20 Signs From The Universe That Your Ex Is Coming Back

We’ve all been there:

Stuck in breakup purgatory, in search of signs our ex misses us and questioning if they may ultimately come back.

If you’re desperately looking for common clues that your ex will return to you, you’re in the proper place.

I’ve put collectively a complete record of 20 unmistakable signs that your ex will come back into your life.

In this text we are going to cover:

  • 20 DEFINITE signs your ex is coming back
  • Resources to assist hold the relationship wholesome if they arrive back
  • Expert hyperlinks to assist get your ex back

Going by way of a breakup is all the time robust. Especially whenever you nonetheless have so many emotions and unanswered questions.

When my ex and I broke up, (for the second time), I used to be confused and struggling to search out which means to my feelings.

Was this the ultimate break up?

Did I even need this break up?

Did my ex wish to come back?

I began to recall the signs from the earlier time we bought back collectively. And positive sufficient, they performed out the second time too.

Here are 20 precise signs that your ex needs to come back back to you:

1) They nonetheless hold you of their life

You guys nonetheless keep in contact. They haven’t blocked you from any of the socials.

They haven’t reached out to shut out shared accounts or to get issues back.

Often when a breakup is ultimate, battle or flight takes over and an individual will attempt to take away all “traces” of the relationship.  They will delete pictures of you on social media, block your calls or texts, and finalize something that binds you collectively.

However, and this was the case in my scenario,  if your ex is on the fence about the break up, they may nonetheless keep up a correspondence. Sometimes in refined methods.

They might not reply to your texts, however they depart it on “read”. They haven’t modified their relationship standing on social media. They nonetheless “like” your pictures or haven’t requested to get their issues back.

If they haven’t reduce all ties linking the two of you, it’s a superb signal that they may come back.

2) They hold citing reminiscences

When your ex and also you discuss and they’re consistently strolling down reminiscence lane, it’s a transparent indication that they nonetheless can’t let go of the occasions you spent collectively.

More typically than not, it’s a touch that they could wish to get back with you.

Dating skilled Sameera Sullivan notes,

“…an ex reminiscing about the previous is often one other signal they’re eager to strive issues once more. Casually mentioning a reminiscence the two of you shared or one thing you skilled collectively is their manner of reminding you of the good occasions you had.’’

When my ex and I broke up, he was typically taking part in the “remember when” recreation every time we might discuss. As if he was afraid I’d overlook or lose contact of the reminiscences we shared collectively.

Of course, what this did was make it simpler for me to concentrate on the good reminiscences and overlook the dangerous ones; the causes we broke up in the first place.

Serving up nostalgia might be enjoyable and positively an indication that somebody isn’t letting go of the previous. If your ex is all the time citing completely satisfied reminiscences, know that it’s probably they’re not prepared to maneuver on.

3) They consistently say that you’re “just friends”.

Does your ex hold placing you in the “friendzone” however there’s clearly extra there?

This is a particular signal that they’re coming back, however perhaps not in the manner you want.

When my ex and I broke up (the first time), he insisted that we had been “just friends” however actually nothing modified about our relationship apart from the truth that we weren’t sexually intimate (immediately).

We nonetheless spoke typically. We noticed each other often and our apparent chemistry ultimately transitioned into casual intercourse.

What he actually did by insisting that we had been “just friends” was give himself permission to be with different folks all the whereas maintaining me shut by.

It felt like a convoluted open relationship, besides I didn’t actually comply with it.

Relationship and breakup coach, Brad Browning cautions towards being associates with an ex immediately if you wish to get them back!

Browning claims that staying associates with an ex proper after break up “won’t give them a chance to develop feelings of nostalgia” and moreover, as was the clear case in my expertise, staying associates with an ex offers them “complete control of the situation”.

If you’re on this similar dilemma, I like to recommend testing Brad Browning’s free video the place he outlines precisely tips on how to achieve management of your breakup.

His Ex-Factor program has helped hundreds of women and men (myself included), navigate precisely tips on how to reconnect with their exes in a cheerful and wholesome manner.

4) They creep your socials

An excellent apparent signal that your ex doesn’t wish to let go is if they’re all the time testing your social media.

A “like” or a “heart” is their manner of claiming “hey, I’m still here”. It’s a non-committal manner of being current and letting you realize that they’re nonetheless thinking about your life.

If you test who watched your tales and your ex is all the time on the record, that’s a particular signal that they nonetheless wish to be concerned.

Additionally, all the time making their presence identified on your social media accounts is a manner for others to see that they’re nonetheless round. It’s troublesome for different potential romantic companions to wish to be into you if your ex is all the time displaying up, and your ex is aware of that.

