What has Gottmick done after season 13

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 finalists have been very busy since appearing on the Gotmic show. Check out what Gottmick has been after the show.

All seasons last long after facing runways and challenges RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gotamic is ready to dismantle Sis-temples and conquer the world. Was announced as a contestant from the second Gotamic drag race, This queen is making heretics. As a trans male contestant, who works as a drag artist, Gottmic’s performance on the show was truly historic for fans. But aside from Mick’s out-of-drag identity, the queen ended the competition by winning two highly-coveted maxi challenges in the franchise: The Ball and the Snatch Game.

As a drag race Season 13 finalist, Gottmic was one of only two queens who never landed in Bottom Two during the show. This impeccable track record made a convincing case for Ruaul to make Gottmick the winner of the season, but when it came down to Lip Sync for the Crown, Simone’s fate was to finally fight his way to the top and snatch the crown . Along with this, fans of Gotmic should not be pressed too, as these two LA queens are very close friends and are undoubtedly happy for each other’s success.

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Talking about Gottmic and Simon synergy, these two RuPaul’s Drag Race It rained with praise in the finals Los angeles times The show features a story about his time. In particular, the publication credited Gotmic. “Punk-rock ‘gorge’ looks and wicked humor” As things that took her to the very end of the competition. If he was not calm enough, the trend Also dedicated an entire feature story to talk about Gottmic’s fashion, described “Always campy, but shakes head for high-fashion designers.” On instagram, Gotmic is very close to reaching 1 million followers, which is very impressive for a contestant who is coming off just one season drag race.

Right now, Gottmic is focused on creating a lot of content for itself Youtube The channel, which currently has more than 130,000 subscribers. Gottmic has always been identified as a makeup and fashion drag artist, but drag race, He discovered his sharp skills for comedy and for acting. Even with the current obstacles that come with the COVID-19 epidemic, Gottmik is one drag race Alum was born to thrive in this digital age of drag.

The world is ready to embrace Gottmik as this season RuPaul’s Drag Race Comes to an end. Despite not snatching the crown at the end, Mick is definitely considered a fan-favorite, which really matters.

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