Benefits Of Using Exfoliating Gloves To Scrub Dead Skin

Exfoliating gloves or bath gloves have set the internet abuzz. But are they really worth a try? A dermat unfolds it all.

Each time I open my social media handles, it looks like opening Pandora’s field of all kinds of skincare devices and merchandise. Thanks to my curiosity concerning the magnificence business, my social feed seems to be like a sequence of skincare commercials.

Amongst all of the mystifying skincare stuff, my eyes all the time get fixated on advertisements for exfoliating gloves. Also generally known as tub gloves, these work identical to a wearable loofah however higher. The business retains me hooked on the layers of useless skin cells rolling off from the body that are gross and satisfying on the identical time. But every time I spot them, the thriller of their security on skin stays. I wanted solutions.

To get some legitimate reasoning and the way these work on skin, for higher or dangerous, we spoke to Dr Dipak Patel, M.D, Aesthetic Dermatologist, Neel Aesthetics and laser clinic, Surat.

Are there any advantages of using these exfoliating gloves?

Dr Patel says, “Exfoliating gloves, a type of mechanical exfoliation, are designed to remove dead skin cells from the body. Alongside that, they stimulate and improve blood circulation, and encourage cell renewal. One may add a cleanser or shower gel to the glove to wash and exfoliate simultaneously while in shower.”

But, are they for everybody?

“Physical exfoliators are harsh on skin as compared to other types of scrubs and chemical exfoliators. This confines them to be used only by people with normal skin. Ones with the sensitive skin should steer clear of these bath gloves as they may cause permanent scarring over time,” suggests Dr Patel. We could not even understand, however over exfoliating body with these exfoliating gloves could trigger extra hurt than good.

What are the disadvantages of using exfoliating gloves?

  1. Exfoliation gloves might not be proper for each particular person. Some skin sorts like dry, delicate, or acne-prone skin could not react nicely.
  2. Over exfoliation breaks down the skin’s barrier and might create micro cracks within the skin inflicting redness and irritation within the skin.
  3. Even women with regular skin ought to keep away from going overboard with them. You can safely use them as soon as every week and don’t neglect to maintain your actions mild.
  4. Clean and wash the gloves after each utilization. Leave them someplace dry between makes use of to forestall micro organism buildup.

In conclusion, exfoliating gloves are safe and efficient technique of skin exfoliation for most individuals. Removing useless skin might help the moisturiser and body lotion to penetrate the skin higher.

It provides value in your body care routine by offering improved hydration and enhancing the absorption of skin care merchandise. Your body wants some exfoliation, cleaning and moisturising too!

What are some options to those exfoliating gloves?

  1. A sugar and oat scrub is mild in your skin than another exfoliant. One can also use chickpea flour to softly rub off the useless skin cells and unveil a glowing skin.
  2. Gentle cleanser for bathing can be utilized in delicate skin sorts adopted by moisturiser and sunscreen. In any case, one must moisturise the skin nicely after exfoliation.
  3. According to Dr Patel, “Chemical exfoliation as prescribed by a dermatologist according to the skin is advised like salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid and other AHA and BHA in mild percentages.”
  4. Some in clinic procedures like microdermabrasion, chemical peeling helps in managed exfoliation particularly on the face.

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