What Is A Birth Control Patch? 6 FAQs Answered By A Gynaecologist

Are you willing to try a new contraceptive method for birth control? This is everything you need to know about a birth control patch.

Every lady undergoes a time throughout her fertile years when she is just not seeking to have a child in any respect. It may be because of a number of causes, together with each personal {and professional}. In such instances, having an efficient contraception technique is extraordinarily necessary.

The most common technique that almost all girls on the market attempt is the oral contraceptive capsule. However, if you’re somebody who’s prepared to attempt a brand new contraceptive technique, then have you ever heard about the contraception patch?

As everyone knows that the oral capsule not solely prevents being pregnant but additionally causes main adjustments to the female body, like altering their regular period cycle or affecting their skin and temper. But how completely different is a contraception patch?

Let Dr Shelly Singh, Senior Gynaecologist, Rosewalk Hospital, answer some incessantly requested questions round contraception patches. Take contraception capsules with correct prescription.

1. So what precisely is it?

A contraception patch is a small contraceptive patch. Like a mixed oral contraceptive capsule, it accommodates each hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Instead of eating it, you possibly can stick the patch to completely different components of the body like your arms, the back or your thighs, because it has an adhesive. Hence, additionally it is known as a trans-dermal contraceptive patch.

2. How to use a contraception patch?

A contraception patch is meant for use for every week after which modified after precisely 7 days, suitably on the identical day. For occasion, if you’re altering the patch on a Sunday, it’s higher to vary it once more, each following Sunday.

3. What is its efficacy rate?

If utilized in a correct means, it has a hit rate much like that of an oral contraceptive capsule, which is about 99 %. But taking cognizance of the errors that typically it could fall off otherwise you overlook altering it the right time, then the success rate is sort of 90 %.

4. What are the side results of using a contraception patch?

Similar to these of an oral contraceptive capsule, a contraception patch may cause headache, depression, breast heaviness, and lower stomach pain. Occasionally, little recognizing also can occur within the preliminary months of using it. Most contraceptive methods are safe, however you have to be cautious.

5. Can it trigger an an infection?

Occasionally, contraception patches may cause a skin response, like rashes. That’s one of many main explanation why its utilization hasn’t picked up in India is due to the nation’s tropical local weather. Most of us are inclined to sweat quite a bit, so there are big possibilities of a contraception patch falling off, as you can’t take it off throughout any exercise throughout the day.

6. Who all ought to keep away from using it?

People with contraindications to an oral contractive capsule, like girls greater than 35 years of age, heavy people who smoke or have a historical past of breast cancers, unexplained vaginal bleeding and liver illnesses, mustn’t use it. Women who’re overweight also needs to keep away from using a contraception patch.

If you’re nonetheless apprehensive a few contraception patch, it’s all the time higher to see a physician, in case you’re making any adjustments to your contraceptive methods.

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