Do You Feel A Burning Sensation After Sex? Here’s Why ?

Having intercourse can convey on quite a lot of strain however what in case you expertise ache on the backside a part of your vaginal opening after intercourse? It can really feel like a paper lower, it could be burning, it can damage once you pee or when it hits water.

Well, if that’s the case, you may be experiencing one thing referred to as a fourchette tear!

For these caught unaware, the fourchette is the underside a part of your vulva on the backside of the vaginal opening. It’s the purpose the place each of the lips be a part of collectively and it is a really skinny piece of tissue, which may tear very simply.

In her newest Instagram video, Dr Tanaya Narendra aka dr_cuterus, reveals two main methods on how one can keep away from vaginal burning and get pleasure from a more healthy intercourse life with your self and together with your companion. Come, watch the video right here:

How to keep away from vaginal burning after intercourse

1. Use a lubricant

The first one is using a lubricant. She suggests attempting unflavoured water-based lubricants, accessible within the market or on-line. Using a lubricant make things extra slippery and permits the penis or the intercourse toy to insert and go in easily with out tearing the the tissue. A lubricant can cut back friction throughout intercourse.

2. Lots of foreplay

The second manner how fourchette tears could be averted is indulging in quite a lot of foreplay. Go for many kissing, cuddling, oral intercourse, touching your and your companion’s genitals and throughout their physique, enjoying with breasts, and many others.

“This will allow your vaginal opening to expand and the surrounding tissues to also expand. So, insertion happens easily,” she provides.

However, in case you do expertise tears and vaginal burning after intercourse frequently, it is right to go to a health care provider,” Dr Cuterus asserts.

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Here some self-care suggestions to keep away from vaginal burning or tears:

1. Avoid intercourse or any sort of foreplay whereas the tear heals utterly
2. Wear solely comfy cotton underwear, if wanted
3. Keep your vaginal space at all times clear and dry
4. Avoid touching the affected space an excessive amount of
5. Do not use tampons. Instead, use pads or interval underwear till the world has healed
6. Avoid using any sort of aromatic cleaning soap, spermicide, or lubricant that could be irritating
7. To cut back burning sensation once you pee, pour heat water over the vaginal opening once you urinate as urine is acidic.

Don’t overlook the following tips in case you expertise a fourchette tear.

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