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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Through PayPal

The world that we live in is highly dynamic. Today we have the option of making money for various gigs. Many people have a side hustle to complement their earnings. The market is full of different money-making media. One such medium is PayPal.

All of us are familiar with PayPal as it is one of the most commonly used applications for online money transactions. But the benefits of PayPal are not just limited to online shopping or splitting a bill among friends.

This platform can be used to make extra cash online. If you are looking forward to boosting your monthly income and are fed up with gift cards, then PayPal is your one-stop solution to making actual money. So, let us dive into exploring the different ways by which one can make money through PayPal.

10 Ways to earn money through PayPal

PayPal is an excellent platform for making some extra money. The type of gig that a person chooses depends upon how much money they are willing to make. People who make serious choices, such as starting an online business, must invest much time and energy.

The ones who want to make quick money can choose a small gig with average payouts. No matter what one chooses, it is essential to track one’s earnings, as getting paid through this platform does not exempt you from reporting additional taxes.

Lets us now explore the top 10 ways of making money through PayPal.

1. Try out survey websites

If you want to make money by answering survey questions, you can do so through PayPal. Generating money through surveys takes a lot of time. But some websites do offer quick payouts.

But one must remember that the amount generated through this technique is relatively low. This gig is for people who can spare time to answer a survey while watching TV or listening to music.

Several websites pay users through PayPal. These include Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Swagbucks, and Prizerebel. The mode of payment for these websites is different. Some give immediate PayPal cashback, while others make users earn points. So, one can choose the website of their liking and answer a survey to earn extra money.

2. Try out cashback apps

Another way by which one can earn PayPal money free of cost is by using cashback reward apps or websites. These platforms enable users to shop while giving cashback. They do so by partnering with specific brands. The rewards thus earned can be redeemed through gift cards and PayPal cash.

Some prominent cashback apps in the market are Upside, Dosh, Ibotta, and Receipt Hog. One must consider specific parameters when choosing the perfect app for earning cashback. Ibotta can be used by people who do not mind activating offers. Dosh is for people who are into making passive rewards.

While Receipt Hog lets users upload receipts and earn rewards, choose the best-fit app for yourself according to your needs & wants.

3. Commence your freelancing journey

Freelancing is a beautiful way of making money online. PayPal helps freelancers commence their money-making journey smoothly. The popularity, authenticity, and simplicity of making & receiving payments make PayPal one of the most trusted options for choosing the best payment method for freelancers.

There exist different trades in which one can start one’s freelancing journey. This includes content creation, online tutoring, graphic designing, programming, transcription, and writing.

Several websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr also offer freelancing work. One can even make this gig a full-time thing or a side hustle. Freelancing helps boost one’s income to new heights.

4. Make money through online shopping

One can earn money by shopping online through PayPal. PayPal has partnerships with various brands. So, when you shop on these brands’ websites and make payments through PayPal, you get certain rewards, gift cards, and cashback. But gif cards are not ideal for people wanting to earn cashback. Several shopping platforms let users cash out through PayPal.

Shopping platforms such as MyPoints, Rakuten, and TopCashback offer these services. With MyPoints, users can earn cashback by shopping on Amazon, Home Depot, and other websites. Various retailers, including Target and Walmart, give cashback through Rakuten.

This cashback and be cashed out through PayPal. TopCashback offers gift cards, PayPal cash, and direct deposits by shopping at top retailers, including Walmart, Target, Sephora, and Amazon. So, in this way, one can make money by shopping through PayPal.

5. Sell stuff online

One can sell stuff online to earn PayPal cash on various online marketplaces. So, it is essential to note the items that can be sold online when it comes to selling stuff online. These items include clothes, laptops, home decor, cell phones, books, and furniture. This is also an excellent way of making money and is being adopted by many worldwide.

6. Curate money-testing websites

One can use one’s spare time by becoming a website tester. With the advent of the internet, the number of websites catering to different activities increased exponentially. So, nowadays, becoming a website tester can help one earn loads of extra cash.

Website testers get paid by companies to carry out specific tasks. One can earn as much as USD 50 for one hour of service. So, one can explore this gig and make money online.

7. Start an online business

Most businesses worldwide have chosen PayPal as the top payment processing option. Thus, several e-commerce operations use PayPal to carry out online transactions. PayPal allows users to process transactions safely. For instance, Shopify integrated with PayPal for WordPress.

Thus, PayPal has made starting an online business easier as it offers robust monetary transactions. The items that can be sold online are handicrafts, apparel, home decor items, accessories, subscription boxes, online courses, and accessories. So, one can easily choose one’s niche and start an online business with PayPal taking care of the monetary aspects.

8. Try out fitness apps that pay

Certain fitness apps help you bet money on yourself to attain a desired bodily transformation within a stipulated time. This can include losing a certain amount of weight or gaining another set of abs. These apps offer PayPal cash if you reach the set goal. This is a beautiful way of staying in shape while making some money out of it.

9. Rent assets for money

Ne can earn extra cash by renting out assets. PayPal helps in this gig as it is one of the most trusted platforms for carrying out money transactions. So, if you have an extra property, you can always rent it out to specific platforms, including Airbnb, Getaround, StyleLend, and others, and earn some money. This is a beautiful way of making a passive income.

10. Indulge in mystery shopping gigs

Mystery shopping gigs help companies get honest feedback about the quality and standard of their products. Several mystery shopping apps offer these services. This includes apps like Field Agent, Gigwalk, Shopkick, and others. With these apps, you can walk into a store, shop with a linked credit or debit card and earn rewards in the form of PayPal cash.


So, it is evident that PayPal offers many ways to make money. The various money-making options discussed above are legitimate. Some offer easy & fast cash payouts, while others require a person to start a new business venture to make money. Paypal redirects individuals to make money through other websites and apps.

These applications ask individuals to get small gigs done for a small payout. To ensure a bigger payout, one needs to start a business. It all depends on a person’s skills and income goals. Suppose you are someone who has got enough time to spare and intends to earn a considerable amount.

In that case, the type of gig you choose for yourself will be entirely different from a person who is interested in small gigs that offer average payouts.

Thus, one must choose wisely and start one’s sick hustle without second thoughts, with PayPal as their helping hand.

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