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How To Get Rid Of Body Odour? 5 Important Tips

We all sweat, however not all of us stink! Some individuals are bothered by continual disagreeable body odour. We all agree that spritzing your self with fragrance and soaking in a bathtub infused with tub bombs could make you smell higher.

But, even after a shower, are you unable to do away with body odour? If this describes you, you need to study concerning the causes of body odour.

To know the precise causes behind continual body odour even after a shower and methods to do away with it, we spoke to Dr Pramod Kumar, Consultant-Dermatology, KMC Hospital, Dr B.R. Ambedkar Circle, Mangalore.

Dr Kumar says, “Body odour is a broad term for a variety of odours that emanate from a person’s body. The body produces a number of substances that are required for normal bodily functions. These substances can become foul-smelling when in excess or when acted upon by external sources.” Chronic body odour could be due to many causes.

He provides, “Sweat, though odourless, when broken down by bacteria on the skin, can become odourous.“

Here are the major causes of chronic body odour

1. Hormones

Excessive sweating and body odour can be caused by hormonal fluctuations. According to Dr Kumar, “Body odour is more noticeable during puberty, pregnancy, premenopausal, premenopausal or menopausal stages due to increased hormonal and sweat gland activity.” During this stage, girls expertise sizzling flashes and night time sweats, which enhance sweating and odour.

2. Certain ailments

Any reason for extreme sweating will increase the potential for body odour. Sweating can be attributable to sure medical circumstances and ailments, reminiscent of diabetes, weight problems, thyroid, kidney ailments, liver ailments, infectious ailments, and gout, which may result in a rise in body odour.

If you discover a sudden change in your body odour, you need to test for different signs of those ailments and seek the advice of a physician.

3. Spicy meals

According to Dr Kumar, “Excess dietary intake of spicy foods, onions, garlic, alcohol, and caffeine may also cause foul-smelling sweat.” In truth, growing protein consumption could end in elevated body odour. Spicy food could cause body odour.

4. Stress

Body odour is common in people who find themselves anxious, nervous, or burdened. If you’re smelling unusual, your body might be beneath plenty of stress.

5. Other causes

Aside from these components, sizzling climate, a rigorous common exercise routine, common alcohol consumption, not altering underwear and bra repeatedly, sporting artificial garments, and a excessive sugar consumption could all contribute to body odour.

Tips to do away with body odour

1. Maintain hygiene

Body hygiene performs an vital position in body odour. Take a day by day tub or bathe with antibacterial cleaning soap to maintain your body clear and recent. This will assist to get rid of disagreeable odours.

2. Shaving the armpits

Pay particular consideration to sweaty, bushy areas such because the armpits and groin. Shaving these areas helps sweat evaporate sooner, stopping bacterial motion on sweat.

3. Avoid sporting artificial clothes

Avoid sporting artificial clothes, which prevents sweat from evaporating correctly and might promote the growth of micro organism, leading to body odour.

4. Use antiperspirant

Antiperspirants and deodorants cut back perspiration by making your body much less hospitable to bacterial growth and by blocking sweat glands. They needs to be used twice a day. Deodorant could make you smell good. Period.

5. Change and wash your garments repeatedly

Avoid using unwashed garments. Also, be certain that detergents and soaps are utterly rinsed off from the garments.


Body odour, women, is often not an indication of something critical. However, you probably have an issue like extreme and fixed sweating that’s inflicting disagreeable odour, you need to seek the advice of your physician.

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