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How to Make Money Through Domain Parking?

If you are new to your website, domain parking may be a new term for you. You can have a unique URL, a fantastic website name, and a great interface, but now you may need to request just the right domain name. When you search for a great domain name, it may already be taken.

For many web users, this term may be unfamiliar. However, you may encounter this term while navigating the depths of the internet. As an online entrepreneur, domain name parking can be an effective strategy for you. If you engage in domain parking, it can earn you a lot of points.

Domain Parking involves buying ads on a parked domain to earn cash while the domain is idle. Similar to affiliate marketing, you can earn money based on the number of customers you bring to your website or the number of clicks on your website ads.

Strictly speaking, a parked website is non-functional except for the landing page with ads. Web Hosting, email, and all other aspects are turned off. The domain generates cross-traffic that prompts the user to click on the ad links or bounce off the page.

What is domain parking? How does it work?

Domain parking involves purchasing an existing domain name, typically an expired domain name, and creating a single web page on that domain for advertising placement. It is not a fully functional website but rather a means to capitalize on the traffic generated by the domain.

Some of the top-paid ad placement partners of 2022 are:

  • WebiMax offers an intuitive pay-per-click process. This process uses themed campaigns and landing pages optimized for conversions, among other things, to find the most profitable ads.
  • AdVenture Media Group is a PPC with over 500 clients, including Forbes, Sports Illustrated, etc. This PPC is one of the few companies to earn the Premier Google Partners designation.
  • Google Ads is an advertising platform where users bid on keywords to display their ads. Users only pay when someone clicks on their ads.
  • Bing Ads, or Microsoft Advertising, provides pay-per-click advertising that displays ads on Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.
  • Amazon Ads places ads on the Amazon platform based on the keywords users search for.

With domain parking, domains are used to display temporary ads. As an entrepreneur, you get paid every time a visitor clicks on your ads.

Expired domains are the most commonly used domains for domain parking because they already exist and are in use. Therefore, search engines have already indexed them. Additionally, expired domains are more likely to generate organic and direct traffic.

How to choose a domain to park?

Finding profitable domains to park is a lengthy process that requires some research. To choose the right domain that will make you money, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • TLD (Top-Level Domain): is one of the most important aspects of a domain name. By the end of 2020, there were over 26 million new generic TLDs. However, the most valuable and in-demand domains end in .com, .org, and .net. Other new TLDs are of no interest. Over 52% of all domains use the TLD .com.
  • Residual profit: The more traffic your domain gets, the more money you will earn. Expired domains are those with residual traffic from old links and users. They may cost more but can also earn more than unregistered domains.
  • Niche: To maximize profit, finding a niche where your domain will sell for a higher price is best. Depending on the name, you should be looking for buyers with a business related to your domain. For example, if your domain is, you should be looking for buyers in the music industry.
  • Spelling: Correctly spelled domains are usually more valuable and sought after, but there is also a market for misspelled names. Many large corporations buy both domains because users use misspellings to steal traffic and engagement.

How to park a domain?

The most common way to park your domain is by using the domain parking company of your choice. Once selected, you create an account with the company.

Each domain parking company provides instructions on what to do after you’ve verified your account. Basically, all companies require you to change names for your domains and not much else. After completing the task, the company automatically displays relevant ads to visitors.

You mustn’t click on your own ads because doing so would violate the rules. Parking companies can detect if you engage in this activity and may close your account. Additionally, it would be advisable to conduct extensive research to ensure the domain you wish to park is suitable.

