11 Reasons You’re Feeling Drawn To Someone You Barely Know

We all know the feeling of instant attraction.

You see someone across the room, and you’re instantly attracted to them. Your heart starts racing, your palms sweat, and your stomach sweats.

A million reasons have been suggested to explain why people rarely develop feelings for someone they know. But most of us can identify a few key factors.

From feeling a strong physical attraction to an instant and undeniable connection, these ten things may be why you’re so attracted to someone you know.

1. You feel like you’ve known them your whole life

Have you ever met someone and thought you’d known them your entire life?

The best way to describe it is as if you are friends who haven’t seen each other in years. But now they are back in the same room again. It feels like an old time.

You’re instantly comfortable like you’ve been friends for years. It’s an instant sense of familiarity and comfort.

You feel an obvious connection.

The best first dates are when you both feel an immediate connection. You are instantly attracted to each other. It feels like you’ve known him for years.

You can’t explain why, but something about them makes you want to get to know them. Maybe it’s a specific look in their eyes or a way of laughing at your jokes.

Simply put, there’s something about them that makes you feel like someone special. Maybe you knew each other before?

2. There is an instant connection

It’s scarce to feel an instant connection with someone you just met.

  • Anyone can be.
  • It may be someone you already know as a co-worker or neighbor.
  • Or, it could even be someone you know.

There’s just something about them. You feel close to them and can’t stop thinking about them.

Could it be a strong sexual attraction that draws you to them?

Or maybe it’s much more than sexual attraction. This connection is so strong that it makes you wonder: could they be your soulmate? Your twin flame? How to do this?

You may feel strongly:

  • Emotional connection
  • Mental
  • Physical contact
  • Spiritual connection

You feel comfortable around them as if you have known them all your life.

You click. Your mind goes together like two perfectly aligned Tetris pieces. After exchanging just a few words with them, you feel you are on the same page. They get your references instantly and can even complete your sentences.

You feel their energy. It’s like you can read their feelings without saying anything. No wonder you can’t resist the thought of being in their arms, caressing and kissing them.

It can be such a strong and overwhelming feeling that you’ve never met anyone like them, but you rarely do. You are a total whiner.

Why not? Definitely something worth pursuing here.

3. You are programming

Maybe you are lonely and spent a long time looking for “the one.”

The contract is as follows:

You have a list of desirable qualities, and when you meet this new person, you present them with your idea of the perfect person.

You feel an instant connection with them. You think it’s love at first sight. Could they be the person you’ve been looking for all along? Your soul?

You don’t feel anything for this person; it’s just an illusion created by your mind. You create a fantasy in your head.

Your mind is playing tricks on you out of loneliness or desperation, creating this image of the perfect partner for you.

This is what we call “projecting.”

Perhaps you have noticed someone because of their appearance or characteristics from your past life.

No wonder you can’t stop thinking about them!

Unfortunately, what you are attracting is not accurate. You have created a person with the characteristics you desire from your wildest fantasies. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can get out there and find someone you like.

4. You feel that unexplained attraction

You’ve just met them but feel a deep, unspoken attraction. You feel like you were meant to be with them, and you don’t know why.

You have strong feelings for this person who has struck a chord in you.

Want to know if you have a twin flame connection?

Your feelings for this person seem so deep and real. They feel like a part of you like they belong to you.

You may feel like you’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You’re not sure if it’s love or just infatuation, but it feels like it could be something special.

You ask yourself, “What about them?”

Your heart races when he smiles talks, or makes eye contact with you.

You probably think it’s because you’re dating this guy. You look for any excuse to see them. You want to meet them.

5. Telepathic communication

Have you ever thought you are attracted to someone you don’t know because you share a telepathic connection?

This may explain why they instantly connect with you and why you feel they are so familiar with you. That’s what it feels like to have a twin flame connection.


You may not have known it before, but this person was your twin flame from a past life. You share a telepathic link with them, and because of that telepathic link, for some reason, you can’t get them out of your mind.

