Why Is It So Difficult To Leave An Unhealthy Relationship?

How many times have you found yourself wanting to end an unhealthy relationship, but didn't? Here's why it's so hard to get out of a relationship.

Leaving a relationship isn’t as straightforward because it appears. There are loads of feelings and reminiscences related to the individual, which might trigger individuals to remain in an unhealthy relationship. Furthermore, they’re afraid of the change that may happen following the top of a relationship.

No matter what the character of a relationship is, all of us need somebody to like us. As a outcome, individuals count on all the pieces to be effective in the future and imagine that’s how a relationship needs to be.

That, nevertheless, isn’t the case. You ought to perceive that if one thing doesn’t make you cheerful, it’s best to let it go. And it doesn’t take lengthy for an unhealthy relationship to deteriorate right into a toxic one.

Let’s discover the causes behind why individuals battle to depart a relationship

Researchers from the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal, imagine they’ve found why individuals keep in unhealthy relationships, and it might have one thing to do with the “sunk cost fallacy.” You shouldn’t really feel trapped or caught in a relationship!

The “sunk cost fallacy,” in accordance with researchers, is an impact through which individuals have a tendency to stay with one thing as a result of they’ve already invested a lot time, money, and/or energy in it, making it troublesome for them to let go – even when it’s not the most effective determination.

To perceive extra about this, we obtained in contact with Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, Mumbai.

Here 7 main explanation why leaving an unhealthy relationship might be so troublesome:

1. They have been in an enmeshed household

“Sometimes families that don’t function well can have a lasting psychological impact. People who have been in such family environments are so used to it that they get used to unhealthy relationships as well and feel that this situation seems more familiar and so find it difficult to move away,” says Dr Anand.

2. Learned helplessness

Leaving an unhealthy relationship necessitates confidence and shallowness. However, some individuals lack the motivation to depart an unhealthy relationship as a result of they imagine there isn’t any means for them to flee their circumstances. They might imagine that they are going to by no means discover a resolution or that they’re the reason for the unhealthy relationship. And this will make getting out of the state of affairs troublesome.

3. Lack of management

People who’re in an unhealthy relationship steadily try to finish it. But they don’t ultimately. It happens as a result of some individuals have low shallowness and, because of that, they imagine they haven’t any management over relationships and conditions. As a outcome, individuals select to remain slightly than go away. It is okay to depart an unhealthy relationship.

4. Expecting happier days are across the nook

People keep in unhealthy relationships as a result of they imagine they’ve invested important time and energy on this relationship. As a outcome, they anticipate that all the pieces will likely be effective in the future. Dr Anand says, “It’s normal to hope for better days, but sometimes this hope can get too prolonged and lose objective.”

5. Common family and friends relationships

Social norms might require perfectionism in relationships, placing strain on each companions. The particular person might imagine that she or he won’t be socially accepted with out the partner amongst shut common buddies and even members of the family. That makes it onerous to interrupt up. “Even the obligation of children can be a factor here. Some people endure just for the sake of their children,” says Dr Anand.

6. Being clueless

Some individuals are unaware that they’re being manipulated and imagine that their unacceptable behaviour patterns are merely errors. As a outcome, they make do with what they’ve. It may be a first-time relationship, making quitting troublesome. Don’t lose your self within the course of.

7. Previous heartbreaks

Some individuals undergo troublesome breakups and don’t wish to undergo heartbreak once more. They might additionally turn out to be dependent and imagine that they will’t stay with out that individual. So they refuse to depart.

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