17 Signs Of A Dark Empath (Complete Guide)

An empath is somebody who deeply understands the feelings and experiences of others.

Generally, they use these insights to assist and information these round them.

A dark empath, then again, does the precise reverse.

Here’s the best way to spot a dark empath: a one that’s utilising their understanding of your feelings and experiences to govern and exploit you.

17 signs of a dark empath

1) They use what you inform them towards you

Dark empaths are usually extremely smart, observant and distinctive communicators.

They could make you’re feeling extra understood than you ever have earlier than in your life.

The drawback is that this: they actually don’t care about something you’re telling them.

For a dark empath, their capability to really grasp the state of affairs you’re in and the struggles you’re going by is just in an effort to manipulate and exploit you.

Dark empaths might be discovered in lots of fields, and are particularly common in professions like psychology, politics and amongst entitled religious gurus.

The dark empath hears what you’re saying and absolutely understands. Then she or he makes use of it as ammunition towards you to lock you in a cycle of feeling “broken” and insufficient.

Your issues consequently worsen and your reliance on the sick particular person will increase.

2) They love bomb you want loopy, then cease

Dark empaths are masters at mimicking emotion.

They not solely perceive the feelings you’re feeling, they know the best way to imitate them and make you’re feeling like you’re being really heard and helped.

Part of that is love bombing: a tactic the place you’re met with intense acceptance, validation and affection from a person.

Your social media posts all have likes, you’re the finest individual on the planet, any person lastly “gets” you and really appreciates you.

Then someday it stops.

Or it turns into contingent on you returning a favor, holding your self again or compromising your values or objectives indirectly.

Dark empaths are masters at love bombing, which they use to forge an emotional bond that they’ll then manipulate for their very own acquire.

3) They strip away all of your personal energy

One of the worst signs of a dark empath is that they strip away all of your personal energy.

They take you from the best excessive to the bottom low.

You lastly meet somebody who “gets” you, solely to seek out out that they have been gaining data on you to screw you over.

This all goes again to the basis question:

What is it inside your self that feels insufficient, “not good enough” and missing…

And how are you going to overcome this insecurity that’s been nagging you?

The best means is to faucet into your personal energy.

You see, all of us have an unbelievable quantity of energy and potential inside us, however most of us by no means faucet into it. We turn into slowed down in self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

We cease doing what brings us true happiness and turn into straightforward prey for dark empaths and different energetic manipulators.

I realised this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. He’s helped 1000’s of individuals align work, household, spirituality, and love to allow them to unlock the door to their personal energy.

He has a distinctive strategy that mixes conventional historical shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist. It’s an strategy that makes use of nothing however your individual interior energy – no gimmicks or faux claims of empowerment.

Because true empowerment wants to return from inside.

In his wonderful free video, Rudá explains how one can create the life you’ve all the time dreamed of and enhance attraction in your companions, and it’s simpler than you may assume.

So in the event you’re drained of dwelling in frustration, dreaming however by no means reaching, and of dwelling in self-doubt, you could take a look at his life-changing recommendation.

4) They solely have cognitive empathy

Earlier I discussed that dark empaths have a deep understanding of emotion.

This is true, however it’s important to take into account that they solely perceive emotion, they don’t truly really feel it.

There are three principal varieties of empathy: compassionate empathy the place you perceive what any person goes by and really feel for them.

Emotional empathy the place you’re feeling the feelings any person else goes by even in the event you don’t absolutely intellectually grasp it.

And lastly, cognitive empathy the place you perceive all the things about what any person goes by and might gauge it, however aren’t truly emotionally affected in any respect.

Dark empaths are inclined to verge to the sociopathic finish of the spectrum.

They empathise by absolutely understanding what you’re going by, however they’re not truly in solidarity with you.

They’re simply listening like a impartial recording system switched to on. They are superb at pretending to really feel what you do by altering their facial expressions and physique language, however relaxation assured that a actual dark empath actually doesn’t care.

5) They emotionally manipulate you

Dark empaths are grasp manipulators.

Their understanding of what you’re going by and talent to precisely catalogue and grasp your feelings permits them to use you in quite a few methods.

In the instance of a dark empath psychologist, for instance, the person will intricately perceive your emotional responses and crises after which use them to cast doubt in your thoughts and emotions about one other facet of your life.

You’re not solely affected by extremely unnatural and uncommon (insert random psychological sickness), it seems that your anger over being crushed as a baby additionally marks you as being a narcissistic sociopath.

Or they are going to use your vulnerability to extract additional periods from you that they’ll then use to embed a perception that you’re very “ill” and that every one your issues come from inside.

Outside life is ok, and any unfavourable response you’re having to it’s about you and the way damaged you’re.

