How To Wake Up Fresh? 9 Tips To Avoid Morning Fatigue

It's not easy waking up refreshed every morning. However, with these 9 tips, it is possible to eliminate morning fatigue and lightheadedness.

Do you constantly hit the snooze button in the morning? An extra five to ten minutes of sleep can sound divine. However, they can often cause morning fatigue and nervousness! A few morning habits can help you re-energize and eliminate the stress and focus usually caused by the chaotic morning rush.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, morning habits help create a happier life with satiety and maximum productivity.

We spoke to Dr. Aniket Mule, Consultant Internal Medicine, Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road, Mumbai, to find some great tips to help energize and refresh the morning.

Nine tips to avoid morning fatigue and stop feeling nervous:

1. Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Say no to sleeping, ladies! You should avoid sleeping again. If you do this, you will eventually feel tired and inactive. Try to wake up immediately after the alarm goes off and start the day.

Also, place your notice next to you rather than away from your bed to force you to get up and move your body to turn it off.

2. Start the day with a glass of water

In any case, staying well hydrated is a good idea. Starting your day with a glass of water can prevent your morning laziness. Water will flush out toxins from the body, which means a healthy gut and makes you glow.

Dr. Mule says, “If you feel tired in the morning, it is probably due to dehydration. Drinking a glass of water before starting the day will refresh you. Remember to drink water at regular intervals.

3. Get Sunlight

Sunlight, especially soaking up in the morning, helps boost serotonin in your brain, giving you more energy and keeping you calm, positive, and focused. Avoid being in the sun in the afternoon, when it is at its highest and emits the most UVB rays. This is a tried and true way to get your lazy ass out of bed.

4. Indulge in Yoga

Doing some physical activity in the morning is the best thing for your health. Practicing yoga can be the body’s natural way of waking itself up after a long period of immobility during the night.

“To avoid panic, stretch, do yoga, or even do other exercises like walking after waking up. Doing so can help you stay energized,” says Dr. Mule. Try to do some exercise in the morning without fail.

5. Listen to Soothing Music

A study published in the BJPswitch International Journal states that music stimulates our brain circuits and increases creativity and productivity. So, if you want to say goodbye to morning fatigue and laziness, listen to music and lift your mood. Yes, music can calm you down!

6. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal, and you can’t afford to skip it.

According to Dr. Mule, “Skipping breakfast will make you more tired. So eat oats, fruits or eggs. But, avoid high carbohydrate intake and fatigue. A low-carb breakfast will improve cognition and mood.”

7. Eat Energy Foods

Along with your healthy breakfast, include some energy-boosting foods in your morning meal. Foods like pumpkin seeds, walnuts, dates, and almonds are the best sources of an instant energy boost. They can also be your pre-workout or evening snack.

8. Create a Bedtime Routine

The only thing that you never worry about refreshing is your bedtime routine. On the other hand, a bedtime routine is essential. So, sleep on time, switch off your phone an hour before bedtime and avoid drinking coffee at night. Get regular and plenty of sleep! image

9. No Smoking

“Some people have a habit of smoking after waking up. Well, this might get you in trouble. It is a well-known fact that smoking is harmful to health. It is best to avoid this and start your day with meditation,” says Dr. Mule.

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