Why Do You Indulge In Nail Biting And How To Stop It

Do you have a tendency to chunk your nails every time you are harassed? It has been noticed that many individuals with stress and anxiousness issues, chunk their nails in frustration. But nail biting is itself a really irritating and unhealthy behaviour.

Doing so could make your nails look terrible and sadly it may even most likely lead to some well being points. Let’s first perceive the causes behind this situation and we’ll give you some options to keep away from biting your nails.

We spoke to Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, Mumbai to know what causes this unusual behaviour and methods to stop it.

Here are the explanation why do you chunk your nails

Before you get down to the answer to do away with the nail biting behaviour, it is vital that you take a look at the causes behind this behaviour. Usually, this unusual behaviour may be seen solely in kids.

However, there are some adults who nonetheless can’t stop biting their nails or develop this behaviour in maturity. Whatever the case causes are the identical!

1. Anxiety and stress

According to Dr Anand, “Anxiety and stress are more commonly the reasons for nail biting. Children start with this habit at a young age and then it could go on into adulthood.”

2. Boredom

Usually, adults study not to overdo the behaviour in most instances. But curiosity and boredom may be one thing troublesome to cope with and nail biting may be seen in some individuals who don’t know how to deal with boredom, frustration, and wait time.

3. Psychological components

“There is a Freudian notion that nail biting is something to do with being stuck at the oral stage (between birth to about 18 months) of psychological development,” says Dr Anand.

4. Perfectionism

Those who’re perfectionists have larger probabilities to develop this situation. Dr Anand says, “Perfectionism is related to nail biting because it leads to stress and anxiety.” In truth, the journal Scientific American Mind, additionally finds that individuals with larger ranges of perfectionism chewed their nails extra as in contrast to different individuals.

5. Obsessive compulsive dysfunction (OCD)

In sure instances, continual nail biting generally is a symptom of OCD (obsessive-compulsive dysfunction). “Not only this, sometimes it is associated with ADHD, separation anxiety, Tourette syndrome, rarely depression and psychiatric disorders,” says Dr Anand.

6. Frustration

People who chunk their nails often, could also be as a result of they’re annoyed or it could also be that they’re in a scenario that they can not deal with which is inflicting them to chunk their nails.

A examine revealed in Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry discovered that frustration is considered one of 4 feelings that trigger nail biting.

Is there any threat of nail biting?

Nail biting could seem innocent, however it is just not with out dangers. This behaviour doesn’t solely have an effect on the look of your nails however can lead to variety of dangers comparable to:

* Infection in your nails due to steady pulling, irritating and biting
* Soreness across the nails and prime of the fingers
* Nail biting may take a toll in your dental well being
* Abnormal growth of nails
* Illnesses which passes by micro organism and germs out of your finger to your face, mouth, and abdomen

All in all, biting nails is detrimental to your well being. Try to keep away from it so far as doable.

How can you stop biting your nails?

In most instances, nail biting is benign and may be overcome with willpower and motivation to stop the behaviour.

Remember, discovering out what’s inflicting nail biting and working in that path is a significant objective.

Here’s how you can do away with nail biting behaviour:

1. Avoid stress

According to a 2016 examine in the University of Tasmania, physiological imbalances comparable to stress and anxiousness trigger nail biting and subsequently decreasing them may help do away with nail biting habits.

To cut back the extent of stress following a wholesome way of life with yoga, meditation, and leisure techniques may help.

2. Apply bitter-tasting nail polish

Deterrents like placing bitter tasting nail polish or bandages or using gloves can be utilised initially. You may merely apply vinegar as a result of it has a bitter style and may help you keep away from nail biting.

3. Stress ball

Whenever you really feel like biting your nails, distract your self by retaining your fingers busy and away out of your mouth. Dr Anand says, “Distraction methods, fidget devices, and stress balls can come to the rescue.”

4. Get manicure

A very simple and great way to keep away from biting your nails is retaining your nails manicured. “Going for a professional manicure can help in some cases as neat and clean nails look pleasing and no one wants to destroy the look,” says Dr Anand.

5. Keep nails trimmed

Fixing a time of the week for reducing nails/manicures can relieve the stress of nail perfectionism.

Some instances could require CBT (a sort of psychotherapy) and even medical administration. So don’t fear and observe the following pointers to stop biting your nails.

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