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How To Oil Your Hair Right? Follow These Tips And Tricks

Wondering how to oil your hair and how long to leave it on? Here are some doctor-recommended tips to get it right.

Oiling your hair is the oldest trick within the book when it comes to having lengthy, robust, thick and shiny hair. Oiling your hair not solely nourishes your hair, it additionally brings back reminiscences of the time when our moms or grandmothers used to give us a champi (head therapeutic massage) on the weekends whereas continuously nagging us concerning the poor condition of our hair. Good previous occasions, huh!

Whenever we endure from any sort of hair downside like hair fall, dryness, untimely graying, and so on. the primary thought is, “Maybe I should start oiling my hair more often.” And rightly so, as a result of hair oil does assist us to fight all these hair issues.

Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra of Alive & Wellness Clinic, says, “The oil acts as a barrier for the hair and also nourishes the hair and scalp, it creates a coat preventing it from sun damage, prevents premature graying of hair, and is a great conditioner making it look shinier.”

Here’s how to oil your hair:

Step 1

Heat the oil you have chosen till it’s lukewarm, because the heat will assist in rising the blood circulation of your scalp.

Step 2

Comb your hair with a large tooth comb to take away all of the tangles and then divide your hair into sections.

Step 3

Pour the oil on your scalp and gently begin massaging, with the tip of your fingers, in round motions. Remember to not be tough or harsh whereas massaging as that may lead to hair breakage. Be mild whereas massaging oil into your hair!

Step 4

Once you have oiled your scalp nicely, transfer to the lengths of your hair. Take some oil in your palms and gently rub the lengths of your between your palms. Don’t overlook to oil the tips of your hair nicely as that can forestall breakage and break up ends. Oil the the lengths of your hair too!

Step 5

Loosely braid your hair and go away the oil for an hour or two earlier than washing it with a shampoo.

You may also apply a drop of hair oil on moist hair, after shampooing your hair, as a natural substitute of hair serums.

For how lengthy ought to you go away oil in your hair?

Many people like to hold their hair oil in a single day so it stays longer, others don’t understand with the change of their hormones their skin at occasions tends to develop into oilier. If you see dandruff, you begin oiling hair considering it’s taking place due to lack of oil however that isn’t the case.

Dr. Chhabra says, “Keeping the oil for longer, oiling an oily scalp, and oiling in case of dandruff doesn’t help and may lead to further serious scalp conditions.” She suggests to hold the oil for half-hour to 2 hours at most and then rinse it off with a delicate shampoo, and cold water, and observe it up with your favourite hair masks.

What is the perfect oil for hair?

Dr. Chhabra says that the perfect oils for hair are cold-pressed oils. She goes on to say that, “My preferred oils include coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and mustard oil. As a child, my mother used to apply mustard oil to my hair but nowadays I am alternating between almond oil and olive oil.”

Cold-pressed oils like almond oil is greatest for hair. Though oiling your hair isn’t any rocket science, there are some factors that have to be saved in thoughts to keep away from damaging your hair.

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