15 Reasons Why Your New Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

Picture this:

You’ve met a beautiful new man who actually will get you.

You have a lot enjoyable collectively and every thing is ideal between you … aside from the truth that he doesn’t want to sleep with you.

If you’re questioning WTF is happening, I completely get you.

Let’s check out the 15 reasons why your new boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you.

1) He hasn’t moved on from his earlier relationship

If you’ve been courting for just a few weeks and even months now and he’s nonetheless not prepared to be intimate with you, it could be as a result of he’s nonetheless not over his ex.

Now, it’s not at all times straightforward to recover from an ex and it may take him a while to lastly let her go.

Sex is a giant deal for some folks and if he’s been with the identical individual for a very long time, it might be particularly tough for him to be with somebody new, regardless of how a lot he likes them.

What can you do?

You want to be affected person with him. Be understanding. Encourage him with out being pushy.

See if he desires to speak about it, be prepared to hear with out getting jealous of his ex. Once he’s prepared, he’ll make his transfer.

2) He actually likes you and doesn’t want to rush it

Your boyfriend understands that you’re prepared to take issues to the following stage, however he doesn’t want to rush into intercourse.

Here’s the factor:

Things are going actually nice between the 2 of you. You have a lot in frequent and the chemistry is off the charts!

In reality, he’s beginning to have emotions for you.

He’s realised that he actually likes you and needs to have a critical relationship with you and never only a fling. That’s why he’s determined to take issues sluggish. Sex can complicate issues so he simply desires to make certain it’s the appropriate time to take issues to the following stage.

In the meantime, he’s having fun with getting to know you and doesn’t thoughts taking his candy time.

3) You haven’t triggered his hero intuition but

Did you ever contemplate that the explanation he doesn’t want to sleep with you is that he doesn’t really feel like you want him?

Some guys want to save us, to shield us, to be there for us. Even if it’s simply to open a jar of pickles…

You see, for guys, it’s all about triggering their internal hero. I discovered about this from the hero intuition. Coined by relationship knowledgeable James Bauer, this fascinating idea is about what actually drives males in relationships, which is ingrained of their DNA.

And it’s one thing most girls don’t know something about. Once triggered, these drivers make males into the heroes of their very own lives. They really feel higher, love more durable, and commit stronger once they discover somebody who is aware of how to set off it.

Now, you could also be questioning why it’s known as “the hero instinct”? Do guys really want to really feel like superheroes to commit to a lady?

Not in any respect. Forget about Marvel. You gained’t want to play the damsel in misery or purchase your man a cape.

The best factor to do is to take a look at James Bauer’s wonderful free video right here. He shares some straightforward ideas to get you began, comparable to sending him a 12-word textual content that can set off his hero intuition instantly.

Because that’s the fantastic thing about the hero intuition.

It’s solely a matter of realising the appropriate issues to say to make him notice that he desires you and solely you.

Click right here to watch the free video.

4) Religious reasons

As you most likely know, there are lots of religions that say a person and girl should wait till marriage to get bodily. Some non secular folks ignore that rule, some observe it to a T.

So, give it some thought. Is your man non secular?

Did he have a powerful non secular upbringing? Does he have a non secular facet when it comes to different issues?

My recommendation?

If you assume this could be the case, then I recommend you speak to him about it. I at all times discover that it’s greatest to be on the identical web page when it comes to these sorts of issues.

5) New treatment

Did you know that some drugs can have an effect on folks in many alternative methods? Anything from weight achieve to melancholy too – you guessed it – a low libido.

Now, if your boyfriend is on some new treatment, it could possibly be affecting his temper, vitality ranges, or it may even be making it bodily not possible for him to carry out sexually.

It will cross as soon as he stops taking the meds. And if these are a part of a long-term routine, then he may want to get used to them.

Give him a while to get used to the treatment and if the issue nonetheless persists after a while, perhaps he ought to speak to his physician about discovering an alternate with out such negative effects.