This morphine drip of gaslighting and trauma from any person you belief, permits the dark empath to maintain management over you, extracting a regular provide of monetary and typically bodily and emotional payoff out of your ache.

6) They unfold rumours about you to get leverage

Dark empaths haven’t any low to which they won’t stoop.

One of the extra signs of a dark empath is any person who seems to be your buddy and confidante one second after which is gossiping behind your again the following.

Not solely is it hurtful and impolite, it’s might be extremely damaging to your popularity on each a personal {and professional} stage.

And that’s actually the purpose.

The dark empath gives understanding and a listening ear solely in an effort to collect intelligence and resources. He or she then makes use of what they’ve realised about you to harm you.

They will then usually re-approach you, promising to be in your side subsequent time and repeat the cycle.

Be warned: that is a sport you can not win. They can by no means be relied upon to maintain a secret or stand by you in onerous occasions.

7) They preserve you down in an effort to get themselves up

Dark empaths will present a listening ear when it fits them and be there for you for so long as you may profit them.

But as quickly as they’ve any person else who can provide them extra advantages or they’ve one other tactic, they are going to quickly activate you and push you right down to elevate themselves.

Dark empaths thrive off those that are delicate, insecure and trusting. They experience those that really feel caught and powerless in life.

This is the uncooked useful resource for exploitation.

So how are you going to overcome this sense of being “stuck in a rut”?

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8) They use their information of you to cheat you

One of the highest signs of a dark empath is that they use their information of you to cheat you.

An instance from the political subject can be politicians and their handlers who do deep research of demographics in an effort to contact on sizzling button points.

They know what’s going to get individuals emotional and labored up. They’ve studied polarising subjects which they’ll use to divide individuals.

They will then declare to face strongly on one side, drawing massive contingents of the inhabitants in direction of them who establish this or that political determine as a champion of their trigger.

Another common tactic of the dark empath politician is to speak about their upbringing or formative experiences in methods which resonate with abnormal individuals.

This could also be a absolutely true story, however the dark empath solely tells it to persuade individuals “I’m just like you and have your interests at heart.”

Once in office, the dark empath politician will then promote out to the best bidder, return on varied guarantees and do regardless of the hell she or he needs to for an ulterior agenda or monetary acquire.

Are all politicians frauds? Hardly. It’s a troublesome job.

But it’s additionally a career which is a veritable magnet for dark empaths.

Those who deeply perceive individuals however solely need to use that information to govern and exploit those self same individuals.

9) They by no means settle for once they’re mistaken

Dark empaths consider they’re infallible. To be honest, they do are inclined to have a higher grasp of the world and different individuals round them than the common individual.

The drawback is that they use this talent for their very own personal acquire and aggrandisement.

Being mistaken or mistaken is simply not a phrase within the dark empath’s dictionary. They don’t acknowledge it.

If they make a mistake, they are going to flip that again on you, blame you or discover a technique to make you pay for it.

They are by no means the one who’s within the mistaken or who really went astray. It is all the time any person else who in some way is accountable.

The dark empath is a grasp gaslighter. They will make you doubt what you have got seen and skilled or let you know that you simply your self are answerable for it.

10) They consider that they’re superior to everybody

The dark empath believes she or he is superior to everybody else. On a deep stage, the dark empath considers themselves justified of their manipulation and narcissism as a result of they really do consider they’re working at a larger stage.

This mixture of self-righteousness and intelligence is a very lethal mixture.

The dark empath is certain she or he is correct and can be extremely assured that their actions and selections are justified primarily based on their very own superiority.

They don’t must play by the principles of mere mortals, nor have they got to really feel guilt over the issues and drama of these they work together with.

They are all the time performing for some grander goal which is all the time justified in their very own thoughts.

11) They’re not sorry for hurting and exploiting others

Among probably the most essential signs of a dark empath is that they aren’t sorry for hurting and exploiting others.

They consider that their actions and manipulation are all the time justified in a method or one other.

Take the instance of a sleazy religious guru who’s exploiting purchasers’ trauma in an effort to enrol them in countless cycles of courses.

He or she is going to recklessly take benefit of dozens of individuals a day, convincing them of the necessity for “visualisation” and “positive vibrations” whereas getting them to shell out big money for seminars, programs and retreats.

There is all the time only one extra course…

Just another retreat…

Just another $5,000 extra-special, unique master-level cleaning session.

But in some way, a way, these further closing steps by no means find yourself with any end result besides you feeling extra lost and extra depending on this guru.

Dark empaths are masters at this type of manipulation, they usually all the time take into account it justified.

12) They see the issues of others as weaknesses

Dark empaths are finally emotional predators.

