What It Means When You Run Into Someone You Were Thinking About

Have you thought about someone you haven’t seen in a while, only to run into them the next moment?

Like you, I’ve also experienced those weird happy moments when I run into a friend I’ve been thinking about lately. These random situations and unexpected encounters seem so strange and unique.

Let’s find out if they are coincidences or maybe there is more to them so we can find out what they mean.

Run into someone you were thinking about? That’s what it means

If you’ve been thinking about someone lately and you happen to run into them, there might be more to them. Is it fate or chance? Or could it be your intuition telling you that you are about to run into someone?

1. They might be thinking about you

The Universe will let you know when you share a strong spiritual or emotional connection with someone thinking about you.

The Universe is sending you a message by creating these situations. In most cases, synchronicity occurs when two people keep thinking about each other.

So, if you think about this person (and this person thinks about you, too), your thoughts become a reality. You may feel like you’re working too hard on someone’s mind.

Here are some ways to find out:

  • You get hiccups without explanation
  • You feel a burning sensation in your cheeks and ears
  • You get uncontrollable eye twitching or itching
  • A fluttering butterfly appears and lands on you
  • You get goosebumps for no reason
  • You feel an inexplicable physical touch
  • You experience a sudden surge of energy

2. It could be a significant coincidence

If it happens once, that’s pretty cool. But if such situations continue to occur frequently, then this is a significant coincidence on your hands.

Meaningful coincidences are mind-environment coincidences that happen over and over again.

Bernard Bateman, M.D., author of Connecting with Coincidence, says that this meaningful coincidence occurs when some common sense connects two things that are not related to each other.

He shares, “The coincidence often hints at an explanation not accepted by mainstream science.”

And this means that sometimes these coincidences require reflection and reflection before their meaning can be clarified.

3. A gifted advisor confirms it

When I think about someone lately and bump into them by chance, I know there’s a reason it’s happening.

Here it is.

The points in this article will give you a good idea of what it means when you run into someone you were thinking about.

However, it is beneficial to talk to a gifted person and get guidance from them. They can answer all related questions and dispel your doubts and worries.

Like, is this person my soul mate? Or is this person also thinking of me?

I recently spoke to someone at Psychic Source after experiencing this situation repeatedly. This is the real deal, and I can personally attest to this based on my own experience.

I have been lost in my thoughts for so long, but they have given me a unique insight into where my life is headed, including who I am destined to be with.

In a love reading, a gifted advisor can tell you if meeting that person is a coincidence or not, and most importantly, it empowers you to make the right decisions regarding life and love.

4. Are you ready to meet your soul mate

Take meeting someone who comes to your mind lately as a sign of a kindred spirit from the Universe. Perhaps the Universe sets you up to meet the “One” you are meant to be with. Or maybe your soul mate is trying to get your attention.

So make sure you pay close attention to these situations when they keep happening. This incredible sequence of events flowing into each other carries a powerful message from the Law of Attraction.

The Universe will not give you signs unless something significant happens between you. Keep this in mind:

Meeting someone after thinking about a person is not random, as it happens for a reason.

5. You manifest a person

This is the Law of Attraction in action!

This means that whatever you attract and the energy you put into the Universe will come out. When you think of a person, you subconsciously create energy and manifest their appearance. And it works because you didn’t obsess over it, wait for them to show up, or constantly check to see if they show up.

The Law of Attraction works when you manifest and release it.

If someone is in your head and you continue with your regular business, they will show up, so you won’t force them to.

Instead, you subconsciously trust the Universe.

6. It’s a form of foresight

Thinking about someone and then seeing them instantly can be predictive. This unexpected meeting seems more like a prediction than telepathy.

One can see or perceive events just before they happen through extrasensory perception or clairvoyance. You may have awakened one of your sacred abilities, such as “clairvoyance” – the ability to see or sense something to come.

While this does not mean that you have psychic abilities, it is something that you can develop. Even if your rational mind hesitates to listen to the speculations of the Universe, it will be helpful to rely on your inner instinct and trust your intuition.

7. You have this intuitive gift

Clashing with someone on your mind is a form of synchronicity combined with telepathy. It is a clairsentience experience that gives you a clear feeling or ability to perceive things that are generally not perceived.

To say that this phenomenon is both a coincidence and a telepathic exchange of energy is correct in both senses.

Science and spirituality are behind these incidents. In this case, you and the other person may have a constant energy exchange. You may have sent or received a message from this person.

Although you may not realize it, you may have sent the request unintentionally. Know that your intuition is the determining factor in your abilities.

8. You are right on all levels

This means you feel good spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and intentionally. The more synchronicity is present in our lives, the more we become involved in our dreams, desires, and goals.

You believe and act as if the Universe is doing something to help you. This experience delivers a message to your soul and higher self even without your knowledge.

Divine timing is at work in your life. And it works by putting people in certain places at certain times and for specific reasons.

Here’s what you can do about it

Could you write it down? Keep a diary of your thoughts and experiences. This way, you won’t just memorize the ones with a direct association; you’ll also be able to determine the likelihood that something similar will happen.

Pay attention to these thoughts, your dreams, and the time you encounter this person. This will help you decipher if someone is thinking of you.

Also, pay attention when you think of something random. Do this regularly to ensure these meaningful coincidences and the Law of Attraction work in your life.

Open your mind to possibilities.

Some people believe in energy transmissions and telepathic phenomena. But it’s okay whether you believe in them or not. The fact is that we cannot decipher much in our mind, energy, and the Universe.

There can also be three possibilities regarding this experience:

  • It could be a coincidence
  • It can be magical
  • It could be your intuition

Perhaps the Universe is doing you a favor or helping you somehow. Maybe there is something more for you. It may also be that you need to hone your intuition. So be careful when your inner instincts tell you something.

Whether you are aware of this situation or not, admit that it is fantastic when you encounter them. Even if this significant phenomenon is the result of your actions, this does not mean that the coincidence is less profound.

Just make sure you are open, trusting, and receptive enough to go down that path. The key here is to connect with the most authentic part of yourself.

Final Thoughts

The thing is, meeting someone you’ve been thinking about can start to take up all of your time and energy. And the more you try to figure it out, the more confusing it will get.

Remember, I mentioned the Psychic Source earlier. They helped me when I felt that way. I was pleasantly surprised at how much clarity one of their spiritual advisors gave and how many answers I was looking for.

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