Why It Is Okay If You Are Not Losing Weight During The Pandemic

Let’s Start With A Little Background, Shall We?

Weight loss and I…oh, boy, the place do I even start? It’s been an excessive push and pull relationship since I used to be 17-years-old and was first recognized with extreme Hypothyroidism. To make issues even worse, I share an intense, passionate and all-consuming relationship with meals…which has not all the time labored out properly for me.

I’ve seesawed between fats, skinny, chubby, skinny fats, overweight, skinny, ‘athletic’ and chubby for nearly 15 years now. Obviously, it’s not wholesome, however now, you possibly can perceive why weight and I’ve been in such an extended and turbulent relationship.

My childhood was all about sports activities. Ha! Surprised? Went like ‘wtf’? Well, it’s true. I’m speaking National degree stuff right here. I used to be in form. Obsessed with bodily exercise, however all of that ended once I was recognized and I sacrificed sports activities for a ‘career’.

Hypothyroidism entered my life and advised me straight to my face: “Sweety, I am going to make your life miserable from now on. Try and lose all the weight you want, I won’t let that happen!” Since then, it’s been all about consuming much less, consuming proper, understanding, transferring extra, staying wholesome…ideas that had been completely alien to me whereas I used to be rising up and was in the perfect form of my life.

When Sh*t Hit The Fan

2020 started on a incredible notice for me. I simply turned 30 and was already tremendous motivated AF to drop some main kilos. I used to be a work-in-progress at a health centre and was freaking killing it there. My garments had been changing into unfastened. I used to be feeling enticing. I used to be getting compliments. I used to be on high of the rattling world. Life was good.

March arrived and that’s when all my progress went to sh*t.

With the Coronavirus international pandemic slowly progressing from a ‘concern’ to an precise ‘oh-my-God-is-this-really-happening’ improvement, my solely supply of exercise got here to a screeching halt. And initially, I took it as a optimistic factor. I imply, extra time at residence means extra time to work out, proper? Well, it was not the case for me.

I discovered myself increasingly more lifeless drained by the tip of labor by every passing day, and extra pressured. Obviously, I couldn’t even step out for a run, which meant I wanted to begin ‘home workouts’ and I’ve all the time hated doing that with a burning ardour. Working out for me means actually stepping out. I would like to depart my residence to train. Simple.

However, because the kilos saved piling up, regardless of how much less I ate or how ‘clean’ my weight loss program was, the web was being flooded with unimaginable tales of how individuals had dramatically remodeled their our bodies in simply 3 months or 6 months.

Super overweight individuals had been now sporting abs, ladies who had been combating post-pregnancy weight had been wanting like freaking supermodels.

The one factor all these tales had in widespread was that they had been madly understanding every day. I’m speaking 1-2 hours of cardio and weight and yoga and something different exercise you possibly can assume out. Now, as I mentioned earlier than, understanding in my room was the one factor I hated essentially the most, however I began feeling like I had no different alternative. Everyone was doing it, why was I discovering it so troublesome. With that in thoughts, I began the in-my-room workouts…and I had by no means felt worse in my life.

I missed the contemporary air of my day by day walks, I freaking missed the individuals at my fitness center as we danced collectively in a sweaty, musical ritual. And by the tip of three months, I had lost a meagre 4 kilos…which made me virtually smash all the things in my room.

The ‘AHA’ Moment That Made Me See Things In A New Light

With a year having gone into the pandemic and my weight making an attempt to provide competitors to that of a Panda, I tortured myself on daily basis watching these ‘weight loss stories and screamed from the inside that I was not able to do that despite all my efforts.

Somehow, I had convinced myself that if I do not lose weight like others during the pandemic, I was a loser and that I could not do anything else. Suddenly, all my past achievements in life did not matter. I also started associating my worth to the numbers dropping on the scale.

Try and imagine how frustrating I must have felt to watch the kilos pile up despite eating clean, despite working out. Yes, my job required me to stay pretty much chained to the computer all day, and that prevented me from working on my NEAT, but I was still doing everything right.

One day, round 4 am, as I used to be observing my burning vanilla-scented candle and making an attempt to win my struggle with insomnia, I began questioning if I ought to simply cease. Stop with the fruits and veg, cease operating like a headless hen on my rooftop, cease doing countless situps and planks and simply settle for my destiny of turning right into a continent…when one thing hit me like a truck.


A course of that is imagined to make you are feeling higher, was really sucking all the enjoyment and happiness from my life!

No surprise I used to be depressing regardless that I had lost 10 kilos in 5 months. Sure the burden was coming down regardless that on the velocity of a snail, however what was I shedding within the course of? I used to be angrier than ever, my hair was actually turning gray, I beginning getting pimples like loopy, I used to be tensed on a regular basis, my countless endurance was dwindling, I used to be forcing myself to be comfortable (one thing that got here so naturally to me)

I noticed that one individual’s weight reduction DOES NOT should be my story. Another individual’s transformation DOES NOT should be my objective. What will occur if I don’t lose all that weight in a restricted time? Exactly, nothing! Will my household kick me out? No. Will I lose my job? No. Will my buddies abandon me? No method. So? Why was I killing myself over not with the ability to lose 20 kilos in 3 months like so many others? Why couldn’t I be proud of my progress, regardless of how small it was?

Finally…When I Gave Myself Priority Over My Weight

I began praising myself for my tiny however vital good points. I advised myself that I used to be dropping pounds slowly regardless of a extreme medical situation and a sedentary job, and that was freaking wonderful! I assured myself that I used to be not unhealthy and was not killing myself if I ate cake or a rattling lasagna every so often. I accepted that my physique was completely different…my journey was completely different…I was completely different from all these individuals who had been going viral for his or her transformations, and that I used to be doing nothing unsuitable.

Slowly, however certainly, peace began resurfacing again in my head. I finished plotting the demise of the universe. I finished seeing meals as my mortal enemy. I continued doing what I used to be doing with the little exercises, and minus the stress and all that negativity I had created…I noticed I used to be really killing it!

Once I discovered that it was not some race to shed weight, the stress simply died, and I used to be happy with my efforts.

And proper now, regardless that I’m nonetheless not ‘thin’ but. And am nonetheless ready for the rains to cease and the state of affairs exterior to ease up so I can run once more, I’m lastly at peace with my journey. Because I’ve nothing to show to anybody, and being wholesome, each bodily and mentally, is extra essential to me proper now on this pandemic.

Honestly, guys, take a look at what is going on exterior. We are the privileged few. While individuals are dying and households are being torn aside with grief due to Covid, a few of us are nonetheless wholesome surrounded by our treasured household in our houses, secure and comfortable. Instead of coming down on ourselves simply due to that quantity on the weighing balance, how about we thank God to be alive and wholesome proper now?

The weight will drop, finally, however it’s not price shedding your psychological peace over it. I paid a value to come back to that life-altering realisation…however you do not have to.

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