6) He doesn’t discover you engaging

I do know this could be tough to admit to your self, but when he doesn’t want to sleep with you, perhaps he simply doesn’t discover you engaging.

Wait, let me clarify!

This doesn’t imply that you’re not a gorgeous girl. Attraction is an advanced mixture of bodily, mental, and emotional attributes.

Different guys search for various things in a lady. It’s potential that there simply isn’t any chemistry between the 2 of you and that your relationship was meant to be platonic.

Don’t beat your self up about it, there are different guys on the market who assume you’re sizzling stuff!

7) He feels you getting connected

If you haven’t been courting that lengthy, he could be afraid of getting too connected too shortly.

He’s having fun with getting to know you and spending time with you, however he doesn’t want to commit to you but.

He is aware of that for most girls intercourse is emotional and equals emotions. Once issues get bodily they’ll change into critical.

So if he feels that you’re getting connected too quick, he could want to sluggish issues down a bit.

And how does he try this? By suspending intercourse after all. So loosen up, take issues sooner or later at a time. Don’t get clingy or begin planning your complete lives collectively. Get to know him, take pleasure in your self and no matter occurs, occurs.

I’ve discovered by way of relationship guru, Michael Fiore, how to make even probably the most commitment-phobic man want to keep with you.

Check out this excellent free video to see how to use science-based strategies to make him love you, a lot in order that he by no means desires to be other than you once more.

8) He’s depressed

Oh boy, simply when you thought issues couldn’t get any worse.

Depression is a major problem that impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. If your boyfriend is depressed, he will not be considering with the appropriate head.

Here’s why: a depressed individual could discover it tough to actually care about something and so they have a tough time getting something finished.

If he’s depressed, he could have a tough time discovering a motive to get away from bed within the morning, so intercourse is the very last thing on his thoughts.

He’ll come round ultimately, however for now, it’s greatest to give him some space and to be there for him.

With time, if you see that he’s nonetheless not doing effectively, you could want to get him to communicate to somebody.

9) He’s self-conscious about his physique

Interesting reality:

If you thought solely girls fearful about their physique picture, you have been deeply mistaken.

Guys can be self-conscious about their our bodies.

So perhaps the explanation that your boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you is that he’s fearful about being too skinny, too fats, or ashamed for not having a six-pack.

There’s extra:

Maybe it goes past him being self-conscious about his imperfections. He could possibly be affected by physique dysphoric dysfunction (BDD).

BDD is a psychological well being difficulty that may trigger some folks to assume they give the impression of being ugly or disgusting once they’re really completely regular.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “The cause of body dysphoric disorder is thought to be a combination of environmental, psychological, and biological factors. Bullying or teasing may create or foster the feelings of inadequacy, shame, and fear of ridicule.”

If your boyfriend has advised you that he’s fearful about his physique picture, attempt to persuade him in any other case.

But if you assume the issue could possibly be critical, he may have to communicate to a therapist about it.

10) He’s sleeping with another person

I hate to even deliver up this selection however it’s a risk. If you’re courting a man who doesn’t want to sleep with you, it might be as a result of he’s already sleeping with another person.

You see, he could possibly be married or in a dedicated relationship.

Or perhaps he’s courting a number of folks directly. He’s getting intercourse from another person and he’s getting one thing else from you – comparable to dialog or one other form of consideration he wants.

If you assume that is the case, you want to confront him about it.

The reality could harm however at the very least then you’ll know for certain why he doesn’t want to get critical with you.

11) He’s going by way of MENopause

That’s proper, a person in menopause.

Truth is that plenty of males of their late forties and early fifties undergo a transition identical to girls undergo menopause.

This is named Andropause and it’s a scientific medical situation. Doctors estimate that each man experiences Andropause to a point.

What occurs throughout Andropause?

Men undergo hormone adjustments the place they begin to produce much less testosterone.

The signs of low testosterone embrace an impaired intercourse drive, melancholy, weight achieve, and issue concentrating.

