Washing Your Face With Hot Water May Cause Pigmentation

The summer season season releases extra sweat than common days and it makes the air pollution, grime, and smoke stick with our skin as we step out. Therefore, this season makes our skin extra prone to allergic reactions, pimples, breakouts, and black spots. All this may be prevented by cleaning the skin correctly.

Another problem is the new water coming by way of the faucets throughout the summer season season. Washing your face with it turns into the one easy methodology to cleanse all of the grime, mud, and air pollution after coming residence. But this may trigger long-term injury to your skin. Face cleaning is such a vital piece of skin care that doing it proper can both make every thing proper or flip every thing the other way up.

Dr Vidushi Jain, dermatologist, medical head at Dermalinks, Ghaziabad, spoke to us concerning the dangers concerned with longtime publicity to hot water throughout summer season season.

Dr Jain says, “Whether to wash your face with hot or cold water has been a fascinating subject that has to be addressed. Water temperature can be a major determinant in keeping your skin healthy and supple. We must understand how the temperature of water used on the face might influence the skin, just as we must evaluate the ingredients of a cleanser before choosing it or the ingredients of food before eating it.”

Here are 4 side effects of washing your face with hot water:

1. Clears important sebum

After an extended and tiring day, steaming hot water is likely to be fairly soothing and stress-free, however it may additionally strip away the pure sebum or oil. By stripping the skin of its pure sebum or oil, this will likely sign the skin to extend the oil secretion.

This might trigger pimples and breakouts attributable to disruption of the skin’s pure barrier. Washing your face with hot water might end in extra pimples.

2. Causes everlasting scarring

Your skin loves chilly to room temperature water. If you rush in from the exterior hot atmosphere and wash your face using hot water, it could trigger tiny black spots and worsen scarring. Sharing her personal brush with pimples,

Dr Jain says, “For years, I had acne on my face when winter arrived since I used hot water on my face as well. I couldn’t figure out why, and then I discovered this simple concept, which was a game changer for me. I stopped washing my hair and face with hot water and it reversed the health of my skin.”

3. Disturbs skin barrier

Similarly, washing your face with the new water from the faucet, could also be detrimental in your skin’s barrier. The outermost layer of the skin protects you from air pollution, UV injury and irritation whereas sealing the moisture in.

Hot water causes your skin’s barrier to go haywire and impacts the aim it serves. This may end up in elevated UV injury, improve pigmentation, freckles, and even photosensitive rashes. Breakouts, scarring, pigmentation and dullness are all outcomes of a compromised skin barrier!

4. Worsen pigmentation

Hot water splashes in your face might activate the melanocyte cells within the skin. Melanocytes are what gives a color to our skin. When these cells get activated, they might end in dark patches, spots and pigmentation in your face. This will trigger your skin to darken and improve pigmentation.

To forestall hot water from harming your skin, at all times retailer water in a bucket on room temperature. If too vital, combine some ice cubes in a jug of water to convey down it’s temperature earlier than splashing it in your skin.

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