January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

January and February Aquarius have start star signal dates between January 20 and February 18 and belong to the Air components of the zodiac. Uranus, the planet of innovation, guidelines Aquarius. Aquarius’s water bearer image represents the items of reality and pure intentions they bring about to the world.

The Air signal trio is Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. They get alongside nicely and are romantically appropriate. Harry Styles and Oprah Winfrey are well-known Aquarians. Let’s take a look at different fascinating things concerning the January vs. February Aquarius.

What Do the January and February Aquarius Have in Common?

Here are probably the most common traits that each the January Aquarius and February Aquarius share!

  • Aquarius assume for themselves. They say what they really feel with nice eloquence and might be sarcastic and witty. Aquarius is unbiased and does things in another way. They can typically have eccentric methods.
  • They maintain an open thoughts in new conditions. They are upfront and stand agency until you could have proof in any other case, they usually be taught from their errors.
  • They are good company however like their space, see the most effective in individuals, readily forgive, and are completely happy to assist, advise, or help. They want revered boundaries.
  • The January Aquarius and February Aquarius have a way of justice, liberalness, and equity. Aquarius is not afraid to innovate and do things their means. They are quick learners, need to be taught new ideas, and are analytical. They possess pure intelligence, are distinctive, and have the tenacity to show their goals into actuality.
  • They are usually arduous to anger however might bottle up frustrations, and they aren’t good liars. Aquarius is cautious about selecting strong pals who’ve their again and keep away from inflated egos.
  • They are fair-minded, stand-alone, and won’t compromise their beliefs, morals, or want for freedom and independence for anybody. Aquarius might be emotional however do not all the time present it. They like spontaneity and might be unpredictable.
  • They have a way of journey and are easy-going.

Your Birthday Determines the Sun Sign and Ruling Planet Two individuals with the identical zodiac signal can have completely different character traits.

Anyone born between January 20 and February 18 has an Aquarius solar signal. The variations are seen when contemplating positions of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, or Venus, what a part of January or February the individual was born in.

However, neither the January Aquarius or February Aquarius will stray from a few of their traits, resembling a deep want for independence, creativity, and love of spontaneous journey.

Personality Traits of January Versus February Aquarius

  1. January Aquarians have distinctive and basic peculiarities. They are individualistic and should have behaviors that deviate from the norm.
  2. February Aquarians vs. January Aquarians like being with individuals. The February Aquarian is outgoing however prefers shut relationships.
  3. January Aquarians are likely to buck the system. January Aquarians bump towards the established order and don’t love being bossed round.
  4. February Aquarians are open Minded. The February Aquarian is extra adaptable and simpler going.
  5. January Aquarians vs. February Aquarians are unpredictable. January Aquarians are free-spirited, might be impulsive, and make spur of the second or impromptu adjustments. They are inventive individuals and progressive thinkers.
  6. February Aquarians vs. January Aquarians are open about their emotions.

They are keen to share their emotions. February Aquarians can stay calm and centered throughout stress to make goal, logical selections.

Strengths & Weaknesses of January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

  • Strengths: They are authentic with their inventive concepts and have varied pursuits. These Aquarians are completely happy to be alone and withdraw if constrained by conventions. They are engaging, charming, and distinctive, and like being social.
  • Weakness: The January Aquarius has a singular and unconventional lifestyle views and ideas. Their beliefs might be seen as very uncommon, unusual, or eccentric.

February Aquarius vs January Aquarius


The February Aquarius is sincere and imaginative. They are clever and quick-witted and should enable their head to rule their coronary heart. They are competent and capable of excel in any career.

These gifted Aquarians are inventive writers and eloquent communicators. They are romantic, impulsive, and charming. They present unconditional love, share their emotions brazenly, and are beneficiant.


These Aquarians are impatient and have a tendency to need instantaneous outcomes. They stay their life at a quick tempo. February Aquarians usually act first and assume later.

The stressed February Aquarian is definitely uninterested in conditions and folks. They might transfer on to different relationships in the event that they lose curiosity.

People with the identical zodiac signal might have fully completely different character traits from an astrological perspective.

Birthdate and time, Sun and moon indicators, and planet positions affect variations in character traits between January Aquarians and February Aquarians within the zodiac.

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