They perceive the issues of others, however they see them as weaknesses to be exploited, not issues to be resolved.

No matter what subject or context they discover their means into, dark empaths are inclined to function in accordance with a comparable sample.

It usually breaks down as:

  • Be understanding and accessible to hear. Demonstrating that they actually do perceive and pretending to care.
  • Offer mild recommendation however usually give attention to “being there” for others and gathering as a lot from them as doable.
  • Slowly however absolutely set up a context of energy through which they’re the smart and pure one and the individual being listened to is weak and damaged.
  • Begin to exert management and act out their manipulative behaviours whereas gaslighting and victimising the sufferer of their habits.

13) They make you doubt your individual eyes

As I’ve stated, dark empaths are masters at gaslighting.

Gaslighting is when any person convinces you that what you’re perceiving or experiencing just isn’t what you assume;

Alternately, they persuade you that although it’s what you assume, the state of affairs or expertise is definitely your fault and was triggered or worsened by you.

The traditional instance of gaslighting is a husband who has been caught dishonest convincing his spouse that she drove him to it by her neglect or nagging.

There are, nonetheless, much more subtler varieties of gaslighting as effectively, which dark empaths are wonderful at utilising.

Examples embrace:

  • Telling you that it’s your fault you have been traumatised by traumatic experiences
  • Making you consider that their criticisms and manipulation of you’re on your personal good
  • Convincing you of particular ideologies and philosophies which re-victimise and disempower you

And a lot extra…

14) They discover a technique to blame you for all of your issues

Pursuant to the final level, a dark empath all the time finds a technique to blame you on your issues.

This is often completed within the type of gaslighting and deceptive you.

It is particularly common in religious New Age things like Law of Attraction, for instance.

This is the place individuals shall be informed that the world is split into “high” and “low” vibrations, and that “low” vibrations convey unfavourable occasions and folks into your life.

It can attain the extent that persons are being informed they solely received most cancers on account of being unfavourable…

Or that any person’s spouse cheated on him as a result of he was scared she would do it and “attracted” that actuality…

This absurd sort of victim-blaming horseshit abounds in New Age circles and is increasingly more standard as a result of it attracts people who find themselves feeling susceptible and craving solutions.

They are then preyed on by remorseless dark empaths who make them satisfied that one thing is deeply “wrong” with them and have to be mounted by costly periods, programs and “overcoming” their supposedly “bad” feelings.

15) They change into taking part in the sufferer

Dark empaths are superb at taking part in the sufferer when crucial.

They have a selection of instruments of their emotional toolbox which they use with precision to govern these round them.

When it proves helpful, they are going to don the garb of a sufferer and begin lamenting their very own life.

They will do that in an effort to faux to care about your individual struggles or in an effort to attempt to disgrace and guilt you into doing what they need you to.

In many circumstances the dark empath can also play the sufferer in political circumstances or company circles, for instance, to make workers or voters assume she or he is on their stage and is one of them.

He or she then permits the group to channel their frustrations into them like an avatar, whereas genuinely remaining wholly unconcerned with the true struggles and despairs of the abnormal individuals.

16) They are intensely narcissistic at their core

One of the disturbing signs of a dark empath is simply how narcissistic they’re.

They see life as a smorgasbord that exists for their very own pleasure and acquire.

They usually discover little enjoyment in life, however proceed to maneuver individuals round like chess items to attempt to fill a gap inside.

The dark empath is finally in love with themselves however empty on the similar time.

This paradox and rigidity retains them an inauthentic and manipulative one that goes by life alone and misusing others.

17) Dark empaths aren’t usually mentally sick in any scientific sense

It’s vital to do not forget that dark empaths aren’t usually clinically mentally sick.

While consultants agree that they’ve varied traits of sociopathy and psychopathy, they’re usually completely mentally wholesome people within the scientific sense.

That is to say that their habits doesn’t make them schizophrenic, psychotic, have a character dysfunction or be prone to kill somebody or one thing excessive.

They are merely broken individuals who have taken a talent at understanding and studying others and use it for sick.

Why they’ve turned a usually constructive capability to empathise into one thing to mistreat others is a deeper question that will also be addressed and has many solutions.

But the underside line is that that is, sadly, what dark empaths select to do.

Guarding the gates towards a dark empath

The best technique to guard the gates towards a dark empath is to faucet into your personal energy as I used to be advising earlier than.

Many of us are a lot stronger than we all know. And as soon as we entry that interior energy we start to extra simply see by and reject the makes an attempt of others to situation and manipulate us.

Dark empaths thrive on insecurity and confusion.

They run like a vampire from garlic when confronted by interior energy and any person with a sturdy sense of their personal energy and goal.

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