5 Skin Problems Of Office Goers And 5 Ways To Tackle Them

Does the very considered going out in the summertime warmth scare you? With the onset of monsoon and sluggish transition from the summer season, not solely can we expertise delicate showers or fluctuation in temperature however a number of skin issues too.

Considering many people have labored remotely for a couple of year or extra, returning to a pre-pandemic workplace setting can take some preparation and mindset shifts. And one in every of them is taking good care of your skin.

As we head again to the office, the elevated publicity to daylight and sudden showers can result in dry and irritated skin, zits breakouts, tanning, sunburns, and irritation. Therefore, it turns into crucial to sort out these skincare woes as they’ll result in critical skin ailments and trigger extended skin harm.

We obtained in contact with skin professional Dr Prajct Sao, who shared some easy options to your whole skin issues throughout this climate transition.

Here are 5 skin problems and their 5 easy solutions:

1. Dry irritated skin

The sun is great at draining moisture away from surfaces, together with our skin. This is why, after spending time within the sun, our skin usually feels dry and itchy. To stop the drying results of the sun and humidity of monsoon, keep on with a non-oil primarily based, light-weight moisturizer. You may use it together with a reasonable cooling cleaner. These are the methods the sun can hurt your skin and trigger skin issues.

2. Acne breakouts

Dr Sao, Dermatologist at Cetaphil, says, “Oily and sweaty skin prepares the ground for the acne and pimples causing germs to thrive upon. When you touch your sweaty face, germs and bacteria get attached to it, and as the pores are open, these toxins will close the pores, get stuck inside, and cause acne. Acne can be reduced by keeping the skin clean on a regular basis.

Carry your gentle face wash or a mild hydrating cleanser with you at all times. give your skin a brief wash at least one time a day or whenever you feel it needs it.”

3. Sun tan

Constant sun publicity, which is extra common throughout seasons, causes the skin to tan extra simply. To hold your skin safe from tanning, attempt to keep out of the sun as a lot as potential. Moreover, sunscreen is crucial even once you’re indoors.

“Try to use a Vitamin C-infused sunscreen that may add nourishment to your skin and provide all-around UV and Infrared protection,” advises Dr Sao. With its lengthy checklist of advantages, you simply can not afford to overlook making use of sunscreen!

4. Oily skin

Increased temperatures include larger humidity and this additional will increase the oil manufacturing out of your skin’s oil glands. This is what provides you an undesirable greasy look and breakouts. If not taken care, your pores could develop into clogged and enlarged, thus leading to accumulation of lifeless cells.

Cleanse your skin no more than thrice a day as extreme cleaning may lead to moisture loss. Don’t neglect to layer your moisturizer at common intervals. This course of ought to suffice from getting the skin too oily.

5. Heat rashes

Clogged sweat glands stop the evaporation of sweat from the body which trigger tiny itchy bumps on the skin resulting in a rash. Many individuals expertise a prickly sensation on their skin when the bumps rupture and leak sweat. Dr Sao suggests “Always wear lightweight, loose-fitting cotton clothes. Keep yourself clean and take a bath using antibacterial soap.”

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