17 Reasons Why Guys Give The Silent Treatment (And What To Do About It)

Being on the receiving finish of the silent remedy isn’t nice. You don’t know what you’ve performed mistaken as a result of all of your man does is provide the chilly shoulder.

But why do that within the first place?

See, there are 17 causes males give the ‘silent treatment.’ But don’t fear, for I’ll additionally offer you tips about how you can cope with it. Let’s start.

1. He is horrible at speaking

When it involves communication, the adage ‘men are from Mars, and women are from Venus’ holds true.

According to The Guardian:

“The sexes communicate differently (and women do it better) because of the way their brains are wired. The female brain excels in verbal tasks whereas the male brain is better adapted to visual-spatial and mathematical tasks. Women like to talk; men prefer action to words.”

In different phrases, ladies are genetically blessed to speak like consultants. Men, on the opposite, fare higher with actions – which is why they’re not good at speaking.

So, as a substitute of claiming one thing that would get him in bother, he’d relatively keep quiet and unknowingly give the silent remedy.

What to do

As a Healthline article quips, “Simply avoiding conflicts won’t help. Ignoring issues just gives them the space and time to build up into something larger down the road.”

So if you wish to stop your relationship from imploding, you each have to discover ways to talk higher. A easy manner of doing that is checking in on them at any time when attainable.

According to a Bustle article, “Asking “How are you? How was your day?” is not going to solely hold you in contact and in sync, it’ll assist hold you within the behavior of speaking with one another.”

2. He’s a delicate man

As my co-writer Pearl Nash explains in her article:

“Sensitive men may also find it a bit hard to want to open up sometimes…

It’s sometimes because that’s the way they protect their emotions and stay feeling upbeat. Many men have been burned when they opened up to a woman or started communicating too much. They’re scared of inviting a problem, so they keep their mouths shut.”

What to do

A delicate man who likes you must really feel safe. It’s a matter of letting him know that nothing unhealthy would occur ought to he select to speak with you.

On top of that, Times of India’s Shikha Desai recommends being “open in expressing your feelings for him If you love him and care for him, let him know that you do. It will not only make him feel secured but he’ll also enjoy the fact that you’re really into him and that you’re so open about it.”

3. You don’t make him really feel like a hero

For guys, it’s all about triggering their internal hero. And it’s one thing most girls don’t know something about.

I realized about this from the hero intuition. Coined by relationship knowledgeable James Bauer, this fascinating idea is about what drives males in relationships. It’s ingrained of their DNA.

Once triggered, these drivers make men into the heroes of their very own lives. They really feel higher, love tougher, and commit stronger after they discover somebody who is aware of how you can set off it.

What to do

For starters, you can try James Bauer’s wonderful free video right here. He shares some simple tricks to get you began, comparable to sending him a 12-word textual content that may instantly set off his hero intuition.

Because that’s the fantastic thing about the hero intuition. It’s solely a matter of understanding the fitting things to say to make him notice that he desires you and solely you.

4. He’s craving some consideration

He’s tried all the things to get your consideration, however you’re simply too busy with work (amongst many different things.)

As a consequence, he finally ends up using a technique that he is aware of will certainly make you discover him: providing you with the silent remedy.

What to do:

This is a no brainer: you could give him the eye he wants. Explains psychologist Alice Boyes, Ph.D.:

“You’ve been ignoring their requests for attention, and they’ve escalated into annoying behaviors. Ways to show your partner they can get your attention include responding with eye contact, physical touch, or by communicating.”

5. He thinks he gained’t win anyway

Giving the silent remedy could also be your man’s manner of waving the white flag throughout the battle. For him, there’s no sense speaking. He’ll be shunned down anyway.

Think of it as mental conditioning. He is aware of he is not going to win the argument anyway, so why even hassle?

What to do

In this case, it’s not the man’s fault. He’s providing you with the silent remedy merely since you’re too overbearing.

What it’s worthwhile to do on this case is do some aware listening. Don’t at all times assume that he’s mistaken and also you’re proper. Take time to listen to his case. Don’t formulate solutions in your head whereas he’s nonetheless speaking.

If you retain shutting him down, it’ll solely make him sad in your relationship. He would possibly depart you quickly if you happen to’re not cautious!

6. He’s mad, and he’s afraid he’ll burst out into flames

Some males have gotten fairly the mood. As psychologist Seth D. Meyers, Psy.D. explains:

“Far higher rates of men have a self-described ‘bad temper’… What’s more, I have found that many men who have a bad temper unleash the worst of it on their girlfriend or wife, especially if they live together.”

So as a substitute of bursting into flames, some males select to do the alternative – staying mum throughout fights (even conversations.) In his thoughts, it’ll hold him from doing one thing he’ll remorse.

What to do

If your man has a mood situation, Meyers recommends “sitting the person down and seriously describing how the tantrums affect you. Explain that you are willing to work together with that person to help him find better ways to cope when he feels overwhelmed. Have a mental time limit in your head of how long you are willing to give him to change and stick to it.”

