6 Habits To Help You Stop Overthinking

Overthinking can interfere with many aspects of our daily lives, from work to personal relationships. Here are some proven ways to stop thinking.

Find A Distraction

Do something you enjoy so you don't have to overthink. Learn new things, and take on a new interest, such as drawing or dancing.

Take A Deep Breath

Breathing patterns like the 4-7-8 provide your organs and tissues with a much-needed burst of oxygen that rejuvenates your entire body.

Step Back

You may find yourself trapped in repetitive thoughts from time to time, depending on how you respond to your ideas. Evaluate and reevaluate practically before you go ahead.

Ask For Help

You don't have to fight alone. Reach out to a family member or consult an occupational therapist for comprehensive assistance.


A tried and true method of calming racing thoughts by focusing on oneself is establishing a regular meditation practice.


Overthinking can be reduced through practices such as deep breathing, meditation, self-compassion, and seeking medical help.

How to Train Your Brain To Stop Overthinking