Things To Keep In Mind When Planning To Have Sex In Car

Sex is almost always on people’s minds. The words “everything in this world is about sex” are true, considering that it is perhaps one of the most powerful human drives. Therefore, the desire to satisfy this need often results in various adventures, like riding in the back seat of a self-exciting car.

A lot of things in movies are fake. But these steamy car sex scenes certainly aren’t. In real life, your heart is racing, and the windows are steaming like a gym sauna. No one over the age of 22 should be a car sex virgin.

Getting out in the car and sneaking a few kisses here is still doable. Things get a little complicated when it comes to hitting home runs.

Limited space, inexperience, and the generally unconventional nature of making love in a car all play on the mind, often creating a thrill rather than a thrill for an adventurous experience. However, there are always ways to channel the fears when you plan to buy the background frisk. Before having sex in a car, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. First, engaging in indecent behavior in public places is a crime. It doesn’t matter if you own a car. Sex in a car is illegal as long as it is parked in a public place.

That’s why your best trick would be to get your car while it’s parked on your private property – whether in your parking lot or garage; that way, you’ll avoid being charged.

2. Since the space on the machine is limited and offers less surface area than you’re used to, it’s best to stick to a few key sex positions rather than going all out and ending up with muscle pulls. Think missionary and sitting cow, two positions. It will not disappoint you.

3. Keep them in clothes. While in a more private and conventional space, it’s good to take off your clothes and feel skin-to-skin intimacy. But when you’re in a car, and the steps are high, do what you do through a quickie and power!

4. Make sure your car is stationary, and don’t try to do anything while you’re still behind the wheel. As exciting as it sounds, it’s dangerous, and even a split second of distraction can put you in danger of an accident.

A final note on car sex

If, after trying all of these tips, you’re still struggling to have halfway decent car sex, then car sex might not be for you. And you know what? This is good. Car sex will always be awkward and uncomfortable but get some.

Pro tip: use that hand brake because the only sliding you want to do is inside the car and not outside.

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