5) You are all the time speaking with each other

Does your ex nonetheless textual content you each day?

Does she or he nonetheless ask for your recommendation?

Do they inform you what’s happening with their household, their job?

Most folks don’t keep in contact with their ex. Especially proper after a breakup.

If you and your ex are in fixed contact with each other and really feel a connection that goes deeper than platonic friendship, that’s a transparent signal that it is nonetheless potential for the two of you to get back collectively.

Maintaining or reigniting an intense reference to your ex might be the key to getting back collectively. If they’re already reaching ofut regularly, you’re a step nearer to having them back in your life.  But wouldn’t or not it’s wonderful for those who weren’t second-guessing your self or your ex’s intentions?

What for those who might discover a option to set off an emotional connection so deep that the two of you not solely bought back collectively however stayed collectively, fortunately?

There is a manner: you’ll be able to rewrite the relationship and alter the manner your ex thinks about you.

Couples skilled James Bauer can educate you simply that.  In this excellent video, he’ll offer you step-by-step strategies to not solely get your ex back, however assist build a deeper degree of connection.

Even for those who notice you and your ex should not meant to be collectively, the suggestions and phrases James teaches will make it easier to navigate all of your future relationships.

Watch his free online video here.

6) Your ex nonetheless makes plans with you

This is a BIG signal that your ex is coming back. I imply, for those who nonetheless have plans or proceed to make them, it’s fairly evident that they get pleasure from spending time with you, proper?

When my ex and I broke up, we nonetheless had commitments collectively. Concerts, journeys, occasions.

He might have simply canceled or gone with another person, however he insisted we nonetheless go collectively. As “friends”.

It was positively an indication that he nonetheless wished to be shut with me, simply perhaps not on the similar phrases I wished. I used to be so broken-hearted in the absence of the “girlfriend” label that I didn’t care. I used to be simply completely satisfied that it appeared my ex and I had been back collectively. (Even if only for these moments).

7) They let you realize they’re occupied with you

Does your ex nonetheless name you when a music comes on that reminds them of you?

Do they share excellent news with you?

Do they textual content you to see how your day is going?

Even although these actions appear little or innocent, they’re really clear signs that your ex is nonetheless occupied with you.

Thoughtfulness is a alternative. And your ex is selecting to be considerate in direction of you. You could also be damaged up, however that doesn’t essentially imply that the relationship is damaged.

If your ex is consistently letting you realize that they’re occupied with you in little and refined methods, this can be their manner of getting near you once more.

8) They are already in a (rebound) relationship

I do know this appears counterintuitive:

“My ex is already in a relationship. They can’t possibly still be thinking about me!”….


If your ex and also you simply broke up and some weeks later they’re already in a brand new relationship, don’t panic. This doesn’t imply that they’re gone endlessly or that they’ve forgotten about you. In truth, it probably means simply the reverse.

Many occasions, the want to right away hunt down a brand new accomplice stems from making an attempt to fill a void. Often, when folks haven’t processed a break up, they appear to exchange their earlier accomplice with a brand new one.

Dating author Clay Andrews writes:

“Oftentimes, when folks get right into a relationship straight after breaking apart or ending a earlier relationship, they have an inclination to hurry that new relationship up in a short time so that it kind of appears to be like like the earlier relationship.

They would possibly elevate that new relationship to ranges of dedication that had been just like the ranges of dedication that perhaps they’d with you”.

If your ex is already in a relationship, don’t mechanically assume that they’ve forgotten about you.  This might simply be one other signal that they may come back once they notice this particular person isn’t you.

9) They refuse thus far anybody

On the different hand, if your ex is not courting anybody and in reality, refusing to even attempt to get back on the market, this is an indication that they actually haven’t healed or moved on.

Is your ex voluntarily providing that they’re single?

Do they make it identified that they aren’t thinking about seeing anybody new?

This is a reasonably apparent signal that they don’t seem to be prepared to maneuver on and it’s possible you’ll be the purpose.

They could also be hoping you come back. They might have time to course of the break up. This is a complicated time for the each of you and for those who aren’t prepared to attend it out, it’s possible you’ll wish to search the recommendation of a relationship coach.

Instead of conventional remedy, after my break up I sought the assist from somebody who actually centered on the specifics of my relationship.

Relationship Hero is a web site the place extremely educated relationship coaches assist folks by way of difficult and troublesome love conditions. They’re wonderful resources for making an attempt to navigate tips on how to inform if your ex is nonetheless occupied with you and whether or not they may come back.

