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Know Side Effects Of Momos After AIIMS Advisory On Chewing Momos Well

The monsoon season makes it an ideal time to dig into that wondrous-looking plate of steaming sizzling momos, teamed with the scorching dip. Momo followers would completely agree! But it’s time you bask in these sizzling and slippery dumplings with warning. While the importance of chewing food nicely has been underlined after a person choked to demise upon swallowing a dumpling, it’s additionally vital to know different side results of momos.

According to current media reviews citing a case from Indian hospital AIIMS, a person choked to demise whereas munching a momo as a result of it bought caught in his higher airway. This has led medical doctors to advise and remind those that food should be chewed correctly as a substitute of being swallowed.

The uncommon case report, Corpus Alienum captured in Post Mortem Computed Tomography, from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS), is printed within the Journal of Forensic Imaging.

Over current years, momos have discovered a large fan following amongst individuals of all age teams. Fried, tandoori, steamed, curry varieties have emerged a rage amongst road food lovers. But if advise from diet consultants is something to by,  side effects of momos on our health should not be ignored.

Nutritionist Avni Kaul tells us, “Momos were made for extremely cold weather, where people need high fat intake to survive the daily harsh climates and to live within mountain terrains. When city people with a sedentary lifestyle take momos, it can result in a lot of health hazards.”

What could be the side effects of momos?

1. Flour

Momos are made out of maida, which is probably the most refined type of wheat flour and the making means of maida causes many of the wheat’s important vitamins (together with 97 % of fiber) to get lost. Maida can elevate your dangerous ldl cholesterol so consume it moderately.

That’s not all! Here’s what Kaul tells us: “Commercially manufactured maida commonly uses bleach and chemicals to make it extremely soft and sparkling while. It’s believed that the bleach and chemicals used in commercial maida are very toxic and unhealthy for the body. Maida is one the leading food item that triggers obesity, diabetes, and severe gut issues.

2. Dip

The Indian momo sauce or dip is prepared with heavy use of commercially made chili powders that can trigger bleeding hemorrhoids or piles, adds Kaul.

3. Preparation

You’ve ought to be careful about where you are eating momos from. “Momos, prepared and sold by Indian roadside vendors, a lot of time use unwashed poorly cooked cabbages and carrots, and meats, which can increase the risk of stomach infection, and worm growth in the body.”

Importance of chewing and never swallowing momos

Of course, the current case of choking from momo has alerted us! But food – in any type – should be chewed nicely. “Whether you are eating momos or any other solid or semi-solid food items, it is good to chew food initially properly, at least 20 to 25 times before swallowing it,” explains Kaul. Chewing is step one of digestion.

Proper chewing ensures higher digestion

“The extra one chews their food, the better it turns into for our digestive system to assist the food to digest. It has been seen that those that don’t chew food correctly and swallow it shortly normally, face frequent digestion-related problems.

Chewing leaves the food you eat sufficiently small for the gastric juices within the abdomen to additional degrade it and cut back it to microscopic measurement. Thus, aiding in improved digestion. Besides, the possibilities are nearly zero so far as food getting caught within the food pipe is worried.

The subsequent time you eat these dumplings, preserve the side effects of momos in thoughts!

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