Scientists Reveal 7 Ways to Increase Your Frequency

In essence, every thing you see round, you wouldn’t exist with out ideas and vibrations. Consciousness continues to reside on even after we die, which exhibits that actuality operates as a powerful phantasm.

If we would like to perceive how the multiverse works, now we have to transcend the 3D world we see earlier than us and faucet into what holds it collectively – frequency.

We affect our actuality each second primarily based on our ideas, power subject, and vibrations. In different phrases, we will create our actuality in accordance to the frequency at which we function.

By growing your frequency, you’ve got a a lot simpler time attracting issues and folks into your existence, which positively have an effect on you.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Below, we’ll offer you extra perception into how one can elevate your power ranges to deliver extra positivity into your life.

Here are seven methods to improve your frequency:

1. Eat lighter meals, like uncooked fruits and veggies.

Dense meals resembling meats, processed meals, and alcohol decrease your vibration. Eating meals that don’t come from nature weigh you down and due to this fact lower your frequency. However, consuming lighter meals which have a decrease karmic load, resembling fruits and veggies, will naturally elevate your power ranges.

Foods that come from nature have a number of prana, or life power power.

Boxed meals and meats have a lot much less life power power, making you are feeling boring and unenthusiastic about life. If you need to really feel extra vibrant, listed below are some meals to embody in your eating regimen:

  • fruits
  • veggies
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • grains like quinoa and brown rice
  • uncooked dairy
  • eggs every so often

You need to keep away from alcohol and any mind-altering substances as nicely; whereas they are going to assist ease your thoughts, they act as depressants that numb you, which is able to negatively influence you in the long term.

2. Be aware of the TV exhibits, books, and music you devour.

Just just like the meals we eat can both improve or lower our vibration, so can the kinds of leisure we enable into our lives. While we must always maintain conscious of present occasions, over-consumption of stories and social media can drain our life power power.

Much of the press focuses on the unfavourable occurrences in our world, so watching an excessive amount of of it might elevate cortisol ranges and put us in a pessimistic mindset.

The leisure we select ought to uplift us and provides us a way of peace. Anything that causes discord or concern in our power subject ought to both be eradicated or considerably decreased to improve our power.

Instead of spending hours scrolling social media, which tends to go away folks feeling anxious and depressed, why not watch an inspirational video or TV present? What we give our consideration to expands in our consciousness, so by feeding our brains optimistic info, our entire world will begin to grow to be brighter.

3. Get out into nature!

One of the perfect methods to improve your frequency sits proper exterior your entrance door. We advanced to spend loads of time within the sunshine, however our fashionable environments crammed with over-stimulation and synthetic lighting have far eliminated us from what our our bodies want.

Make positive to spend at the very least 15-Half-hour per day getting some contemporary air, as Vitamin D can help alleviate depression and enhance your immune system.

4. Practice meditation and respiratory workout routines.

To elevate your consciousness above the restricted ego, you’ve got to decelerate your respiratory and go deep inside to entry your soul. Meditation and breathwork provide a few of the finest methods to increase your frequency whereas offering many well being advantages, resembling higher focus, decrease stress, and decreased threat of hypertension and coronary heart illness, amongst others.

Meditation entails quieting and the thoughts and paying consideration to the breath, which is able to floor you within the current second. Eventually, you’ll discover your racing ideas will begin to dissipate, and also you’ll have a lot much less attachment to them.

Many folks enable their ideas to torment them, however in meditation, you’ll notice that you just exist past your thoughts. You have opinions, however they don’t outline you.

You ought to carry out the respiratory workout routines earlier than meditating to put together the thoughts and physique for deep focus. Below, we’ll go over a few of the finest breath methods that may loosen up you and lift your frequency on the identical time.

Best breath workout routines for elevating consciousness:


For this train, you’ll exhale for twice so long as you inhale on a single breath. The sympathetic nervous system turns into much less stimulated throughout this train whereas activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This will assist decelerate the center rate and loosen up your physique as your respiratory turns into much less shallow and extra grounded.

Inhale and exhale as deeply as doable so that you push out any accrued toxins and carbon dioxide throughout the physique, which is able to improve blood movement to the center and lungs. Make positive you sit up in a chair or lie down on a mattress for this train.

Keep your backbone aligned and your arms at your sides with the palms dealing with upward. Contract your stomach muscle mass to push out any additional air.


Also often called the “Relaxing Breath,” this respiratory method particularly helps folks with insomnia to go to sleep quicker. Creator Dr. Andrew Weil describes this respiratory train as “a natural tranquilliser for the nervous system.” Dr. Weil developed the 4-7-8 breathing method to assist folks fight insomnia in addition to scale back stress and nervousness of their each day lives. This train works so nicely as a result of it helps folks really feel extra grounded by growing mindfulness and soothing the nervous system.

To carry out this train, merely inhale by means of your nostril for 4 seconds, maintain for seven and exhale by means of your mouth for eight seconds.

During the coaching, maintain the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth simply behind your entrance enamel. Concentrate on retaining your breaths constant, and check out to do the train at the very least twice a day.


Most folks breathe shallowly by means of their chests, which solely will increase emotions of stress and nervousness.

To get probably the most profit out of your breath, make sure that to take deep, sluggish breaths by means of your diaphragm. Harvard Health says one of these respiratory will sluggish your coronary heart rate, stabilize blood strain, and permit you to fall asleep easier.


Originating from a yoga respiratory follow known as pranayama, this respiratory method entails alternating the breath between nostrils. To begin, place your proper thumb in your proper nostril and inhale deeply by means of the left.

When you’ve inhaled absolutely, pause, take away your thumb and place your ring finger in your left nostril. Then, exhale slowly and deeply. Repeat this train for a number of breath cycles.

5. Move your physique.

As you may see from this checklist, elevating your frequency principally entails caring for the thoughts and physique correctly. In our fast-paced world, many people neglect our psychological and bodily well being, which solely lowers our vibration.

Not solely does train enhance our bodily well being, but it surely retains our minds wholesome as nicely. Experts suggest getting at the very least 150 minutes of reasonable cardio exercise per week in addition to strength training exercises for all muscle teams at the very least two occasions per week.

6. Focus on emotions resembling gratitude, love, and generosity.

Our feelings play a major position in figuring out our frequency. High vibe feelings like love and forgiveness make us really feel lighter and extra vibrant, whereas unfavourable emotions like anger and envy trigger heaviness throughout the physique.

This doesn’t imply you shouldn’t honor your emotions, however don’t enable your self to dwell on them. Allow them to go by means of you, and check out to stay in a joyous, loving state as a lot as doable.

7. Hang out with optimistic folks.

Don’t enable folks to steal your power away; be sure you encompass your self with optimistic individuals who will uplift you. Negative folks have a tendency to drain others of energy as a result of they’ve none to provide themselves, so keep away from all these power vampires at any time when doable.

You might appeal to them due to your infectious positivity, however that doesn’t imply you’ve got to give them your power and time if you happen to don’t need to.

Final ideas on how to improve your frequency

Nothing within the universe would exist with out power and vibrations, together with us! At our core, ideas and life power power enable us to stay in human our bodies, so if we would like to degree up in life, we must always give attention to growing our frequency.

As we mentioned above, sustaining your well being with correct eating regimen, train, meditation, and immersing your self in a optimistic company will assist to elevate your vibrations.

Also, keep away from over-consumption of unfavourable media and information, and focus on optimistic feelings resembling love, gratitude, and compassion.

If all of us did this, think about how a lot extra peaceable and blissful our world might grow to be!

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