10) They haven’t requested to choose up their issues

We have all seen the film scene… a pair breaks up and inside days there’s a field crammed with something and every part that belongs to the ex.

When a relationship is positively over, most of us accumulate any merchandise that reminds us of or belongs to our ex and do away with it.  Nothing is extra cringe-worthy than receiving the “can you come get your stuff” textual content.

But… for those who haven’t acquired that textual content or your ex hasn’t requested to choose up their favourite sweatshirt you’re at present sporting whereas studying this, it might imply one in all two issues:

  • They’re actually connected to any reminiscence of you and are simply not able to let it go.


  • They’re holding out for the risk of your reaching out to them to provoke dialog.

Whatever the purpose, don’t fear. Your ex is not but out of your life simply but.

11) They’re thinking about your courting life

It’s one factor to casually ask your ex in the event that they’re courting anybody. It’s one other factor to consistently convey it up and ask particular and detailed questions.

If you and your ex are in the behavior of catching up however they appear to all the time be thinking about the matter of your courting life, they could have hidden intentions.

Author Lachlan Brown addresses this by suggesting that it is probably not fully wholesome or an indication that your ex has moved on in the event that they’re all the time citing your courting life. He writes:

“…if they’re asking you countless questions about a new man or woman in your life and they seem excited about any detail you share (particularly negative detail) then they might be trying to gauge the possibility of getting back together with you. In fact, they may even try to make out that the person you’re currently seeing, or interested in, isn’t as suited to you as they were”.

12) They attempt to get your consideration

Does it really feel like your ex is typically making an attempt to get you to concentrate to them?

Do they hype their single standing on social media? Do they touch upon each one in all your posts? Show up “coincidentally” to the locations they know are a part of your routine? Or perhaps they intentionally flirt with mutual associates, ensuring you see it on-line or hear about it?

Whatever the scenario could also be, if it looks like your ex is making an attempt to get your consideration, this is an indication that you’re nonetheless positively on their thoughts.

They are reappearing not directly or one other and this may increasingly point out that they realized the grass isn’t greener on the different facet and are hoping for one more probability with you.

13) The breakup was because of lengthy distance

“I know we loved each other, but distance can do strange things to people and before I was willing to tell you about it, I wanted to be certain that it would last.”

– Nicholas Sparks

This could also be the hardest relationship capsule to swallow and it was the purpose one in all my exes and I broke up.

Sometimes life takes us in several instructions. A job or household circumstance might power us to relocate. When this occurs and you’re in a dedicated relationship, this may be actually devastating.

More typically than not you at first, attempt to make the long-distance factor work.

But for any of you that have gone this route, you realize it may be actually troublesome.

My ex needed to transfer clear throughout the different facet of the world! No matter what number of plans we set, life simply bought in the manner. Additionally, lack of communication and insecurities began rearing their ugly heads.

Long distance is robust so it actually is smart to interrupt up if it turns into too troublesome. That mentioned, if that is actually the solely purpose for your breakup, there’s hope!

If you and your ex are actually meant to be collectively, with some compromise, and planning, there is an opportunity that the two of you’re going to get back collectively.

14) You have all the time had an on/off once more relationship

If you and your ex have had a sample of breaking apart after which getting back collectively, that’s a transparent signal that it’s possible you’ll rekindle issues once more. Even if this time it appears totally different or extra everlasting.

However, if you end up in a loop of make-up and breakup with your ex, I feel it’s essential to kind out if this is a wholesome dynamic.

Writer and relationship skilled E.B. Johnson details why a loop breakup cycle is probably not sustainable. She notes:

“… the repeated pattern of separation and reconciliation is dangerous to both our personal and long term wellbeing. The more we make up and break up, the more it deteriorates our trust in others and our trust in ourselves. Because emotions are not honestly and openly acknowledged, they fester over time and create issues that are both complex and hard to conquer solo or with the aid of a partner. The stress of an on-again off-again relationship is toxic to who we are, but it’s a pattern we can break when we know how to get in touch with who we are and what we really want.”

So regardless that your sample with your ex could also be a transparent signal that quickly you can be “on again”, it’s possible you’ll wish to assume twice earlier than going back to how issues was.

15) They nonetheless keep up a correspondence with your household

When your ex retains in contact with your household, it positively might fire up a little bit of discomfort.

While there is an opportunity they’d a superb relationship with your household and like to take care of it, typically boundaries might be crossed.

