10 Things Men Secretly Want From A Woman, But Rarely Are They Asked

You may think a man’s mind is not as complicated as yours. But sometimes we also feel those strange things that you women call “emotions.” (Yep, it’s true.)  You’re not alone if you feel like you need a crystal ball to explain what a man wants.

While women are often labeled as “sophisticated” due to their self-expression, men can happily appear simple in the play of emotions. The reality is that your guy is probably afraid to talk about his needs in public.

This can come from social situations, difficulties arising from close feelings, or fear of showing someone one’s true self. This leads to miscommunication, arguments, and such.

We all know and love the “not tonight, I have a headache” moments. Contrary to popular belief, what He wants from you is not just about sex. Here are ten things men want from you. But they will rarely want these things.

10 Things Men Secretly Want From A Woman

1. Love

Admit that it is this man who comes. Yes, we want sex. Most of the time. In fact, any time and any place. But there’s more to it than just sex. We also love your signs of compassion for us.

2. Honest reactions

Don’t cheat with us. We can tell when you do it.

3. Compliments

Men want to be praised just as much as women. Tell us when it looks good.

4. Laughter

Make us laugh! A sense of humor is a beautiful thing. A good woman is quite attractive.

5. Acceptance

We want you to accept us as we are, not as someone you can fix. Yes, we have our faults, but look at the past. Please accept us for the men and men we are working to become.

6. Honesty

Without honesty, relationships have no real basis. It starts after you meet for the first time. If you’re really interested, don’t start playing hardball.

7. Space

Don’t push us. Men like time and space with friends, even alone time. Women who demand men to spend every minute with them need to get their own lives.

8. Communication

Go and have your say. Your man may not always agree with you, but it probably makes him proud that you can stand up for yourself. Strong women are sexy!

9. Belief

If you love your man, believe in his dreams as much as he believes in yours.

10. Trust

If you can’t trust each other, the relationship is doomed. Take her at her word and don’t constantly check on her or try to trick her. Trust is respect. Both parties in a relationship deserve respect.

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