What If…? Season 2: What Can Marvel Fans Expect?

The post-credits scene reveals that not solely did the HYDRA Stomper survive the ravages of time, however one way or the other its pilot Steve Rogers did as properly. Did he get frozen once more? We don’t know for positive, however with the hopeful manner Black Widow talks about it, we’re led to consider that Steve is similar younger, skinny hero from World War II and really a lot alive. Between this and Carter’s minimal understanding that HYDRA nonetheless exists, it will likely be very, very fascinating to see how the alternate retelling of Captain America: The Winter Soldier works out.

T’Challa Star-Lord

The show’s director Bryan Andrews suggested that if not for Chadwick Boseman’s premature demise, we not solely would have seen a sequel to his intergalactic What If…? episode, however it might have even gotten a by-product. Even if that episode advised tragedy with the approaching of Ego in a universe with out the Guardians of the Galaxy, the finale confirmed that not solely was T’Challa throughout that, however the shot of Peter Quill preventing at his facet advised that Quill would be part of his ranks in any case.

There’s enjoyable to be mined out of the additional adventures of the heroic Ravagers, however for now I believe it’s finest they go away it as a memorial to Boseman’s efficiency. Leave this optimistic world untouched, at the least for a short while.

Marvel Zombies

Other than Strange dropping a huge pile of zombies onto Infinity Ultron, we didn’t get a lot out of that episode. Well, I assume we noticed that Zombie Scarlet Witch survived her encounter with the Hulk, however now she’s off the desk. The Marvel Zombies sequel is unquestionably a chance, because the cliffhanger from its episode has gone utterly untouched. Really, it’s the one episode with none actual follow-up.

Let’s simply hope that when Thor does present up in Wakanda with Stormbringer, he’s sensible sufficient to go for the pinnacle this time.

The Remains of the Other Episodes

Numerous the worlds launched in What If…? have acquired closure. Black Widow helped save the “Hank Pym serial killer” world from Loki. Killmonger has been faraway from his actuality’s battle, which finally simply ends that story. Ultron’s universe is totally devoid of life. Party Thor may simply return, however there’s no unfinished business there. Then there’s Strange Supreme.

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