Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50

Losing weight and fat becomes more difficult as you age, but staying in shape is just as important, and it's never too late.

Follow these tips and make lifestyle changes to stay fit and healthy after 50.

Go plant-based diet

Your digestive system and metabolism naturally slow down with age. Instead of eating unhealthy or fatty red meats that can be difficult to digest, enjoy healthier plant-based options.

Walk more

Walking is an underrated fitness activity. Instead of driving, walk as much as possible. It helps clear the mind and also burns extra calories.

Choose your workout

Exercise doesn't have to be boring or something that makes you feel sick or tired. Choose from fun exercise options like dancing or Zumba, a fun sport, or join a group workout.

Gut health

Your slow metabolism can lead to various digestive problems. Make sure you eat foods rich in probiotics that are good for your gut. Add more fermented foods to your diet.

Less salt, more water

Consuming large amounts of sodium can lead to high blood pressure. Reduce the amount of salt in your favorite foods and choose a handy water bottle to keep track of your daily water intake.


Stretching helps to relax tense muscles and get rid of accumulated tension. This is an excellent way to shake up your body and start a new day.

Don't force yourself

Your body is no longer young and will not bounce back so quickly. Don't let this discourage you or change your fitness goals. Train and eat as healthy as you can without limiting yourself.

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