Why Celebrities Don’t Get Black Underarms? Here is the Secret!

Remember the furor from the entire magazine issue where Priyanka Chopra photoshopped her underarms to make her look softer than a baby’s butt? Priyanka herself took a “pit stop” photo of her unrealistically smooth and fair alter ego to quash photoshopped rumors.

It’s that time of year when you need to break out the strapless dress and the hat and slap on some sunshine. Wait (for God’s punishment). But what if you have a dark altar? My God! It just cracked me up.

I have been living with this dark underlay problem for a few months. I followed several remedies and tried over-the-counter creams to eliminate this irritating issue. However, the results were temporary because they were ineffective in reducing the problem.

Like all other skin care regimens, I followed a celebrity-inspired regimen for the underarms. By this rule, I shall never escape the darkness. Stick to the article to know the celeb’s underwear routine.

We’ve decided to take a leaf out of the secret skincare handbook of celebrities and have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help you get rid of dark undertones. Let’s read.

Celebrity secrets to getting flawless underarms

1. Moisturize often

If you’re looking for a way to hide dark underarms, you need to moisturize your underarms. Although it may seem like your bottoms don’t need hydration because they’re rarely exposed to harmful radicals, they always get more tanned due to constant chafing because they’re in contact with the skin.

After showering, you can apply some lotion to the soles to seal moisture.

2. Exfoliate their armpits

Like your face, your underhands accumulate dead skin cells over time, which can cause them to darken. To prevent this, you need to exfoliate from the bottom up. Since the skin in the armpit area is susceptible, it is necessary to use a mild exfoliant. Try to exfoliate your armpits once a week to eliminate dead skin.

3. Wax instead of shaving

While this may seem shorter and more convenient, it often results in hair growth that results in bumpy and unsightly skin. You can avoid this if you switch to waxing. But remember that you need to wax your skin opposite to the direction of hair growth. This will reduce the chance of getting ingrown hair.

4. Do not use depilation creams

Despite what they endorse on TV, very few celebrities would have the guts to use depilatory creams on their skin. Long-term use of depilatory creams can darken the skin because they contain chemicals.

Also, these creams don’t remove the hair from the roots; it’s still there underneath the roots.

5. Do not use antiperspirants

Before you ask, I’ll state the obvious. We do not differentiate between antiperspirant and deodorant. Deodorant is a bacteria that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria that can multiply in our moist armpits.

And antiperspirants close portions of our skin that make sweat impossible. In any case, deodorants are safer than antiperspirants. In particular, those without aluminum can further irritate the skin, causing it to become inflamed, which can darken it further.

6. Your clothes are also important

If you are in the habit of wearing clothes made of fabrics like polyester and other synthetic materials, we would suggest you switch to more skin-friendly fabrics like linen or cotton. These fabrics irritate your skin on contact, and this helps you to keep your underarms from getting dark.

7. Go for treatment

If you still have dark underarms despite following every rule in the book, try vitamin D solutions, alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid-based creams, etc., as you can choose a theme solution to eliminate them. But do it under medical supervision after consulting a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

Tips to keep your skin fair and smooth

It would help if you didn’t keep spending money on numerous skin care products that may not work as advertised to keep your skin looking smooth and flawless. With these simple tips, it is possible to maintain your skin’s fair and blemish-free appearance.

  • Be selective about the products you apply to your skin: Always look at the ingredients before you buy. When irritation occurs, it is easier for tanned skin to achieve a darker skin tone. Harsh substances from cleaners, soaps, and deodorants can cause this.
  • Exfoliate regularly, but remember to do it gently: Peeling is the process of removing dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin’s surface. However, using exfoliating products carries the risk of irritation that can lead to the darkening of skin tone.
  • Despite popular belief, calamansi may not whiten your skin: It can help lighten skin tone as it has whitening properties. But calamansi and lemon contain acids that can burn the skin, which can be counterproductive. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Apply sunscreen daily all over the body, even on areas not exposed to the sun: One of the common signs of sun damage is the development of dark spots and darkening of the skin tone. Melasma is also a skin condition that can result from a lack of adequate protection from UV rays.

Final words on getting whiter & smoother underarms

Follow these star-studded tips to say goodbye to those dark underarms. And now you can go beyond your style and show off those “pit stop” wonders without anything holding you back.

However, we would like to point out that if you have dark underarms, it could be due to your skin tone, hormonal imbalance, etc. There may be various factors. Obesity is also a contributing factor.

So, if you cannot get rid of the pigmentation on your altars, we would advise you to see a doctor and find out the underlying cause and get treatment for it. These dark soles are just cosmetic symptoms of something bigger.

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