Top 5 Side Effects of Eating Mushrooms

Mushroom Side Effects

Mushrooms are great for your health, but consuming too much can cause health problems. See other slides to learn about them.


Certain varieties of mushrooms have psilocybin and psilocin compounds that trigger hallucinations. Always consume fresh mushrooms in order.


Some people also suffer from nasal dryness and nose bleeds due to excessive consumption of mushrooms. They should seek medical help.

Stomach Problems

Have you ever felt nauseated after eating mushrooms? It is because it can hamper digestive functions and cause discomfort.


Excessive consumption of mushrooms can also cause tiredness and drowsiness. This is because your energy levels drop suddenly after consumption.

Skin Allergies

Some people experience allergic reactions like itching and rashes after eating mushrooms. They may have allergies to fungi.

Final Words

Mushrooms are very healthy and provide several benefits, but excess consumption can cause health problems.

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