Why You Need To Do Foot Care Along With Your Body Care Routine

Just as you wouldn’t go a time out with out taking a shower, you shouldn’t go a time out with out taking good care of your ‘overburdened feet’. As you dress up nicely, apply skincare and put on cologne, you’ll want to make investments your time in foot care too.

Not simply due to the aesthetic function, however there are various skin situations that have a tendency to look in your feet if their hygiene is uncared for.

We spoke to three dermatologists who shared comparable views on taking good care of your feet.

Dr Ashini Bhatt, skin and hair skilled, Kaya, CG Rd. Ahmedabad, defined how an good foot care routine is as essential as skincare.

Here are some guidelines for foot care, listed by Dr Bhatt:

  1. Wash your feet frequently and ensure they’re dry earlier than sporting any footwear or socks. Damp skin tends to breed extra micro organism and fungus resulting in infections.
  2. Exfoliating the feet skin frequently by both scrubs or chemical peels can take away the lifeless skin and thus forestall calluses and thickening of the skin on the bony prominences. Chemical peeling additionally helps in bettering the color, texture and total look of the feet.
  3. Moisturizing is a vital a part of foot care. Massage your foot with excellent moisturizer products frequently to stop dryness and cracked heels.
  4. Trimming the toe nails simply to the right size can forestall filth assortment and breakage.
  5. Sweaty feet additionally must be addressed as they’ll additionally result in secondary fungal, bacterial an infection and typically viral warts. These situations want particular medical consideration and your dermatologist can assist you deal with them higher.

So, don’t ignore your feet and supply the particular care they deserve.

We took a phrase of recommendation from Dr Kaustav Guha Director, skin and hair skilled, R&D Division, SkinKraft Labs, with regards to foot care.

Dr Guha says, “Generally, most people ignore their feet in their body care routine. Among all the body parts, feet are more susceptible to fungal and bacterial growth induced by ambient wetness. Frequent contact with dirt and dust on the ground results in microbiological contaminants in the feet, which can result in different conditions such as cellulitis, corns, calluses, toenail fungus, and athlete’s foot.”

Your foot soles have thicker skin, which is extra susceptible to dryness, roughness, and cracking. Hence, foot care shouldn’t be restricted to only occasional pedicure therapies, however wants consideration each day. Your feet want particular consideration through the summer time season.

Listed below are some foot care tips suggested by Dr Guha:

  1. Wash your feet with a mild cleanser each day, particularly specializing in the skin in between the toes to stop the build-up of sweat and filth within the pores.
  2. Exfoliate your foot’s skin no less than as soon as per week to eradicate the hardened lifeless skin and filth. You can use scrubbing lotions or pumice stone for mild exfoliation of the foot.
  3. Apply a thick or cream-based moisturizer to the feet every single day. Also, soaking your feet in heat water for 10 minutes as soon as per week helps in softening the skin.
  4. If your feet are inclined to sweat excessively, you’ll be able to use foot powders generously in your on a regular basis routine.
  5. Most basically, dry your feet nicely earlier than sporting the socks and sneakers as dampness promotes fungal infections.

Vipin Sharma, skin skilled, product and analysis supervisor at Fixderma India Pvt Ltd., additionally shared his skilled options round skin issues that may have an effect on your feet.

“The world out there is all about skincare and hair care. A 7 step routine, hair spa, anti-ageing, damaged hair, shiny hair has always been the trending keywords. But when it comes to the body care routine, we are still in the basic zone. It’s all about body lotion and washes. But are we talking about the entire body to address the concern? What about your feet? Isn’t it the most ignored part of the body?” says Dr Sharma. Foot care includes correct exfoliation and making certain that they’re clear and dry.

Calling it a time to reconsider foot care in your routine, Dr Sharma lists following reasons:

  1. Dry, broken, unmaintained, and scaly feet can damage the entire attraction. It displays unhealthy hygiene.
  2. Not cleansing and moisturizing your feet correctly can result in making skin dry and skinny and in addition weaken your joints and bones.
  3. A number of us assume pedicure is a magnificence process however it’s really essential to stop in growth of nails, accumulation of dry skin, and deep cleaning of feet.
  4. Checking your feet frequently is essential for cuts, sores, swelling, infections to stop greater points like corn, calluses, athlete foot and so on.
  5. The look of your feet displays the health of your total skin. Therefore, it’s essential to not solely moisturize your body skin frequently but additionally your feet.
  6. In our ignorance, we find yourself using regular lotions for our feet. But because the skin of the foot is thicker than our body skin, regular moisturizers and lotions don’t penetrate deeper into the skin to impart any profit. Therefore, one ought to at all times use intensive moisturizer having elements like lactic acid, urea and so on. to make sure easy and smooth feet.

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