Scientists Explain 4 Things That Cause Leg Cramps (And How to Fix It)

If you’ve ever skilled a charley horse earlier than, then you realise that nothing can fairly evaluate to the feeling. They happen principally throughout sleep, and scientists imagine this occurs due to mendacity in a single position for an extended time period, which can lead to muscle cramps and contractions.

During the day, you progress round rather a lot, which retains the blood flowing and the muscular tissues engaged.

This uncomfortable sensation wakes many individuals up through the evening, however fortunately, a charley horse doesn’t have a tendency to final greater than 10 minutes or so. However, it could depart you feeling sore the following day.

Many individuals merely stroll off the ache, however it could grow to be a recurring drawback in the event you don’t go to the supply to repair it. Today, we are going to go over the explanations for these muscle spasms, in addition to options for eliminating them.

If you expertise leg cramps that wake you in the course of the evening typically, then learn on to discover out the causes and options with the intention to get a restful sleep, pain-free.

If You Get Leg Cramps Often, This May Be Why…

A “charley horse,” or leg cramp, is a painful muscle spasm in your calf, thigh, or foot, in accordance to WebMD.

If you’ve ever questioned why individuals name it a “charley horse,” strive to consider the way you’d really feel if a horse kicked you within the calf or thigh. It would in all probability harm fairly badly, which explains why individuals refer to the muscle spasm as a charley horse.

Somewhere between going to sleep and waking up, many individuals expertise these muscle spasms, however don’t know why. We’ve listed the commonest causes for muscle spasms beneath.

Causes of Leg Cramps

1. Dehydration

When you sweat rather a lot or just don’t drink sufficient water, your physique will lose electrolytes, which assist to keep correct perform of your muscular tissues. Consequently, not hydrating your physique will doubtless end in frequent muscle spasms.

Electrolytes help to control your muscle contractions, so when your physique doesn’t have sufficient electrolytes, it may trigger painful muscle rigidity within the late hours of the evening.

2. You’re chilly

Although many individuals sleep higher in a chilly room, a cooler temperature may cause muscular tissues to spasm. If you insist on conserving the room chilly, be sure to cover up with sufficient blankets, and don’t neglect to cover your legs.

Being uncovered to chilly temperatures may cause the muscular tissues to stiffen and grow to be rigid, which may trigger painful muscle contractions.

3. Being in the identical position for lengthy duration of time

Whether you’re employed all day sitting down or standing up, merely being in the identical position for that lengthy may set off muscle spasms afterwards, particularly in the event you don’t stretch. Women who put on heels are particularly susceptible to muscle cramps, as this places monumental pressure on the ft, backbone, and legs.

4. Exercising with out stretching

One of the most important errors individuals make all too typically is exercising with out stretching earlier than and after. While train will improve your bodily health and power, not giving the muscular tissues stretch may cause painful repercussions afterwards. Your muscular tissues want time to get well after an intense exercise, so be certain to stretch them out to keep away from damage and muscle spasms.

How To Prevent Leg Cramps

1. Take A Warm Shower

Before a exercise, you do a heat up to get your muscular tissues prepared for train and stop damage, proper? Well, the identical idea applies to stopping a charley horse. If your muscular tissues really feel sore or stiff, simply hop within the bathe to ease your ache and calm down your muscular tissues.

The heat of the water will assist to soothe your physique, and might go a great distance in stopping muscle spasms through the evening.

2. Drink Pickle Juice

You may’ve heard this age-old treatment earlier than, and many individuals have tried it with success. Studies have proven the effectiveness of utilising pickle juice to keep at bay sore muscular tissues, and one study proved that pickle juice works better than even water at alleviating muscle cramps.

Pickle juice comprises a number of salt, which we want so as to keep correct management of our muscular tissues. This explains why this treatment works so effectively, and better of all, you in all probability have already got a jar of pickles in your own home.

3. Eat A Banana

Muscle spasms can also occur due to low levels of potassium. Bananas comprise one of many highest concentrations of potassium amongst any meals in nature, so the following time you may have a charley horse, strive consuming a banana or two to replenish your potassium ranges and alleviate muscle cramps.

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