15 Traits Introverts Have That Most People Don’t Understand

Some behaviors of introverts are considered strange. If you ask an introvert if it’s okay, they might rave about it. Being an introvert can be a gift, but it depends on who you ask. Such things seem strange to each other. For introverts, there is an excellent reason for what they do.

Some people think introverts are socially awkward, but that’s not the case. Introverts don’t handle social stimulation the way extroverts do. This article will make you feel better if you are an introvert and feel bad about yourself.

Even an introvert doesn’t know that others are doing the same thing unless they read about them. Here are some commonly unknown facts about introverts.

15 Facts about introverts that most people don’t know

1. They make themselves laugh

They prefer their own company from time to time. This is because they like their ideas. They want to fantasize, create, read, watch movies, and relax. They sincerely make themselves laugh sometimes.

They make you laugh too. But only if they feel comfortable enough to share their humor with you. Many comedians are introverts, which explains why others rarely pay attention.

2. They talk to themselves

Have you ever caught an introvert lonely but quietly muttering to themselves? Although most people think it’s weird, many introverts enjoy talking to themselves, sometimes even more than talking to others.

This is because they are comfortable in their own company and feel that this is one of the rare occasions when they can indeed be their most authentic, most uninhibited selves. They can be as funny, loud, annoying, random, and talkative as they want when alone.

3. They like people, and they don’t

They love the good in people, get to know the real them, and feel comfortable being around them when nothing is said. They like to know the real side themselves. They want fake identities, keeping up with gossip, talking about the weather, or anything else that isn’t conducive to creating a better tomorrow.

This double-edged sword creates a world where people always wonder what category they fall into. In the end, the introvert thinks, “Should I know you or not?” Introvert quickly knows who they want to be friends with and who they don’t.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts do not hate other people or need to socialize with them. Most of them like to spend time with their friends and family. Unlike extroverts, who recharge their social batteries through social interaction, introverts need occasional solitude to recharge.

But for those who don’t understand, it can seem like an introvert likes hanging out with you. Their tendency to cancel at the last minute doesn’t do much to help their cause either.

4. They look boring even when they’re not.

One thing that bothers many introverts is the constant question, “Are you okay? Why are you so quiet?’ Most people mistakenly believe that an introvert is constantly bored, sad, tired, or angry when they are either busy with their work or lost in their head.

See, unlike extroverts, introverts don’t feel the need to constantly express their thoughts or reactions, especially not as they happen, and tend to keep their feelings to themselves.

This makes everyone around them constantly wonder what is happening because their faces don’t give anything away.

5. Loyalty is essential to them

If an introvert takes time to get to know you, you mean a lot to them. Friends are not a dime a dozen for them. This means they give you a lot of time, love, kindness, and more.

They want you to stick around and be a true friend. This means you shouldn’t blow them off, trivialize their friendship, or otherwise betray them

. This means that if you stand up to an introvert, it will cut them deep. They choose their friends wisely. If you have a friend who is an introvert, they love and respect you a lot.

6. They don’t like unexpected visitors

They don’t like anything unexpected. But they especially do not like unexpected guests. Their times are mapped. They made a plan every day. They don’t like distractions.

They have put a lot of thought into how they want their day to go. If you are visiting unexpectedly, throw them all away. Perhaps they have neither the strength nor the willingness to see someone. At all costs, do not visit unexpectedly.

7. They’re not necessarily dull, even if they look like they are

An introvert can have fun without jumping all over the place. An introvert is rarely bored because they are often deep in thought. It keeps their thoughts from boring them.

They are creative types who get energy and focus from solo activities. Make sure they don’t get bored. They can get excited while still sitting. You wouldn’t know the difference either.

8. They love to spend time with their children, but they also need rest

Children come with their personalities, which means they can be extroverted. It’s fun to watch extroverts in action and witness how people interact with each other. But, introverts still need time alone with their children to recharge. Being introverted makes a great parent.

They can answer the why of life’s mysteries. They are patient, quite fond of their children, and fun to be around. Just give them some alone time; that’s fine.

9. They prefer peace

Introverts don’t like to be alone all the time. They want to go out and see new sights every time. They like to sneeze and drink coffee but don’t engage in superficial friendships and small talk. After going out for a while, they need time alone again. After being a hermit for a few days, they are ready to come out again.

10. Attention-seeking behavior irritated them

They don’t like to be the center of attention, and it annoys them when people fake things to distract them. This is a little ironic because introverts are deep thinkers and have a lot to teach people.

They don’t like all eyes on them. But because they are wise, they make great speakers. But usually, they don’t want to talk to people from the congregation after the speech.

11. They will not answer the phone if they do not know who is calling

They will not answer the phone if they know who it is from time to time. It’s nothing personal, but there are several reasons why they might not want to talk right then and there.

They can do something and should think about it. Maybe they’re in the middle of a project. Or perhaps they’re just not in the mood for a long conversation. If the call is not scheduled, they may not answer. They also hate small talk. So if they can avoid it, they will prevent 30-minute conversations about vegetables.

Rather than talking about the same thing on the phone, they would rather text something that would take a few minutes because that would take too long. If they harm you, take it as a great cry!

12. They usually don’t judge you

An introvert is quiet, observant, and often deep in thought. When they go out in public, they usually stare at everyone. Maybe they’re looking at people to see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s adorable. Other times, they get emotional about what’s going on.

This leads extroverts to think that introverts are secretly judging them. In most cases, this is not the case. Rarely an introvert may be irritated by behavior, so they can feel someone else. An introvert does not like spending much energy on such matters. Irritating behavior is quickly forgotten.

13. They are easily distracted

Too much stimulation is not suitable for introverts. They like to work in a quiet environment away from others. They avoid certain sounds. These can include water dripping from the faucet, non-rhythmic clatter, and various sounds that are irritating.

They are not bothered by noises. Various eye movements can also be distracting. People stare or stand behind them while they work to distract and irritate them. Do not stand behind the introvert when doing something.

14. They are not in a bad mood

An introvert is usually thinking about something. They think about everything all day. Their brains are always going. When someone sees an introvert, they believe they are always in a bad mood when nothing could be further from the truth.

If you ask an introvert if they are happy, they will usually tell you they are. If you meet an introvert who considers you a true friend, they will be one of the most exciting people you will ever talk to.

15. They can be the life of the party, sometimes

That doesn’t mean they necessarily want to be the party’s life. They may do this out of courtesy, to be a good host, or because of other responsibilities. An introvert can entertain people.

They don’t always like it. It takes effort because it doesn’t come naturally. Therefore, they value sincere friendships and honest conversations. To entertain the crowd at a party, you must talk about small things and touch on superficial material.

It requires grandiose gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. An introvert can do all these things, but it can make them feel forced.

Final words on traits introverts have that most people don’t understand

So, do you relate to any of the things we mentioned here? Whether you’re an introvert, an introvert trying better to explain your “quirks” to other people, or an extrovert trying to understand someone, the key is that we all can appreciate the unique traits and characteristics that make us who we are.

It should be understood that “all” introverts or extroverts cannot do this or that. Some people are more introverted than others. Perhaps you will find that you share some of the qualities listed above.

Celebrate everything that makes you unique. Both introverts and extroverts can be amazing people. You have to be patient with the introvert to discover what lies beneath. It’s worth the wait. You might get a kick out of their “weirdness,” too.

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