12) You’re doing one thing flawed

Now, I do know what you’re most likely considering:

“Listen, there is no way I could be doing anything wrong. I’m a great girl and guys usually can’t get enough of me.”

Well, you could be stunned to study that generally we do issues with out even realising it.

What’s extra, perhaps there’s one thing we’re not doing. This relates again to the distinctive idea I discussed earlier: the hero intuition. When a person feels revered, helpful, and wanted, he’s extra probably to sleep with you.

And the perfect half is, triggering his hero intuition might be so simple as realising the appropriate factor to say over a textual content.

You can study precisely what to do by watching this straightforward and real video by James Bauer.

13) He’s asexual

When somebody is asexual they haven’t any or very low curiosity in intercourse. Some folks consider it as a sexual orientation and others as an absence of sexual orientation.

Either means, if he’s not asexual then it’s not that he doesn’t want to sleep with you, he doesn’t want to sleep with anybody. Sex simply doesn’t curiosity him.

Now you have to ask your self, can you dwell with out intercourse?

14) He’s friend-zoned you

When you began courting he thought that he needed to be in a relationship with you however someway, the extra time you spent collectively, the extra he realised he needed to be simply pals.

Now, he’s put you each in an ungainly position. He likes you and needs to be your buddy, however issues have gone a bit additional and now he’s your “boyfriend”.

However, since he’s emotionally connected to you he doesn’t want to let go of you for good. So slowly, he’s backtracking his relationship with you.

In different phrases: by not sleeping with you he’s making an attempt to return a step and get again to being your buddy.

The longer it goes on, the extra uncomfortable it will get for each of you and there could also be no potential means that issues can end up the best way both of you desires them to.

15) He has a well being situation

Finally, some well being circumstances could stop bodily intimacy or make it tough.

For instance, he may have a coronary heart situation or diabetes. Now, he hasn’t advised you about it but as a result of he doesn’t want to scare you off.

When he’s prepared, he’ll inform you about it. For now, he’s simply getting to know you.

But if that is so, then you have to consider all of the implications – not simply sexual – of being with somebody who has a well being drawback.

Ask your self, are you nonetheless prepared to take issues to the following stage?

What can you do about it?

1) Talk to him about it

As with every other drawback in life, I believe it’s greatest to confront it head-on.

If he doesn’t want to sleep with you, speak to him about it. It can be simpler to perceive what’s happening if you speak to him about it than if you have to carry on guessing.

Maybe he desires to speak about it however is fearful of bringing it up.

Maybe there’s nothing particular preserving it from taking place, simply timing. All in all, my recommendation is to speak to him about it.

2) Flirt and be the one to provoke

Wait, why are you ready for him to provoke intercourse?

If there’s chemistry between you and you can inform he likes you, then take issues into your personal arms.

It’s 2022 in spite of everything, girls are allowed to make the primary transfer. In reality, perhaps he’s ready for you to make the primary transfer as a result of he doesn’t want to stress you.

I say, go for it lady!

3) Be affected person

Sometimes, you simply have to sit again and wait. If you assume that he’s ready as a result of he wants extra time, then you have to be affected person (as onerous as which may be).

You know what they are saying, “Good things come to those that wait!”

4) Make him jealous

It may encourage him to know that if he doesn’t want you, another person may. Now, it could be a good suggestion to do some gentle flirting, to present him that different males discover you engaging.

For instance, you may flirt with the waiter when you’re having dinner collectively. Or, when you run right into a male buddy of yours, hug him for a very long time and chuckle at every thing he says.

Don’t go overboard, you don’t want him to assume you’ve lost curiosity in him. You simply want to open his thoughts to the concept he has one thing particular that different males could be glad to have.

5) Show him that you want him

A foolproof plan is to present him that you want him. By waking up his primal instincts, you’ll be waking up his need.

So the important thing now could be getting by way of to your man in a means that empowers each him and you.

I discussed the idea of the hero intuition earlier — by interesting instantly to his primal instincts, you gained’t solely resolve this difficulty, however you’ll take your relationship additional than ever earlier than.

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