7. He doesn’t need to look unhealthy in entrance of others

Maybe you’re combating in entrance of household and buddies. He is aware of how unhealthy he’s at speaking – or maybe he is aware of he might find yourself lashing out after. Since he doesn’t need to look unhealthy in entrance of the gang, he’d simply hold his mouth shut.

What to do

He’s simply interested by your relationship, and it’s a very good factor. But if you wish to clear the air, I like to recommend talking to knowledgeable relationship coach at Relationship Hero.

It’s a web site the place extremely educated relationship coaches assist individuals via difficult love conditions. They’re a top-rated useful resource for individuals dealing with this type of problem.

With their help, you will get recommendation particular to your life and experiences…

How do I do know?

Well, I reached out to them just a few months in the past once I was going via a tough patch. After being lost in my ideas for thus lengthy, they gave me a singular perception into my relationship and how you can get it again on observe.

As if things couldn’t get any higher, my coach was surprisingly variety, empathetic, and genuinely useful. In just some minutes, you’ll be able to join with a licensed relationship coach and get tailored recommendation on your scenario.

8. He refuses to take accountability for his actions

You fought, and he is aware of it’s his fault. But as a substitute of proudly owning as much as it, he’ll do the silent remedy.

He is aware of it’ll create rigidity and stop him from admitting his errors – a minimum of in the intervening time.

According to a report:

“Their silence deflects the conversation and communicates that the issue is off-limits.

“Sadly, the person receiving the silent treatment must continue to wrestle with their pain and disappointment alone. There is no opportunity to resolve the issue, compromise, or understand their partner’s position.”

What to do

If your man is using the silent remedy as a way of deflecting, make sure that to stay calm. As Pearl places it:

“Try to remember that the more you lose your cool, the more their walls are also likely to come up. Keep calm and rational.”

If retaining peaceable is just not your factor, taking a look at this record of what calm individuals do ought to make it easier to out.

9. He desires to make you are feeling excluded

See, all of us have an innate drive to be cherished and accepted. Giving the silent remedy will make you are feeling in any other case. It could make you are feeling excluded, ostracized even.

To make issues worse, a report has proven that “Being excluded activates the same areas of the brain that being a victim of physical violence activates.”

Twisted as it could appear, however he’s doing this to push all of your buttons – with out essentially putting a hand on you. Such a intelligent (and evil) trick, if you happen to ask me.

What to do

Have religion in your self. I do know it’s simpler stated than performed, however optimistic affirmations will make it easier to deal (and really feel) higher following your man’s silent remedy.

Explains a Cleveland Clinic article:

“Positive affirmations are phrases you can say, either aloud or in your head, to affirm yourself and build yourself up — especially in the midst of difficult situations. They’re a way of helping overcome negative thoughts that can sometimes take over and make you doubt yourself.”

Here are some wonderful examples:

“I am comfortable in the silence.”

“There is nothing wrong with me.”

“I am never alone, for I am always surrounded by love.”

10. He desires to manage you

Yes, a man can management you just by NOT speaking to you. When your man chooses to maintain mum as a substitute of speaking to you, your self-worth will finally undergo. This, in the long term, could make you extra depending on him.

And, since you’re reliant on him, he can simply management you – and your actions. For instance, he gained’t speak to you till you apologize (despite the fact that it wasn’t your fault.)

Having this energy over you principally makes him invincible in your relationship.

What to do

It may be exhausting to cope with a controlling partner. That’s why psychologist Andrea Bonior, Ph.D. recommends following through.

“Leaving a relationship — or even just trying to make changes within one — is a dynamic and continuing process, not a singular event. It takes care, planning, and multiple steps. If your first attempt to make changes or get out has failed, take a breath and give yourself a break. Then start again,” she asserts.

11. He’s attempting to control you

Similar to his try at controlling you, your man might provide the silent remedy to manipulate you.

For instance, he’ll provide the chilly shoulder till you budge to his request for sex – or money. Then, he’ll do it repeatedly, for he is aware of you’ll consent to all the things he asks you to do.

What to do

When it involves dealing with manipulative individuals, it’s a matter of holding your floor. As HackSpirit founder Lachlan Brown explains in his article:

“If you find yourself confronted with a true manipulator who is going to great lengths to make your life miserable, you’ll need to hold your ground when you confront them about it.

This means that no matter what happens, you will stand up for yourself and be clear about what you will and will not put up with.”

It’s additionally good to hunt the assistance of a coach over at Relationship Hero. As I’ve talked about, they may also help break via the noise and provides actual options.

In just some minutes, you’ll be able to join with a licensed relationship coach and get tailored recommendation on your scenario.

12. He desires to harm you

It’s simple to recover from bodily ache. Just just a few bandages and drugs, and also you’re good to go.

Mental anguish, nonetheless, is one other factor. This is probably one of many the reason why he’s providing you with the chilly shoulder. He desires to harm you deeply.