Some domain parking companies include:

Strategies to make money with domain parking

  • Finding Expired Domains –  It can be time-consuming as there are numerous expired domains. However, conducting thorough research and identifying a valuable domain, preferably with significant traffic, is crucial. Websites like offer tools to help you find profitable expired domains.
  • Matching Domains with a Niche – This strategy helps you locate potential buyers willing to pay a higher price for your domain. Tools like PBN Lab, DomCop, and Domain Hunter Gatherer can assist in finding the most relevant domains for your niche through filters such as keywords, hieroglyphs, and domain extensions. These tools also provide information about domain quality, traffic value, backlink profiles, and more.
  • Domain Registration – After finding and analyzing a domain, the next step is to purchase and register it with a domain registrar. It’s important to note that you don’t own the domain; instead, you rent it from a domain registrar and pay for it annually.
  • Finding the right domain parking company – can be a daunting task. Choosing a company that meets your needs and offers a low annual parking fee is best. Popular domain parking companies include ParkingCrew and Sedo. Some companies support international traffic, offer assistance in searching for expired domains, or provide the Zero-Click Model. Before making a decision, be sure to check what each company has to offer.
  • Domain parking – can be implemented in various ways. The simplicity of the process depends on the number of domains you have. However, regardless of the number of domains, the simplest and easiest way to park is by directly copying and pasting your sponsor’s HTML code as provided.
  • Avoiding blocked domains – can save you time and money. Before selecting a domain, check if sites like Google block it to avoid potential issues. Tools like DotCom-Tools, MXToolBox: Blacklists, SpamHaus, etc., can assist in checking for domain blocking.
  • Testing the domain – involves evaluating its traffic after purchase. If you’re unsatisfied with the amount of traffic within the set timeframe, you can choose to fully or partially redeem it. Although less common nowadays, some users still engage in domain redemption.
  • Selling a parked domain – is often done because domain parking is typically considered temporary. Some domain parking companies allow you to display the text “domain for sale” on your domain’s landing page to indicate that it’s available for purchase. You can also sell your parked domains through auctions.

How much money can be earned with domain parking?

The company advertising on the domain you park pays the domain parking company for each click. That revenue is then split among you as an entrepreneur, the domain parking company, and the company’s advertising partner for your domain.

Each domain parking company has a different advertising partnership program. These programs help advertising companies, also known as advertising affiliates, find and manage accounts on behalf of other brands and businesses. The most popular advertising partner programs include the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, Google Partners, and others.

“Domain for sale” landing page

Landing pages with “domain for sale” listings can be useful because they inform visitors that you are selling your domain. This will expand your potential buyer pool and may lead to interested buyers bidding on your domain, thus increasing its price.

Additionally, these landing pages allow interested visitors to contact you and make direct offers, as you can add a form with your contact information. To add your information to your landing page, you must make your WHOIS publicly available. Moreover, most users don’t display the domain price on the landing page, which sets the price limit. This form is located on the landing page and is visible and accessible to all visitors.

More ways to make money with domain names

Apart from domain parking, you can also earn money by selling microsites. This involves buying multiple domains and building simple microsites on them to increase their value. However, this method requires more time and is more difficult to implement and profit from.

There are two other ways to do this. Here’s the method we recommend:

Domain flipping involves buying domain names at low prices and then selling them at high prices without doing anything with the domain in the meantime. This is a very lucrative and common practice because companies are willing to pay a lot of money for exclusive, short domain names. It is a legal practice where domainers buy non-commercial domains. For more information on domain flipping, click here.

However, we do not recommend:

Domain squatting is an illegal and unethical practice of domain parking. Domain squatters buy popular domains maliciously, aiming to generate revenue on behalf of someone else’s brand. This is a terrible practice where squatters can be legally charged with a crime for intentionally taking trademarked domains. You can find a more in-depth overview of domain squatting here.

The bottom Line

Domain parking is the easiest and fastest way to generate income with domain names. It involves buying a domain and earning money instantly by placing ads instead of selling it like other methods.

Domain name parking is necessary when you reserve a domain name for your site. Domain parking offers many benefits for online business owners, including development prioritization, name reservation, security against cyber-squatting, and passive income. All of these benefits can be important to you.

Whether or not a website intends to purchase a domain, it should always check its availability. Once you have purchased a domain, you need to take the necessary steps to set it up correctly. Are you feeling ready to buy your first website domain? Sign up with Fascinating and get your website ready to go.

Of course, you can also sell your parked domain, but you don’t have to wait to make money from the sale. Your income from domain parking will depend on the domain parking company you choose, its plans, and the traffic your domain can generate. As with anything, skill, and experience can make a big difference!

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