The Best Morning Skin Care Routine You Can Try In Monsoon

Follow this morning monsoon skin care routine to keep all season related skin issues at bay and enjoy glowing skin.

Even if you love rain and are desperately waiting for the monsoon season, humidity, dryness, and other skin problems this season brings can be pretty irritating.

Due to high humidity and unpredictable climate, it becomes difficult for your skin to adapt. Due to oiliness, following a light skincare routine is essential to keep your skin healthy.

So, follow this morning skincare routine during the rainy season:

 1. Cleaning

Throughout the day, your face is exposed to dirt, pollution, oil, etc., covered with humidity during the monsoon season can result in bacterial, fungal, and other fungal issues. So, when you wake up, clean your face with an oil-free face wash to get rid of dirt. Let the oil dry from your face.

As moisture leads to clogged pores, acne, and breakouts, use a light scrub twice a week to eliminate toxins. Cleansing makes it easier to control the skin’s pH levels, allowing sufficient water and crop retention.

 2. Vitamin C serum

Using a vitamin C serum daily will ensure your skin is radiant from within, will feel bright and glowing during the monsoons, and will give you that instant hydration that also evens out your complexion.

Even during the monsoon, the skin is exposed to harmful UV rays that enter through the cloud, and Vitamin C helps repair damaged skin cells caused by the sun’s rays. It helps promote healthy skin turnover and makes you look young, fresh, and healthy.

3. Moisturize your face

Use a light oil-free moisturizer. Even if it’s raining outside, don’t throw this away. You may not think it is necessary, but it is the most essential and fundamental step of your skincare routine.

If you use a moisturizer daily, your skin doesn’t have to work hard to produce more oil. It helps your skin look radiant and young. An SPF-protective moisturizer can also be used for better results.

 4. Sun rays

I wonder what sunscreen is used during the monsoon season? Well, it should be noted that harmful UV rays penetrate through clouds and window panes and are even more concentrated. Therefore, applying a gel-based waterproof sunscreen is essential even during the monsoon season.

5. Lip care

Don’t ignore your lips. Due to excess humidity, your lips can’t retain moisture and can become dry. Exfoliate your lips as it helps to get rid of dead skin. It also gives them a natural texture, so they look hydrated and shiny. Massaging your lips with butter or oil helps blood circulation and offers pink lips.

Finally, applying lip balm makes your lips look plump and plump

 6. Switch to light makeup products

Don’t use full-coverage makeup; switch to something light like BB cream. Heavy makeup can get too oily due to humidity and lead to clogged pores and bacteria during this season.

Apart from that, you can also use a Multani mitti face pack in the morning to give that instant glow and freshness. It is important to note that to achieve happy, healthy skin, your skincare routine should change according to the season.

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