5 Women Reveal Their ‘All-Time Favourite’ Period Hacks

Menstrual Hygiene Day is right here and we’re all speaking about doing our bit to handle the elephant within the room – periods. On one hand, the place the world is speaking about grave points like period poverty and the way so many ladies are unable to subscribe to period merchandise, we right here at Geeky Craze are additionally drawing your consideration to yet one more downside: PMS.

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS occurs to all ladies who hit puberty. To some, it’s a torturous section of ache and temper swings. Unfortunately, they’re inevitable, however a few of our readers have found out some homely jugads that may completely put PMS points at bay.

Here we present 5 ladies and their period hacks

Samantha, 28 – Dropping my cigarette was my gig

I do know smoking is just not an incredible behaviour to boast of. I do really feel terrible about it. But greater than that, I remorse indulging on this behaviour once I get my pals. I’ll let you know how. When I used to be 22-23, I didn’t really feel the cramps. It was throughout this time I obtained into the behaviour of smoking.

Again, initially it was fantastic however after crossing the age of 27, my cramps grew to become extreme. To distract myself, I opted for smoking once more. Well, it was the worst selection. It made the cramps so unhealthy that even over-the-counter tablets for the ache didn’t work. Smoking could make PMSing worse.

A fast on-line search on the causes of extreme cramps made me notice that smoking could possibly be a motive for the insufferable ache. It was actually an eye-opener. I considered giving up smoking throughout my subsequent cycle. I attempted to cut back my cigarette depend and nothing actually occurred.

I attempted once more, however didn’t see a lot distinction. But within the third month once I actually didn’t smoke, I noticed a substantial change in my cramps. They weren’t that extreme and I didn’t should take any OTC as nicely. I preserve at it and let me let you know that not simply my smoking has decreased, however my cramps have spared me too.

Aditi, 32 – More salad and fewer salt pressed pause on my bloating

My guilt is that I turn into a monster once I hit my period. I eat the whole lot that comes my manner. If you’ve gotten seen these binge-eating memes on Instagram, you may completely resonate with me. But once I noticed that water retention in my physique had gone to the following stage, I used to be slightly scared.

You received’t consider I used to retain a lot water that my weight would fluctuate 2 to three kgs. I used to really feel so uncomfortable. I felt gassy, my jeans would really feel so tight, and I used to be all the time ditsy. When I consulted my gynae, she informed me that I ought to cease noshing on processed meals as a result of it has a number of salt and excessive sodium throughout my periods made me blow up like a balloon.

Making a small change and consuming a clear weight loss program did wonders for me. I decreased consuming junk and the easiest way to do it was to not fill my kitchen and fridge with them. Not solely has my bloating decreased however I’m additionally much less cranky throughout my periods . The ethical of the story is small things can actually make an enormous distinction.

Mansi, 35 – I changed my day by day tea classes with ajwain ka paani to tame my cramps

I’m a chai particular person. I’m not kidding, however I used to drink tea 6 to 7 occasions a day. I do know I mustn’t flaunt it, however my mother would usually say I’ve extra tea in me than blood! But having these many cups throughout my periods used to make me very irritable as I used to get acidity.

In reality, I had puked fairly a number of occasions throughout my periods  as a result of having these many teas made me so nauseous. Not simply that, however my cramps have additionally gone to the following stage. Ajwain water is the raam-baan for period cramps.

My mother got here to my rescue and he or she instructed that I make this ajwain tea, particularly once I’m down. She would boil a teaspoon of ajwain in 250 ml of water. I used to be amazed once I noticed the outcomes. It labored like a magic capsule. My bloating was gone, cramps had been decreased, acidity was beneath management, and it helped me drop extra pounds too. So, changing ajwain tea with my masala chai was a complete win-win.

Latika, 27 – An ottoman rescued me and my toes from swelling

My downside was that my toes used to swell during times. As per my physician, it’s regular and he or she informed me a small trick which I use until date. She informed me that each time I’m sitting and if my toes are hanging, I ought to relaxation them on an ottoman. This small gig has really helped me cut back swelling in my toes, particularly when I’m down.

Nancy, 32 – Skipping lemon water throughout my monthlies actually helped me with cramps

I don’t know whether or not it’s scientifically true or not however for me, skipping lemon water or the truth is, skipping bitter things actually helps me in lowering my cramp ache. I’ve learn on many platforms and my physician additionally informed me that it doesn’t actually work like that. But it makes a complete lot of distinction to me and that’s why it’s my go-to hack for period cramps.

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