See, a chronic silent remedy will make you doubt all the things you maintain expensive. You start questioning the place you went mistaken and if you happen to actually deserve what has come to you.

What to do

According to my fellow author Felicity Frankish, it’s essential to acknowledge the place the harm originates. She explains:

“Not all hurt is intentional. It might be unintentional or even a simple misunderstanding. This doesn’t change how you feel about the pain but will change how you approach the situation. So dig deep and trust your gut instinct.

“It can be easy to think the worst of someone who has caused you pain. Instead, look at the situation objectively to consider whether or not they meant to cause you pain.”

But, if he’s hurting you deliberately, chances are you’ll need to take into account getting out of the connection – when you nonetheless can!

13. It’s out of spite

Maybe you’re not taking all the things he’s telling you critically. Or maybe you ignored them, albeit unintentionally. See, some guys find yourself harboring spite due to these occasions. And, as revenge, they consider doing a merciless factor that’s solely in need of bodily violence: the silent remedy.

What to do

When it involves coping with a spiteful man, it’s a matter of ‘rising above and avoiding getting sucked in.’

As Lachlan explains in his article “Evil people: 20 things they do and how to deal with them”:

“Evil and toxic people can drive you mad because their behavior doesn’t make sense.

“So remember, when their behavior has no logical reason, why would you let yourself get sucked into it? Get away from them emotionally. You don’t need to respond.”

14. It’s his knee-jerk response

Maybe you stated (or did) one thing that took your man abruptly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how you can react to it, so he decides to do the best factor: keep silent.

What to do

Don’t panic. If it’s a knee-jerk response, his ‘cold shoulder’ will flip heat quickly. Just be affected person and provides him space. See, it’s important to respect your variations.

Explains Lachlan: “Recognize them for what they are. It doesn’t mean you’re not compatible. It simply means that you’re human. Try to appreciate the positive sides of personality traits that you consider negative.”

15. He simply zoned out

There you had been, speaking concerning the unhealthy day you had at work. You’re asking for his opinion, and he was simply mum about it.

You requested him a number of instances, and there he was, glued to the soccer recreation he was watching. Again, it’s all concerning the basic variations between a person’s and lady’s brains.

According to a WebMD report:

“The male brain goes to a rest state to rejuvenate much more than the female brain. So to build brain cells and restore himself, a man needs to ‘zone out.’ That’s why he channel-surfs or stares at the computer.

“On the other hand, women have all that oxytocin that makes them “want to bond at the end of the day in order to rejuvenate.”

What to do

You may very well be a talkative girlfriend, and there’s nothing mistaken with that. And if you wish to keep away from combating over a mistaken silent remedy, it’s essential that you just talk about your various communication kinds.

Explains Pearl:

“You need to try and bridge the gap.

“Some people love to talk and can do it constantly all day, every day. Other people get quickly exhausted or frustrated by a lot of conversation.

“You need to have a chat… that means talking about both your preferences and telling each other what you need.”

16. He’s drained

Your man had an extended day at work and is flat-out drained. You attempt to have interaction in dialog with him, and he simply nods (or shakes his head, maybe.)

See, he’s not providing you with the chilly shoulder as a result of he’s mad at you. He’s simply drained, and he’d relatively have a silent few hours for himself.

What to do

Let him be silent! After all, it will possibly assist result in:

  • Mental readability
  • Improved decision-making
  • Better emotional processing

It’s additionally a very good mechanism for therapeutic (particularly after an extended tiring day), explains Piedmont Healthcare life coach Dennis Buttimer.

“When you are under stress, your body’s natural repair mechanisms are disabled. When you can cultivate silence and stillness, clarity develops in your mind and has a settling effect. Your body is not independent of your brain, so it will relax as well.”

“In other words, when you’re relaxed, your body’s natural repair mechanisms are enabled, and you’ll heal faster.”

17. He’s simply busy

Truth be instructed, your man will not be providing you with the silent remedy – a minimum of deliberately. He could also be busy with work, that’s all.

As to why this occurs, Boyes believes that “If you’re overworking, your brain might be fully tied up thinking about your own priorities, to the extent that you don’t even know what your partner’s priorities are. What’s important to your partner currently? What have they attempted to talk to you about, but you’ve brushed them off?”

What to do

First and foremost, it’s worthwhile to decide if he’s actually busy – or if he’s simply not taken with you. If he contacts you (if you least anticipate it) and units up a date to see you, it’s a very good probability that he was simply buried in work.

Additionally, Boyes suggests that you just “Create a behavioral habit that gives you a chance to talk to each other.”

She recommends speaking whereas strolling, for “neither person is physically trapped in a confined space like they are in a car. Talking while walking can make it emotionally easier to have in-depth conversations.”


By now, you must have a greater concept of why guys give the silent remedy. So the important thing now’s getting via to your man in a manner that empowers each him and also you.

I discussed the idea of the hero intuition earlier — by interesting on to his primal instincts, you gained’t solely clear up this situation, however you’ll take your relationship additional than ever earlier than.

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