How To Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Lived

If you’re into all things esoteric, get ready for this. According to the age-old practice of numerology – the study of numbers – you can calculate how many past lives you’ve lived using your birthday numbers. In addition, your resulting number, known as your Life Path Number, can also help reveal and explain your personality, goals, relationships, and future.

“In numerology, your Life Path Number is the single number that your birth dates (when added together) come together, ” Tracee Dunblazier, psychic empath and author of Conquer Your Karmic Relationships, says. According to intuitive, medium, and spiritual development teacher Alison Shine, this number represents how many lives you have lived and your current life purpose.

“Numerology can help guide you by providing a framework for discovering deeper meaning in your life,” says Shine. – These are metaphysical means. These tools can give insight into your soul’s purpose, direction, and history. You can use numerology to make essential decisions, understand your true potential, and make sure you’re on the right track.”

And when it comes to looking into the future, it’s all because of the ~vibe~ associated with each number. ” Numerology can help us understand how to predict events and behaviors by teaching us that everything in the world has a vibration and that if it is not intensified or diminished, the result corresponds to the energetic trajectory on it,” says Dunblazier. “You said it differently: if you don’t change, your path won’t change so that you can expect the [same] result.”

Where does numerology come from?

Numerology has taken root in many cultures. According to astrologer Konstas Stellas, the science of numbers was used in the Egyptian ritual of the dead, the Indian Vedas, and the Hebrew Kabbalah. According to him, it is also mentioned in the Bible and taught by Moses. Today, we mostly attribute the idea of numerology to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, born in 559 AD. “Pythagoras and his followers, known as Pythagoreans, also studied music and philosophy because of their connections with mathematics,” says Shine.

, they discovered a connection between the numbers and the resonance of each musical note. For this reason, it is believed that each number carries a unique set of characteristics that can be used to describe other areas of life.

They also found that if you add a series of odd numbers starting at 1, the total number will always be a square number. As Shine says, “This means that everything in our universe is made up of numbers and can be described by numerical values.” Let’s jump into some math, shall we?

How to calculate how many past lives you have lived?

The math here may seem tricky initially, but it’s pretty straightforward. The goal is to keep adding the individual numbers to your exact birth date (month, day, year) until you get one number. This is your Life Path Number.

To start, look at the numbers in your birth month. If you were born in February, the second month of the year, you would use two numbers. March – 3, April – 4, etc. If your birth month has two numbers, add them together. For December this means 1+ 2 = 3.

Now a little forward in the year. If you were born in 1992, add 1+9+9+2 together to get 21, and bring it down further by adding 2+1 to get three single digits. Add all the numbers from your date of birth together and continue until you get an odd number.

If you were born on February 17, 1992, it would be 2+1+7+1+9+9+2. This is equal to 31. Add 3+1 to get 4. Your Life Path Number is 4. This number also tells you how many past lives you have lived. The answer will likely be 1 to 9, but if the result is 11, 22, or 33, stop adding.

Master Numbers

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are the main numbers in numerology. “You always boil it down to a number, but a master number adds more to the message if you will,” Dunblazier says. “Master numbers address the universal dynamics you play in your life and contribute to your life path or destiny.” Think of it as an extra dose of an odd number.

13 Theories of life

The belief in past lives or reincarnation refers to the passage of a soul through various incarnations on earth, each time building on what was learned in previous lives. “Every lifetime gives us a new perspective to see the human experience from a new angle,” says Shine. “As our life experience increases, we rise to higher levels of consciousness.”

As with everything under the mystical umbrella, it’s challenging to get down to one concrete “answer” or know precisely how many past lives you’ve lived, if any. Dunblazier says you can have thousands of past lives. Life Path Numbers are a tool to boil down a broad idea into something more digestible.

” 13-life theory,” “our souls go through 13 stages, or lifetimes, to complete enlightenment at one time,” Shine notes. “13 Depending on where you are in your life, you can identify different tasks that you should learn from this stage in your spiritual development.”

Other ways to use numerology

Numerology is not just about past lives or lessons we learn. – Did you see the time at precisely 11:11? Do you notice similarities between birthdays or important dates in your life? Keep seeing the same numbers popping up everywhere? “Numbers are powerful and incredibly meaningful when it comes to revealing the details of your life,” says Shine.

As luck would have it, these could also be cheeky little wreaths from the universe. You can use this link to your advantage the next time you’re trying to make a decision. If you want to rent an apartment and see if it is a section 11 or what number is essential to you, then take this as a sign that you have found the perfect place. As Shine says, repeated numbers are a big “yes!” from the universe that validates and supports what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling at that moment. means

What does your numerology number mean?

Now that you know your life path check out the properties of these numbers below. Then you can use this information to guide decisions and learn more about yourself, your relationships, and the direction you want to go.

Number 1: Primal force

psychologist and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport represents the beginning of a beginning. Shine says you’re independent, goal-oriented, and innovative but can struggle with doubt. (You’re new, after all.)

Number 2: Intuitive

Rappaport says the number two symbolizes a pair or duality. You are also intuitive, unifying, and influential, says Shine.

Number 3: Creator

As number three, you are optimistic, artistic, and charming. That is, if the feeling of naiveté follows you, do not be surprised. Growth and expression should be focused on throughout life.

Number 4: Planner

As a convenient, solid number four, you’re loyal and grounded, but can also be blunt and rigid, says Shine. The number four is also the number of reality – think of the material universe, logical reason, and structure.

Number 5: Dynamic force

In the midst of it all, a quintet can be energetic, adaptable, and super social but a little unpredictable and insecure. According to Rappaport, you can either move forward or fall back into old ways at age five. It will be up to you to decide.

Number 6: The Caretaker

As someone in their sixth life, you’re officially a caregiver, says Shine. You are harmonious, supportive, and protective of everyone in your life, although sometimes to the point of self-sacrifice. According to Rappaport, six is also the number of motherhood, marriage, and harmony. This may explain why you are drawn to zooming.

Number 7: Truth Seeker

Shine says sevens are spiritual and curious. You like to analyze life. Rappaport adds that seven represent wisdom and perfection and are considered the number of mystics.

Number 8: The Powerhouse

Like the Eight, you are just as ambitious as they are. But watch out for money-loving tendencies, — says Shine. This can help you focus on other successes.

Number 9: Humanitarian

According to Rappaport, consider yourself one of the more “awakened” numbers, as the nine represents competition and conflict.

Master No. 11: Illuminati

You are wise, intuitive, and aware as a master number 11. Let your solid moral code guide you.

Master Number 22: The Master Builder

As a Master builder, you are doing your life a favor there. It can feel like you have it all figured out.

Master number 33: The Master Teacher

As of 33, Shine says, your soul is considered evolved, awakened, and committed. As a result, you may feel selfless and broken.


Tracee Dunblazier, psychic empath and author
Alison Shine, intuitive, medium, and psychic development teacher
Constance Stellas, astrologer
Davida Rappaport, psychic and spiritual counselor

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