Unconventional Date Ideas Inspired From Bollywood Movies Your Partner Will Love

Most dates in movies are either overdone. They are as dull as an expensive dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower and a cup of coffee together in the rain.

Honestly, this kind of thing is done and dusted!

Plus, with covid-19 curfews and impromptu lockdowns, you can’t always rely on the stereotypical movie date or dinner date.

But it’s for the best as you get the chance to get creative and sweep your significant other off their feet movie-style. But uniquely.

You can steal the unconventional date ideas that Bollywood has unknowingly given us and make your date special. Listed below are some quirky, cute, and romantic date ideas that your partner or crush won’t be able to say no to.

Here are some unconventional date ideas inspired by Bollywood movies:

1. Sit by the lake

This is probably the cheapest and most loving date idea ever.

Take them for a ride around town and then park your car by the lake. There you can have pizza (don’t forget to order take-out) and get to know them more like Naina and Bunny from YJHD.

You don’t need a restaurant set up to eat together—just some food, privacy, and a fiery sunset for a perfect romantic date.

2. Take your bae to the Terrace

and have a legitimate term called checkers romance or ” chat wala Pyar.” So .” know your efforts to win a terrace date night won’t be wasted.

Having an evening coffee date, morning yoga session, or late-night fancy dinner would be romantic. You can take your pick.

3. Have a fun bike date

If you and your date are more into fun and adventurous pursuits than sappy movie dates or beach walk, you can ask them out on a bike date.

Competing with your spouse would be great fun, especially if you are both sporty and competitive. It might be in the evening or, better yet, early morning, followed by breakfast.

4. Take a romantic boat ride

Don’t forget the long drive and the ride to remember. The boat ride is an old-school, straightforward date idea that your spouse will remember for life.

If you stay in a place famous for its lakes and boats, you definitely can’t miss it. But, if you don’t, take them on a boating date when you visit such a place instead of an expensive dinner.

5. A date night in the garden

If you’re stuck with your bae, this is the most unique and unforgettable date you can pull to break the rut and spice things up in your relationship.

Just light up your garden area with fairy lights, buy a lantern, and you can cook something for him too. You can end the date by watching the stars together. Your lady will love it!

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