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What Colour Foods To Eat According To Reiki Chakras

Sometimes, the colour of the meals that you simply eat and the garments you put on can affect your well being and physique stability. Want to know the way? Read on.

Reiki has gained prominence as an intangible and different type of therapeutic bodily and psychological well being considerations. It works with the idea of Chakras, which accurately interprets to wheels or the power centres which maintain the physique’s engine going. In Reiki, we work with seven principal Chakras – the place the primary glands of our physique from head to toe are current – and 7 colors.

We have to perceive that no chakra works independently of different chakras within the physique and the well-being of 1 is interlinked to one other, thereby selling holistic well being. And including sure foods to your food regimen, and colors to your setting and look can go a great distance in selling it. Blueberry is your go-to meals for the Third Eye Chakra.

What foods to eat according to Reiki Chakras

1. Crown Chakra; Colour: Violet; Food: Blackberry

On our head is the Crown Chakra, which is ruled by the colour violet. This Chakra helps in creating our non secular facet. As per Reiki, we ought to be consuming comparable colored meals as per Chakras. For this explicit chakra, it is best to eat extra of Indian Blackberry (jamun) or brinjal.

Fortunately, that is the season for getting contemporary blackberry (Jamun), so if you would like your crown Chakra to be extra lively, devour extra it. Apart from meals, we are able to additionally placed on violet colour dress or add bracelets, chains or stones in violet to the equipment we flaunt.

2. Third Eye Chakra; Colour: Indigo; Food: Blueberry

Under the Crown Chakra, now we have our Brow Chakra, which is in between each the attention brows, or the place we apply a tika or put on bindi. This Chakra’s colour is Indigo, and so consuming blueberry helps us in making extra out of this Chakra. This Chakra is often known as the Third Eye Chakra and helps in meditation, in addition to pondering and planning for future occasions. You also can put on extra of darkish blue colored garments or stones.

3. Throat Chakra; Colour: Sky Blue; Food: Blueberry

Throat Chakra is on the joint of our throat, and the colour that drives that is gentle blue. This Chakra will help you to enhance your communication. You also can management your thyroids by it. Eat extra of blueberry or put on gentle blue garments to profit from this Chakra. Light blue colored stones, for instance even turquoise, can work in the event you put on it within the type of a bracelet, ring or pendant.

4. Heart Chakra; Colour: Green; Food: Green greens

Below the throat, now we have our Heart Chakra, and that is ruled by the colour inexperienced. Consuming inexperienced fruit and veggies like cucumber, spinach, woman finger, coriander, mint and extra will help. Even Ayurveda promotes consumption of inexperienced greens to assist hypertension or different heart-related points.

Other than that, inexperienced colored garments and utilization of semi-precious or valuable inexperienced stones like peridot and emeralds will help. Adding wholesome inexperienced meals to your food regimen will maintain your Heart Chakra comfortable.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra; Colour: Yellow or orange; Food: Lemon, papaya

According to Reiki, the Solar Plexus Chakra is located about two fingers above our navel. Yellow colour guidelines this chakra, and in the event you go two fingers beneath the navel, that’s the place you’ll discover our Sacral Chakra. That is ruled by orange. I’m telling you about these two chakras collectively as most of us are unable to perceive the troubling zone is Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakra.

These two chakras management our lungs and digestion. We want to take extra of musk melon and papaya in our common food regimen. Lemon juice could also be taken reasonably to flush out any sort of inner physique blockages. And sure, placing on garments in yellow and orange colour, or sporting stones, also can exude the fitting power wanted for these chakras. Include purple meals, like some contemporary carrots, and it might assist your Sex Chakra!

Root Chakra; Colour: Red; Food: Tomato, carrot, watermelon

Root Chakra or Base Chakra is dominated by purple! This is often known as intercourse chakra. For any sort of girls’s well being points like menstruation or PCOD, and even for males’s root chakra points, one should eat extra of purple colored fruits and veggies like watermelon, strawberry, cherry, tomato or carrot. Wearing purple can even assist!

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