The Meaning Of Karmic Debt Numbers In Numerology, Explained

In numerology, all numbers are believed to be significant symbols, every carrying a singular vibration and application to our lives. Our personal numerology charts may help to make clear our destinies, our passions, and even our unconscious struggles. While everybody has sure core numbers of their charts (reminiscent of life path numbers), some folks even have what are generally known as karmic debt numbers. The which means of karmic debt numbers pertains to the trials and tribulations that frequently present up in our lives — and so they’re there to assist train us priceless non secular classes.

Karma in numerology refers to a kind of non secular cause-and-effect that may span all through lifetimes. The concept is that our souls carry forth each knowledge and burdens from circumstances we confronted or errors we made in earlier lives — and that these karmic circumstances could be clarified to us via the magic of numbers.

“A karmic debt is something that occurred in a previous lifetime that you’re now making amends for,” numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart, creator of You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology, tells Bustle. Once we acknowledge and start to know the karmic debt that we should settle this lifetime, we now have a possibility to interrupt previous cycles and cease making the identical errors again and again — which may carry a deeper sense of freedom and knowledge to our lives.

While not everybody has a karmic debt quantity, they’re truly fairly widespread and nothing to be afraid of. Here’s the news on the which means of karmic debt numbers and the way you should utilize them for personal progress.

Here’s the scoop on the meaning of karmic debt numbers and how you can use them for personal growth.
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The Meaning Of The Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16, & 19

There are 4 karmic debt numbers in numerology, and people are 13, 14, 16, and 19. Each of those 4 karmic debt numbers holds a big which means and signifies a particular set of difficulties that an individual would want to work via on this lifetime.

  • Karmic debt quantity 13: “A karmic debt of 13 is about past abuse of morals for material gain — or in other words, any abuses dealing with work life,” Kaerhart says. “This karmic debt signifies you’ll have to work harder and learn more lessons in order to achieve career success.” People with this quantity could run into repeated highway blocks in relation to reaching personal objectives, however can typically overcome this by avoiding shortcuts and placing in a extra grounded and methodical effort.
  • Karmic debt quantity 14: “14 indicates there was an abuse of freedom in a past life,” Kaerhart says. “With this karmic debt, it’s important to strengthen the positive traits of being a free spirit while maintaining boundaries and limitations so you don’t totally go off the rails.” Because a karmic debt of 14 is said to escapism, it’s vital to keep up moderation and self-control in an effort to overcome a karmic debt of 14.
  • Karmic debt quantity 16: According to Kaerhart, the quantity 16 pertains to previous life transgressions in relation to love. This might manifest as repeated cycles of getting your coronary heart damaged or breaking others’ hearts. It’s vital to handle poisonous relationship patterns and decide to honesty and loyalty.
  • Karmic debt quantity 19: “A karmic debt of 19 is related to the abuse of power in a past life,” Kaerhart says. People with this karmic debt should study classes relating to their independence and tips on how to help themselves all through life’s struggles. It’s vital to not fall sufferer to ego-based conduct or stubbornness with this quantity current.

How To Find Your Karmic Debt Number

Our numerology charts embody a wide range of symbolic core numbers, every of that are calculated in several methods and maintain a singular significance to our lives. Karmic debt numbers can seem amongst any of them, however they’re strongest after they seem inside your life path quantity. Find out tips on how to calculate your life path quantity.

Karmic debt numbers are most powerful when they appear within your life path number.
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No one’s life path quantity can be one of many karmic debt numbers in its ultimate type (as life path numbers are at all times diminished to both the numbers 1-9, or one of many master numbers). Instead, they’re one thing that may come up throughout the technique of calculating our life path numbers, earlier than they’re diminished to a single-digit quantity. “You only have karmic debts if you come across 13, 14, 16, or 19 while you’re calculating out your core numbers,” Kaerhart says. For instance, if the sum of your three month, date, and year numbers totaled out to 16, you would want to cut back that quantity by including 1 + 6 in an effort to get to a life path variety of 7 —however you’d carry a karmic debt variety of 16, since that confirmed up throughout the technique of calculating the ultimate life path quantity.

It’s truly extra widespread to have karmic debt numbers in a numerology chart than it’s not to have them, so discovering one doesn’t imply you’re doomed to wrestle with unhealthy karma endlessly. It merely means your soul has some obstacles to work via on its present journey — and when you establish these money owed, you’ve a greater concept of tips on how to clear and overcome them.

How Do I Pay Off My Karmic Debts?

The idea of previous life karma could be intimidating, as nobody needs to be punished for some thriller errors that their soul could have made in a possible earlier incarnation. But like all money owed, karmic money owed in numerology could be settled and cleared out of your non secular credit score. “A lot of people get freaked out when they realize they have karmic debt, but actually most people have it, and it’s not a big deal,” Kaerhart says. Once you recognize what your karmic money owed relate to, you can begin settling them and releasing your self from the karmic cycle.

What’s most vital is that karmic money owed can be utilized to assist us develop out of limiting behavioral patterns or personal struggles. Often karmic debt numbers manifest as folks grappling with the identical themes or dealing with the identical challenges time and again all through their lives. If we ignore our karmic money owed, it’s believed that they’ll frequently present up as roadblocks that maintain us again from reaching our true potential or objectives. But if we acknowledge them, they may help present us what we’re meant to study and overcome all through our lives.

“Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to move through karmic debt, but a lot of people move through it when they’re younger in life, too,” Kaerhart says. “Either way, the point is to transmute it.” In order to do this, we now have to handle the karmic points head-on and establish the cycles and patterns of conduct that we appear to be caught in. It’s additionally useful to lean into the optimistic qualities of the karmic debt quantity’s corresponding life path quantity — which yow will discover by including collectively the 2 digits of the karmic debt quantity till they equal a single-digit life path quantity — in an effort to counter the unfavourable results.

What If I Don’t Have Any Karmic Debts?

If you don’t have any karmic debt numbers, it merely signifies that your soul’s quest holds a special which means — one which doesn’t contain repaying previous life money owed. “It is possible to not have any karmic debt, but it’s rare,” Kaerhart says. “I believe this means you chose to come here and be here at this time for a specific purpose that was not necessarily tied to karma.” Neither situation is best or worse, as everyone seems to be preventing their very own battle and dealing via patterns, whether or not they’re karmic or not.

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