Men Share How Important ‘Sex’ Is In A Relationship For Them

It’s a generally believed notion that males are solely ever eager about a relationship for the intercourse.

Having been decreased to nothing however sex-crazed beings who are sometimes accused of considering with their d**ks as a substitute of their brains, males have garnered an notorious repute of valuing solely what occurs beneath the sheets.

But as a result of all it takes to soiled a complete pond are a couple of fish and a misunderstood perspective, we determined to hunt the answer to the long-asked question ourselves – ‘how important is sex to stay in a relationship?’

Here is what they needed to say:

1. “I think lack of physical chemistry in a relationship might eventually lead you to cheat, which is why I would say sex is as important as any other factor for a stable and sustaining relationship.” – Gavin.

2. “For me, it’s more about the intimacy than the act of sex. It matters more to me if I feel connected to my partner, as opposed to feeling so just in bed. So, overall, I’d say it plays a role, but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me.” – Mehul.

3. “Honestly, I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve come to a realization that sex is overrated. To me, it’s not at all important, because there is so much more to a relationship than just sex. There are things like understanding, communication, building a life together, these are what really matter, whereas sex is just another need that doesn’t have to be equated with trust issues. I feel love and lust are two completely different things and if there is love, the latter would never become a deal-breaker.” – Sowrav.

4. “I think intimacy is extremely important in sustaining a relationship whereas sex, not too much. But I also believe that not having the right sexual chemistry may just create problems and distance between two people in the long run.” – Mansij.

5. “Sex creates a bond between two people, that is more than just physical. It is emotional and to a level, spiritual. And when there is a lack of sexual chemistry, it keeps you from experiencing the relationship in its entirety. Which is I look at sex as more of a way to bond with your partner, than just the raw act.” – Raghav.

6. “When the relationship is fairly new, sex becomes one of the most important things to judge a partner on, because so early on in the relationship you don’t know much else. If the sex isn’t good, chances are most people wouldn’t want to go further to explore.” – Rishabh.

7. “It kinda depends on the relationship, sometimes the only thing that binds together is sex but in some relationships even if you have a spell dry for a long time nothing changes the love is still there. I have had platonic relationships also and its sort of the best ones.” – Ishaan.

8. “If it’s healthy sex coming from a place of wanting to please rather than being pleased and if both parties are doing it, then it also manifests into better emotional communication and understanding and makes it easier to be vulnerable.” – Hardik.

9. “A relationship anyway invites a lot of stress and sex is supposed to be a release, a stress buster. Which makes it all the more special and important to have comfort in. Not to forget the post-sex cuddles which are just as important to forge a bond.” – Saurav.

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