Want Glowing Skin? Try Silk Peel And Diamond Glow Treatment

Summertime skincare wants an replace too with the altering climate. Today, we’re introducing you to 2 viral skincare remedies identified to get radiant and glowing pores and skin. They are silk peel and diamond glow facial remedies.

To deep dive into the wonderful outcomes of those skincare remedies, we spoke to Dr Nivedita Dadu, a famend dermatologist, Founder, and Chairman of Dadu Medical Centre.

What is a silk peel treatment?

The silk peel dermal infusion facial is a pores and skin resurfacing treatment that on the similar time exfoliates useless pores and skin cells, whereas making use of tailor-made serums to deal with particular pores and skin circumstances.

Silk peel makes use of a fragile vacuum that exfoliates the outer layer of pores and skin whereas the pores hole at similar occasions. Whereas the custom-made serums penetrate deeper into the brand new exfoliated pores and skin. Silk peel is the most recent skincare pattern which extracts deep, exfoliates useless pores and skin and infuses important serums into pores and skin.

It is multi function answer for pores and skin circumstances equivalent to zits, dry pores and skin, tough texture, growing old pores and skin, hyperpigmentation, dehydrated and photograph broken pores and skin.

How is a silk peel treatment achieved?

Silk peel dermal infusion is powered by its unique and patented handpieces which ship many advantages in a single go. The tip of the hand piece has a suction chamber that lifts up the pores and skin for extraction and then microdermabrasion is carried out by exfoliating motion of diamond tip.

At the identical time, suction stress infuses pores and skin with serums wealthy in numerous vitamins.

According to Dr Dadu, silk peel is an exfoliation process that removes the pores and skin cells within the uppermost layers of pores and skin, which are sometimes probably the most broken. A diamond-tipped handpiece exfoliation system is used together with a vacuum-induced system to ship pore cleaning and useless pores and skin cell elimination.

What are the advantages of silk peel for glowing pores and skin?

“Silk peel rejuvenates the skin completely and makes it radiant. It is completely nonsurgical that means no cuts and no itching or heat like chemical peel. Normal, dry, or combination skin patients can all use it without any side effects or pain, says Dr Dadu.

It helps to reduce comedones. It removes dead skin, hydrates it and helps in achieving fresh looking skin. The exfoliation with the diamond tip resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin. The infusion process provides quick and lasting results.

The fullness, smoothness, and radiance last for days, and since the procedure stimulates healthy skin renewal, previous skin concerns are minimised and results in glowing skin complexion. A classic microdermabrasion and silk peel start the same, but only the silk peel provides pro-infusion solutions during the procedure. These solutions are infused deep into the skin and address a variety of skin concerns.

What is a diamond glow treatment?

In the diamond glow process, a diamond-tipped wand exfoliates your skin while also vacuuming away debris and infusing the skin with a custom serum. “Most people get diamond glow or silk peel on their face, neck, and upper chest, back or buttocks.

The treatment is generally safe and can be used on a variety of skin types. The treatment can also be used on sensitive parts of the skin, such as around the eyes and on the lips,” says Dr Dadu.

What are a few of the precautions taken after the treatment?

The silk peel is non-invasive, entails no downtime, and no ache. It is ideal for these wanting a brisker and youthful look, however not by a extra invasive process. It’s common to expertise some redness after receiving dermal infusion.

The exfoliation might trigger the pores and skin to be delicate shortly after treatment. A correct solar safety is advisable to comply with after the treatment.

Silk peel delivers instant outcomes by making pores and skin glowing, recent, and beaming. Silk peel dermal infusion remedies facilitate rehydration of the pores and skin whereas infusing the pores and skin with highly effective vitamin C, Skin brightening and anti-ageing substances that facilitate scaling again the indicators of growing old and unveiling a glowing pores and skin.

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