A past life relationship is the most common reason for having strong feelings for someone you just met.

You see, telepathic communication requires no words. No words need to be exchanged. You can sense what they are thinking and feeling without having to say anything.

This is a solid connection that you cannot ignore. Feel connected to this person on a deep level. You feel like you want to be together.

You can tell they are thinking about you, too, making your heart race!

6. You are drawn to their kindness

Did you know that one of the reasons we relate to strangers is their kindness? You think they are kind, good people, and you want to know more.

You are drawn to their compassion, which makes you want to be with them. You feel like you want to be their friend.

And now you think that they think like you?!

Whether they are being kind to us or someone else, it is something we cannot ignore. It makes him look willing.


Kindness is mighty. It can change how you look at yourself and the world around you. It is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. After all, this is what makes us human.

7. You are on the path of self-discovery

You are on a journey of self-discovery, and you will learn that this person is also on a journey of self-discovery. You feel like you can talk to this person and help each other grow and evolve for the better as people.

This is a compelling connection!

If you feel these things about someone, it is a vital sign from the universe that this person is someone you need in your life. They are a person who will positively influence your life.

Think about this:

The universe sends people out for a reason. He says they can help you grow as a person. You can help them too!

You have something in common, and that makes you attracted to them. You feel that this person understands you, and you know them. Here are some similar paths you’ve both walked, and it seems to be going well for both of you.

No wonder you can’t help but admire them as they go through their journey of discovery.

They get the impression that they want to make a change in their life, and you want to be with them on that journey. You want to help them along the way.

Sounds good, right?

8. You have a common goal

On the one hand, you are attracted to this person because they have the same purpose as you.


Maybe it’s their short-term goal or a lifelong aspiration for something bigger.

You’re attracted to them; you feel you have something in common. You are chasing the same dreams and want to achieve the same thing makes you feel close to them.

On the other hand, if you don’t yet know your purpose, this person may help guide you on a path of self-discovery.

You are both on the same page with life goals and visions for the future. Maybe they are already living their dreams, or perhaps they are on the right track to living their goals shortly.

Whether living a more meaningful life or helping others, you have common beliefs and values that make you compatible.

You are so close that you can share your journey with them.

9. You are both on the same wavelength

Do you feel like you’re on the same wavelength as the person you’re inexplicably attracted to?

Both of you have the same approach to life and love.

  • Maybe you both believe in love at first sight or the power of a great first kiss.
  • Perhaps you believe in true love or the importance of family values.

However, there is something that makes you feel close to them. No matter what, the connection between you cannot be denied.

You understand each other so well that it makes sense to spend time with each other, share ideas and experiences, learn from each other, and grow together in every possible way!

10. They are just a distraction

Maybe you’re thinking about a stranger because you need a distraction.

You see, maybe you’re attracted to them because you’re trying to eliminate some unpleasant moments in your life. This person offers temporary peace from what is going on in your world.

  • Maybe you’re trying to get away from something you don’t want to deal with.
  • Maybe you’re avoiding a challenging conversation or making a lifestyle decision.

Here’s the deal. Maybe it’s time to think about yourself, not a stranger’s opinion. You are not attracted to them as a person, but they are attracted to you by their distraction from your problems.

11. Loneliness kills you

You are desperate to connect with someone. You’re so lonely it’s tearing you apart. You feel like no one cares or accepts you.

Suddenly you meet this stranger, and you feel close to them. It could be lonely if you constantly think about someone you just met.

  • Maybe you’re feeling lonely because you’re trying to fill a void in your life.
  • Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough, and people don’t appreciate you.
  • Maybe you’re feeling lonely because of a recent breakup.

It could be because of loneliness if you’re constantly thinking about someone you just met.

Loneliness is causing you to feel depressed and alone, and this person distracts you from dealing with these feelings healthily.

No wonder this person is your only hope for happiness. Before you focus on someone else’s needs again, you need to take time for yourself and focus on your own needs. Dating should never be about filling holes.

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