winks on you?

1. Read the context

Your answer will depend a lot on the context.

You made it difficult for you (though it was tough). Because obviously, you will feel different not only about who will look at you but also about the situation.

Hopefully, the 22 cute things that mean when a guy gives you the wink will give you enough clues to determine if his nap is innocent or if it means something more.

2. Read the boy

Along with the situation, it is also essential to use your intuition and judgment to determine what kind of guy you are dealing with.

A player will use winking very differently from the shy guy. Knowing what kind of person he is will help you understand his intentions.

3. Decide what message you want to send him.

Do you agree with any progress he has made? Are you into him or see him as a friend? Is his mincemeat sweet or classy?

How you feel will determine how you respond to a guy. How comfortable and confident you are with this situation will also play a role.

If you like it, what should you do?

  • Smile at him – it shows that you’re accepting the winch warmly, but it’s a low-key or condescending gesture that doesn’t convey how you’re feeling.
  • Wink back – this is a great way to play along with his potential flirtatious behavior and show his reciprocation.
  • Flirt him – Winking is not everyone’s style. If he’s not yours, but you want to make it clear that you’re attracted to him, make sure you flirt in other ways.
  • Laugh – if you think he might be joking, or if he means it in a friendly and silly way, then your laughter shows that you took it well.
  • Make eye contact – we tell people a lot through our eyes. So this article about winking has proven. Catching someone’s gaze sends a strong message that you care.
  • Raise an eyebrow – it’s a low-key but flirtatious prank.
  • Bow to him to show that you understand and that you’re okay— this is the comforting wink a guy can give to check on you and make sure you’re okay
  • Don’t mind it – you don’t have to do anything in response to his eyes if you don’t want to or if you’re still unsure of his intentions. Just act like it didn’t happen and keep the conversation going.

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