3 Ways to Be Yourself and Live Your Truth

Staying true to yourself in this society is more complicated than ever. These words may seem like a blatant lie, as this is the most progressive era humanity has ever witnessed. But people are more connected than ever, so gossip and lies spread faster.

It is also straightforward to destroy people’s lives with just a few clicks. There are many ways to make someone feel terrible about who they are. And it may seem easier never to experience the truth of it.

Because we want to be like others, we shape ourselves to be someone we are not. If something is trending, people will want to do it. Therefore, we continue to conform to others’ wants, not who we should be. This reality is possibly the saddest life anyone can live.

Never be honest, never be happy, and follow the lead of people who are brave enough to be themselves. This sad state of affairs is because we do not understand the value of being true to ourselves.

But there is no shame in losing and not knowing how to live your truth. It would help if you were willing to take the first step in learning to be more precise. When you understand this, you will be happier than before.

3 Reasons to stay true to yourself

1. Know yourself when you are true to yourself

As a person, you can’t live your life to your full potential if you don’t know who you are. Personality is a big part of someone’s happiness. It’s something people have struggled with for centuries.

All the human rights marches and protests were about making people proud of who they were. Some people protested their gender rights because they wanted to own who they were. Such examples are scattered throughout human history. But as time passes, people become less aware of who they are.

Often this happens because we see how important personality is. So we’re afraid we won’t let you show it. The fear of not being who we are.

But what most people don’t realize is that they usually don’t allow themselves to be true. Of course, there is still a long way to go to fight for people’s rights. But most of the time, no one would give a damn if you were true to yourself.

It does not know who you are hurting more than being judged. When you know who you are, at least you know what you want, and you can stand up for yourself.

Otherwise, you are vulnerable and find it challenging to realize your potential. The more you understand all your feelings, the easier it will be to react to all the criticism and hatred. You will begin to care more about what others think of you than how they treat you. You will realize who you are.

2. When you are true to yourself, you can find your true purpose

To extend the previous point, one of the best reasons to stay true to yourself is to find your true potential. You can know what to do when you live your truth and understand who you are.

Often people do things because they believe they should. But it is not because they sincerely want to or carry out their intentions. For example, maybe you got into law school because your parents raised you.

But that doesn’t mean following the law will make you truly happy. Perhaps you believe that this is your purpose. Maybe you want to do the same. But if you did, you would be lying to yourself because others expected you to.

Of course, one can still lead a dignified life by doing what others want. But you will realize your true purpose only by being entirely true to yourself.

You will understand your passions and what kind of life you want to live. You will have a goal and be encouraged to work towards it. When you choose the right path for you, there is no such thing as a complete failure. Even if you stumble, persevere.

Your life will feel like you, not someone else. You have full control over it. But most importantly, staying true to yourself will help you to drown out all the harmful noise around you.

3. If you stay true to yourself, your life will be easier

A crucial part of being true to yourself is learning to love and accept yourself. Everyone has flaws and imperfections. There is nothing wrong with having them as long as you choose to accept them and strive to be better every day.

After all, living your authentic life means embarking on a journey of self-actualization. Even if you want to be a better person, you will find that your life will become more and more out of control. You will learn to accept yourself without worrying about what others think.

When this happens, you will find that all your decisions will be easier to make. You will do what you want without worrying about what others say. When your choice is good, so is your lifestyle.

You will not fall into the trap of doing things you are offended by; on the contrary, you will live freely. You will attract good people because you will stop tolerating bad friends. In general, you will make better decisions.

Your choices will be made for you, not to please others. Therefore, your life will be happier because you will not be afraid to live authentically.

3 Ways to live your truth

1. When you live your truth, you learn to love yourself

If you want to live your reality, you must learn to love and accept yourself as you are. It is essential to understand that imperfection is normal. If having flaws makes you feel bad, don’t beat yourself up.

On the contrary, to the things that behave well: develop self-esteem. Go to the gym, read a book, and learn something new.

You better stop beating yourself up all the time. Try to overcome negative self-images by remembering to be kind. Don’t give yourself bad names. Do not be overly critical of yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Living your truth means being happy with yourself and accepting yourself. Stay positive if you think you can do better but still want to achieve more. Know that you can achieve anything you want. However, who you are now is enough.

2. Live your truths according to your values

Staying true to yourself means learning to respect values ​​and live by them. Don’t let people force their values ​​on you. It’s just that people believe in being individualistic. That doesn’t mean you have to, either. Just because someone thinks you’re too young to find, love doesn’t mean they’re right.

You are the only one who knows what is best for you. Of course, your friends and family members can help you find the right path. But only you understand your feelings and values.

But living your values ​​means understanding what your values ​​are. It pays to take some time to think. You are sometimes thinking, and thinking hhelp. Even something as simple as sitting with your eyes closed and paying attention to your sensations can connect you with your body.

You will be more in tune with your feelings and thoughts. This kind of introspection can help you figure out what your values ​​are. As soon as you make a clear list, you can start living according to them.

Then, drop things that don’t match those values. Maybe you have people, things, hobbies, or work like this.

3. Live in this world to live your truth

To stay true to yourself, remember that everything for you is now. You can’t live in the past, and you can’t love the future either. The present is the only time you can be happy and fulfill your dreams. Of course, it’s always good to plan for the future.

It is also good to learn from the past. But don’t get stuck in the past. And love to fulfill a dream. Every day is an experience and an opportunity to be happy. It is impossible to be satisfied neither now nor in the future.

But you can be happy right now. So, if you want to do something, no matter how crazy, do it. It is more possible to regret not doing something. Let go of toxic people, even if you once thought they would help. They’re not worth being around if they’re constantly putting you down,

The same situation occurs for bad jobs or hobbies. Don’t do something just because it might be good in the future. For example, don’t become a doctor if you have a stomach ache, even if you think it will pay well. Sure, the job is prestigious, but it’s not worth doing a job you hate.

On the contrary, do everything because you sincerely love it. And you (to the polytheists) only one by one (all) but (to the rules of Allah, Qur’an) Do what you love, never apologize.

Final thoughts on reasons to stay true to yourself and how to live the truth

Staying true to yourself is never easy. It takes courage to be true. People will judge you and try to bring you down. But the thing is, people will do it anyway.

If they are low-spirited, no matter how “perfect” you are, they will be. Therefore, you must learn to let it go and finally know yourself. When you are true to yourself, you have the opportunity to learn who you are. You are in tune with your feelings and desires.

You can understand your purpose and what you want to do. Your life will be easier and filled with happiness. You have to learn to love and accept yourself to live your truth.

You have to live by the values ​​and stay there. Never do anything on other people’s accounts. Just allow yourself to see who you are and how good your life is.

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