According to relationship coach Zan from Magnet of Success, the purpose why your ex should keep up a correspondence with your household has to do with whether or not or not they had been the dumper or the dumpee. He writes:

“While dumpers stay in touch to selflessly water the relationship, dumpees tend to do it because their exes’ families are one of the few things left in their lives that give them a sense of control over the breakup”.

If you had been the one who initiated the break up, your ex should be speaking with your household in hopes that they may nonetheless be significant and related to your life.

16) They ask to facetime whenever you discuss

Whenever my ex and I’d be in our breakup cycle, he all the time insisted on Facetiming after we spoke, somewhat than texting or calling.

In retrospect, I spotted that this was as a result of my ex was nonetheless tethered to me in each the bodily and psychological sense.

By with the ability to see my reactions after we spoke, he was in a position to gauge my feelings and in a manner, management how engaged I may very well be.

It was clear to me that Facetiming was a manner for him to maintain some sort of intimacy.

If your ex asks to all the time Facetime, it’s a superb signal they aren’t able to allow you to go.

17) They repost outdated pictures of the two of you

You haven’t spoken to your ex since you’ve gotten damaged up.

You’re depressing, lonely, and now you’re…. Confused?!?

Out of the blue your ex posts a photograph or pictures of the two of you with none clarification apart from a nostalgic hashtag. What offers?

Before you panic and marvel if they’re breaking the no contact rule, notice that your ex is clearly making an attempt to get your consideration, particularly in the event that they know you observe them.

So how do you reply?

Well, first you in the end have to resolve for those who even wish to reply after which resolve why. If their posts embarrassed or upset you, do you have to say one thing? Are you hoping to respark a romantic dialogue by speaking about the #goodmemories?

I discussed Brad Browning earlier than – he’s a superb skilled in relationships and compromise. Check out this free on-line video for quite a few useful suggestions that will information you thru this precise sort of scenario.

18) They drunk dial you

You’ve heard the saying, “In vino, veritas”. In different phrases, “in wine, there is truth”.

When folks have been ingesting, typically what they are saying is true. An individual who is drunk is extra prone to communicate their deep needs and needs.

If your ex calls you once they’re drunk, guess what?  You’re their hidden reality and want.

When folks drink, their inhibitions are lowered. They’re unafraid of judgment or rejection. If your ex is calling you whereas drunk, telling you they miss you or need you back, consider them!! They are talking their reality, albeit maybe with a little bit of slurs.

19) They admit they remorse breaking apart.

It’s regular to really feel regrets after a break up. More typically than not, we don’t showcase our greatest variations of ourselves after we dissolve a relationship and there are components to the breakup that we understandably remorse.

However, if your ex is admitting that they remorse breaking apart all collectively, it might imply a number of issues, most notably that they’re nonetheless considering of you and presumably want to get back collectively.

Admitting wrongdoing or taking accountability for one’s function in a relationship is a giant leap in direction of development. If your ex is doing this, and also you wish to get back collectively, take this as a step in the proper route.

20) They inform you they nonetheless love you

The ultimate and most vital signal that your ex is coming back is in the event that they expressly inform you that they nonetheless love you.

Plain however perhaps not so easy.

Okay, so the signs are there: They need me back. Now what?

Your ex has clearly indicated that they wish to reconnect with you. But have you ever actually thought of what that means to you?

You and your ex broke up for a purpose or, causes. Clearly, issues weren’t wholesome or going as desired. One of each of you was sad.

Do you actually wish to get back collectively with out first seeing for those who can determine after which repair what was damaged to start with?

If you’re like me and also you and your ex performed the make up and break up tango and also you had been all the time left questioning if this time, they may come back and keep, then maybe its time to do some inside work.

Do you really need your ex back? Or are you making an attempt to fill a void?

If they did come back, would that actually make you cheerful? Or would you each probably find yourself breaking apart once more?

The answer to those questions might be present in the relationship you’ve gotten with your self.

Love & Intimacy

Before you’ll be able to have a practical and wholesome relationship with your ex, or anybody, you have to first perceive and create a practical and wholesome relationship with your self.


After my ultimate break up with my ex, who did come back a number of occasions, I selected to essentially disengage, set up everlasting no contact, and dive deep into my understanding of affection and intimacy with myself.

I’m so lucky to have taken a collection of masterclasses and workshops with world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê. His teachings have enabled me to essentially be comfy with myself and see myself as complete and healed.

Rudá gave me a transparent understanding of the which means of affection and it was life-changing. I can not advocate his knowledge and steering sufficient!

His masterclass is now accessible to everybody which suggests anybody might entry a real and deep data of self-love and discover ways to create a stable basis for a wholesome relationship.

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