10 Key Ways to Protect a Tender Heart

“Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I am learning to live between effort and surrender.” ~Danielle Orner

If your heart is pounding, you are suffering from heartache. Unfortunately, tender-hearted people are often used as a gateway for people who take advantage of their kind and generous nature. Just as his heart is easily broken, so you must be careful.

The world needs more people like you who give without question and have a great friend in their corner. Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of you and abuse you for being such a kind soul. Self-preservation is the key to learning to live with a big heart and not to be constantly stressed.

Ten tips to protect your tender heart

Some people will see your vulnerability as a weakness, so always stay one step ahead. Below are some ways to avoid getting your heart broken.

1. Channel your sympathetic side to protect your heart

A tender-hearted person is often compassionate to the needs and wants of others. Be aware that people know who is best suited to give them something. You may feel sorry for someone who is down on their luck and consequently engages in destructive behavior.

Make sure you don’t let people take advantage of you when you’re doing things from a good and honorable place. If you’re too generous, you’ll have people at your door 24×7 wanting to borrow money and asking for favors. You can quickly run ragged to help others.

Always be sympathetic and listen to those who are going through difficult situations. But you should know that you can only do so much to help.

2. One who has a tender heart should not give all his strength to others

A tender-hearted person likes to reach out to others. You can help at local charities and donate until there’s nothing left. Some people and situations can be energy hogs if you let them.

Another concern is that you may try so hard to reach out to others that you neglect yourself. You can feel drained and empty if you don’t care for yourself and ensure your needs are met. Sometimes you must turn off that empathetic side and take care of yourself for a while.

3. Be alert to the negativity and drama of others. If you are tender-hearted

Counselors must shake off all the toxic things they hear daily and distance themselves and their patients. They talk to people in very dark places in their lives and can quickly bring all that negativity home with them. As a heart, you have to worry about not getting too caught up in people’s drama scenes.

Have you ever seen a tornado hit the ground? The United States experiences approximately 1,225 hurricanes each year. The average rating of a tornado is F-2, and the wind is between 113 and 157 meters. These powerful storms can suck everything around into their vortex. Unfortunately, rude people can be just as dangerous.

Allowing yourself to get too caught up in someone’s drama can destroy you and your heart. Don’t let people drag you into their troubles because it can ruin you like a hurricane that devastates a small town.

Many people become hard-hearted because they have been hurt so much in life. And, of course, you don’t want that to happen.

4. Be careful what you say to others about yourself

You are a kind person who sees someone struggling and automatically thinks of what happened to you in their life. While you may want to support others and share how you’ve overcome it, you should be careful about revealing too much of yourself to the wrong people. Remember that every word you say can be used against you, so you want to measure your comments wisely.

Advise this without sharing too many intimate secrets with people you don’t know well. Live by the rule that you should never tell anyone about your life unless you feel safe sharing it.

5. Tender-hearted people should not show raw emotions

As a tender-hearted person, you cry in movies, when someone loses their pet, or even from a story you read on the internet. Because you are very compassionate, sometimes your emotions are raw.

Some people may see your emotional side as a weakness and use it against you. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive. But don’t let people take this as a door to use and abuse you and your generosity.

6. Never let people disrespect you

You have genuine respect for others. You never say or do anything to hurt someone. However, other people are not so kind. Never let someone disregard your dignity as a human being.

When it comes to the love in your life, make sure they stay within the boundaries you set up to protect yourself. It’s easy to let your compassion take over and treat you with disrespect. You must learn to love yourself enough not to pick up people’s trash.

7. A person with a tender heart must learn to say “no.”

One of the greatest follies of a tender heart is that you never know when to say no. You will exhaust yourself and give it your all because you don’t want to disappoint others by rejecting them. It would help you if you learned to put your own needs first.

Having a tender heart allows you to do amazing things. But can it make you better than yourself? If you don’t want to be sad and stressed or ended up falling apart and getting sick, learn to say no to people.

8. Build a support network with other tender-hearted people

You are only as good as your support system. Who do you run to in difficult times? Some find a counselor quick to fall for this trick, while others visit a well-educated wise grandmother. It doesn’t matter where you draw your strength, but your heart needs someone to inspire you.

In the Catholic religion, people go to a priest to confess their sins and get things off their chests. This act is not only symbolic but also necessary for purification. People always feel light and refreshed after putting down their burdens. The same can be said for you after you’ve loaded a little more than your heart’s weight.

Find your friends, relatives, and advisors. The main thing is not to take them back when you leave because your sensitive nature will go crazy over them.

9. A tender heart must find positive ways to decompress

How do you relax? Life is hectic on a good day. You can also empathize with the pain of your tender-hearted self. It would help if you could get away with it and have fun. Hobbies are a great way to throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself.

Nothing feels better than hitting the golf ball as hard as possible with the putter; talk about a little stress reliever. Find something that helps you channel some of the energy you carry. For this reason, ax throwing has become a widespread sport in this country.

Ten years ago, no such places would allow you to throw axes, but now they are everywhere. People need ways to eliminate all the negativity they eat in a day. The tender heart you carry needs this decompression.

10. A tender-hearted person must learn to set boundaries to forgive

This idea is controversial because you know to forgive others. Just like you don’t want to hold a grudge, that’s right, right? Therefore, there are times when there is no reason to forgive.

Many people are eager to forgive someone because they want closure. You feel better when you solve the problem. Did you know that situational, personal, and psychological factors come into play when forgiving someone?

It’s a pity that some people don’t give you grounds for forgiveness. But what about the person who is guilty of immoral actions? Why would you forgive them if they are not sorry?

Some people take pleasure in your pain. There is no reason on earth you need to forgive them. You better let it go because you know they won’t lose sleep over it. Learn to grieve for what may have happened to this person and move on.

Final thoughts on protecting your tender heart

Being tender-hearted is a beautiful gift from the Universe. You are kind and compassionate and tend to show compassion to those around you. While it’s lovely to give freely of yourself to help others, you can’t neglect your own needs.

You want to keep your heart from breaking as you do so quickly. A tender-hearted person is prone to fragility and often wears his feelings under his coat. By doing a few of the above things, you can learn to channel all the good in the right direction and not burn out or get hurt.

Let us not allow the apparent heartlessness of our greedy world to diminish the best of our God-given human qualities. Let us remember what love feels like. There is no more wondrous experience. Let us not forget the power of loving tenderness. It is the substance that holds the Universe together.

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