November Sagittarius vs December Sagittarius

People who’re born between November 22 to December 21 have the star signal Sagittarius. Sagittarius is likely one of the mutable hearth indicators of the zodiac, and like all the indicators, it has strengths and weaknesses.

While there are some normal traits, we affiliate with the signal Sagittarius there’s nonetheless some variation in persona traits relying on precisely when an individual is born, whether or not in November or December.

For occasion, there are variations while you examine November versus December Sagittarius. Read on to study extra about how November and December Sagittarius examine.

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Sagittarius typically is stuffed with energy and spontaneity. They will be a number of enjoyable to be round as a result of they’re energetic and have a love of journey. Hanging out with a Sagittarius generally is a very optimistic expertise as a result of they’re so fun-loving, entertaining, and energetic kind of individuals.

People who’re Sagittarius are additionally sensible and chatty, and so they can simply stick with it an excellent significant dialog, making them common at social occasions the place they’ll fortunately combine with lots of people.

People who’ve Sagittarius as their star signal are usually optimistic however will not be at all times tactful. While being sincere generally is a good factor, it may typically get an individual into bother when being tactful is a greater choice.

This is one potential drawback of this star signal. Another disadvantage of Sagittarius, although, is that these individuals have a tendency to seek out routine tiresome as a result of they turn out to be shortly bored. The impulsivity of Sagittarius generally is a adverse attribute if it results in pointless risk-taking.

A Sagittarius may additionally seem fairly narcissistic to others and will attempt to keep away from solely specialising in themselves.

November vs December Sagittarius

There are some variations relying on if an individual is a November or December Sagittarius. In different phrases, when precisely they have been born.

It is vital to know that an individual’s astrological chart is predicated on greater than their solar signal, it additionally consists of the affect and relative positions of the moon and different planets on the time and date of delivery.

Each signal of the zodiac can be divided once more into three elements known as Decans. Each Decan represents 10 levels of the 30 levels of the actual signal.

Knowing the Decan, an individual was born in is beneficial as a result of it helps one to know why the particular person has the traits they’ve, each optimistic and adverse.

Decans of Sagittarius

  • First Decan – This is the November Sagittarius that extends from late November till 1st December.
  • Second Decan – The first half of December from the 2nd to the eleventh of the month.
  • Third Decan – The second half of December that extends till the twenty first of the month.

November Sagittarius

Those Sagittarius who’re born in November are within the first Decan of the signal and present many attribute options we do sometimes see with people who find themselves of this star signal.

These November Sagittarians have been born from November 22 to December 1. They are sometimes free spirits, easygoing and carefree people who can, at instances, seem slightly self-important and pompous.

We talked about earlier the significance of planets in influencing the zodiac. In reality, these people born in November and who’re Sagittarius are dominated by the planet of Jupiter.

This confers traits like optimism, journey, and the carefree nature of these born within the first Decan of Sagittarius.

December Sagittarius

December Sagittarians are people who find themselves born between the 2nd to twenty second of December. Here now we have the final two Decans of the star signal. The related planet right here and affect is Mars.

People born on this Decan are blunt and presumably additionally probably the most strong-willed kind of Sagittarians. They will be dynamic and energetic people who find themselves typically impulsive and spontaneous.

People who’re born in Sagittarius in December are adventurous and extra more likely to take dangers than those that are born in November. December Sagittarians may additionally come throughout as having robust opinions and being confident.

  • Second Decan Sagittarians fall beneath the affect of Aries in addition to Mars. This makes individuals born throughout this time extra direct of their lifestyle. They are additionally intelligent people who are usually profitable of their chosen career.
  • Third Decan Sagittarians have a Leo and Mars affect which impacts their traits. Leo brings in elevated creativity to the persona, making these people extra creative than your common Sagittarius.


Sagittarius has many optimistic qualities and a few adverse facets, like all the zodiac indicators. There are some variations between these people born in November versus these born in December.

By understanding how the Decans differ in Sagittarius it turns into simpler to know why individuals born beneath the identical star signal will be fairly completely different.

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