Researcher Explains What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

You could not assume twice about your favourite shade, however it could possibly reveal loads about your character. Of course, there’s rather more to an individual than their shade choice, as folks have many layers. However, being drawn to particular colours could trace at sure psychological traits beneath the floor.

For instance, individuals who love blue could have a extra laid-back, calm character. On the opposite hand, those that get pleasure from pink are likely to have a extra dominant, energetic vibe. People who gravitate to the colour yellow could seem cheerful.

There’s a cause why folks ask about your favourite shade when attending to know you. It’s one of many first questions that involves thoughts as a result of it’s a simple idea to bond over. Colors make life lovely and vibrant, and it’s attention-grabbing to study why folks have explicit shade preferences.

One shade take a look at, specifically, may help uncover extra profound elements of your character. A Swiss psychologist Max Lüscher developed the Lüscher Color Test, this favourite shade take a look at, in 1947. While acquiring his doctorate in psychology, psychiatry, and philosophy, he created the colour take a look at to guage personalities.

He even based mostly his dissertation on this idea and finally developed the Lüscher shade diagnostic. From there, it turned identified universally because the Lüscher shade take a look at.

Keep in thoughts that this take a look at is extremely subjective because it stems from particular person preferences. However, it’s nonetheless a enjoyable solution to study extra about your character.

Researchers Explain What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

Lüscher centered his principle on the concept that colours signify one’s base needs and desires. In this manner, the take a look at gives objectivity since most individuals react to colours otherwise. However, the subjective element comes into play when contemplating particular person preferences.

Some psychologists give sufferers this take a look at when making an attempt to know an individual’s motives, needs or character. Basically, they current the particular person with eight playing cards of varied colours. Then, the psychologist asks the affected person to organize them from their favourite to least favourite shade.

The psychologist will ask the affected person to abide by one rule: to focus solely on the colours themselves. In different phrases, they need to take note of the emotions and feelings the colours evoke. If they select colours based mostly on connection, it is going to distort the outcomes.

For occasion, somebody could select blue as their favourite shade as a result of they affiliate it with the seaside. Others could choose orange on account of personal choice. However, it’s important to dam out these concepts and take note of your intestine to generate correct outcomes. The sensations you get from seeing the colours ought to information your decisions.

When a psychologist decodes the outcomes, they deal with each the positions and meanings of the colours. It’s thought of typical for the first colours to return first, similar to pink, blue, and yellow. These colours symbolize primary psychological wants and needs. Darker colours similar to violet, brown, and black ought to come final. If a affected person chooses these first, it may point out darkish character traits.

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Now that you understand how the take a look at works, we’ll clarify what every main shade reveals about you.

Blue, very commonplace favourite shade:

If you selected this as your favourite shade, it represents a necessity for affection and serenity. It additionally symbolizes an individual’s need for satisfaction and concord. If you picked this shade first, it would point out an imbalance in your life. Perhaps you need interior peace above all else, so your shade alternative displays that.


This shade represents an individual’s need for actualization and recognition. It’s deeply associated to engaging in one thing past oneself and having objectives in life. If you selected this primary, it would point out a have to show your self. However, if it’s in a later position, it may imply codependency issues or a scarcity of route.


If you picked this as your favourite shade, you most likely have a dominant character. This shade represents confidence, vitality, and power. Depending on its position, it might reveal how a lot exercise an individual needs of their life.


Choosing this shade first signifies optimism and hope for the long run. So, if an individual locations this shade in later positions, it might imply melancholy or a pessimistic life outlook.

Violet or purple:

If that is your favourite shade, it could possibly have a number of interpretations. Picking it first signifies self-centeredness or insecurity. However, in case you positioned this card towards the center or finish, it might imply you’re empathetic and delicate.


Picking this as your favourite shade reveals an apathetic or detached angle. The increased the position, the extra these elements will mirror your character.


Having this as a favourite shade means you place bodily wants above all else. If you set this card towards the highest, it means you’re extra targeted on fulfilling these needs. However, if it’s positioned on the finish, you most likely don’t place a lot significance on organic wants.


People who choose black as their favourite shade could have a darker character. They could have repressed emotions or needs or get pleasure from confrontation with others.

Hopefully, this take a look at will make it easier to perceive your character deeper. Of course, take it with a grain of salt because it’s a subjective take a look at. Still, the colour you resonate with probably the most may reveal hidden needs or repressed emotions. Please take note of the colours round you as a result of they could present a glimpse into your innermost self.

Final ideas on the Lüscher favourite shade take a look at and the hyperlink to your character

You can discover 1000’s of character quizzes on-line that can assist reveal your highest self. Most folks have a powerful need to really feel extra related to themselves, and character assessments can fulfill this want. You may not assume your favourite shade issues a lot within the grand scheme of issues, nevertheless it’s nonetheless part of your character. The colours in your room or residence can present a glimpse into your innermost ideas and emotions.

If you’d like to take the Lüscher color test, feel free to do so here. Let us know what you discovered within the feedback!

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