Woody the Cockatiel Enjoys Her Hawaiian Adventures

Woody the cockatiel lives in attractive Hawaii together with her people Nika and Antonio. She lives a fairly unconventional life for a pet chook, attending to discover and join with nature. Her dad and mom appear to take pleasure in the adventures much more with their lovable cockatiel on their shoulder. Nika loves taking photos of their excursions, and from the appears of it, they’re one blissful, outdoorsy household.

“I’d say my favorite thing to do with Woody is to take her on outside adventures. I’m a photographer, so I spend a ton of time outdoors exploring new places,” Nika says. “I love being able to take this little girl to some of my favorite spots, so she can enjoy some of Hawaii’s beauty too.”

Meet the Hawaiian cockatiel

Woody the Pied Cockatiel lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She’s been to waterfalls, seashores, hikes into the forests and jungles, and she or he’s seen many lovely sunrises and sunsets.

“I think she really enjoys it, so it’s a perfect little bonding experience for us,” Nika says.

Since cockatiels are very social, inquisitive birds, they love spending time with their house owners. They’re mild, candy and pleasant, and positively have their very own quirky humorousness! On Woody’s Instagram web page, her mother jokingly put “Yellow but not mellow” in her biography. That ought to provide you with a glimpse into this tiny chook’s large persona.

She can get loud typically, however her candy nature simply makes up for her mischievous methods. Cockatiels are recognized for being feisty but cuddly and docile at the similar time. They’re an animal of many extremes and contradictions, however they make fantastic pets. In truth, they’re one in every of the hottest companion birds in the world.

Cockatiels are very affectionate, loving animals and want numerous consideration. Unlike some birds, they really don’t like spending plenty of time by themselves.

Woody lives her greatest life going out on adventures in Hawaii

“Something that I think is super cute about Woody is that she pretty much always wants to hang out with us. If we’re on the couch watching TV, she’ll fly down from her perch and just sit on us or near us,” Nika says. “Some days Woody’s dad works long hours so he’ll get home really tired and just pass out on the carpet. As soon as he falls asleep, she’ll fly down to him and just start napping with or on him, and I think that’s just the cutest thing ever.”

When Woody’s not cuddling, napping, or adventuring together with her dad and mom, she loves getting head scratches and taking showers! Yes, you learn that appropriately. Woody appears ahead to bathtub time simply as a lot as people do, and it appears to essentially calm down her.

“She loves taking showers, so we’ll just take her in the shower with us. As soon as she sees the stream of water, she’ll close her eyes and start moving her head from side to side until I bring her under the water,” Nika explains.

Cockatiels are unbearably cute, however they do require plenty of consideration and energy. Just like with any pet, you have to ensure you’re prepared earlier than adopting one. Although, for those who’ve by no means owned a chook earlier than, cockatiels are nice for newcomers due to their sociable, mild nature. Even although they’re in the parrot household, they’re a lot quieter than giant parrots, solely making tender chirping sounds.

As far as meals goes, they require a weight loss plan excessive in pellets and comparatively low in greens and seeds. Their weight loss plan ought to encompass about 70-80% pellets, 10-30% greens or fruits and 5% treats (together with seeds). While seeds are pure to a chook’s weight loss plan, they’re excessive in fats, in order that they shouldn’t have them typically.

They additionally require a big sufficient enclosure to comfortably prolong and flap their wings. Make positive to have completely different sized perches and several other toys of their cage as properly. Cockatiels are foraging birds, so toys assist with psychological stimulation. Finally, like several pet, you’ll need to take them for an annual vet go to and keep up-to-date on vaccines.

Just a few fundamental info about cockatiels

Average life span: 6-20 years
Color: Gray, white and yellow
Family: cockatoo
Origins: Australia
Sounds: whistling
Weight: simply over 1 oz (30-40 g)
Size: Around 12-14 in lengthy
Sleep: about 14 hours per day
Diet: herbivore

Since cockatiels are social animals, it’s a good suggestion to get two birds for those who’re away for lengthy intervals of time. This method, they received’t turn out to be depressed from lack of interplay. Also, for those who don’t like plenty of noise, undertake a feminine cockatiel quite than a male. In the wild, females are quieter, and males use their voice for attracting a mate.

Overall, cockatiels are fantastic, comparatively cheap pets, however they do want your consideration. If you’d prefer to undertake one, test together with your native pet retailer.

Final ideas: Woody the cockatiel resides her greatest life in Hawaii

Woody the cockatiel lives a fairly thrilling life in comparison with most domesticated birds. Instead of spending all day in her cage indoors, she will get to discover the lovely sights of Hawaii. Since her dad and mom each love nature, they figured they’d take Woody alongside to discover with them. They even purchased a harness for her so she will fly or stroll freely with out with the ability to fly away.

If you’d prefer to get a cockatiel, they’re nice birds for newcomers. They’re loving, candy, and comical birds, and so they’ll really feel like household when you’ve bonded with them.

“If you are thinking about adding a bird into your family, I would strongly recommend that you do your research first. Birds have a ton of energy, they require a lot of your attention, and frankly, they can just be really loud throughout the day. So, if you’re not ready for that, it can be a lot,” Nika says. “There are certain lifestyles changes you might have to make. But, if you’re ready to make those changes and you do decide to get a bird, they’re super rewarding pets and make awesome companions.”

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