The Hunger Games Victors, Ranked by Winning Method

Snow doesn’t seem to have a particular gripe towards Wiress and Beetee, they’re simply casualties in his vendetta towards Katniss. That mentioned, selecting to reap earlier victors and never totally recognizing their capabilities is a alternative that comes again to chunk after they get away of the sector.

District: 4
Hunger Games Won: sixty fifth
Method: Retiarri Realness

Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) is a career tribute from District 4, the rich district on the water recognized for fishing. He received the sixty fifth Hunger Games on the tender age of 14, making him the youngest victor in historical past. Finnick is described by Katniss as being very good-looking, and that coupled along with his flirtatious persona caught the attention of rich sponsors who despatched him presents all through the video games. One such reward was his signature trident, which is becoming. Finnick seems to be modeled on the Retiarii, who have been scantily clad Roman gladiators, who fought utilizing fisherman’s instruments—weighted nets, daggers, and tridents. Finnick, just like the Retiarii, received his recreation by utilizing nets to ensnare different tributes, and ending them off with the trident. After his win, he was prostituted by President Snow, earlier than being reaped into the seventy fifth Hunger Games, alongside Mags, who volunteered instead of his real love, Annie Cresta.

Finnick received his recreation honest and sq., however he was aided by donors who made the sector much less treacherous and thus simpler for him to outlive. This doesn’t break any guidelines nevertheless it does restrict a few of the management the gamemasters have. Being well-liked has its benefits within the recreation, and being a well-liked victor means having a platform. This would threaten President Snow, as a well-liked victor who spoke unwell of the video games might change the sentiment of the video games.

Haymitch in Hunger Games

District: 12
Hunger Games Won: fiftieth
Method: Arena Assault

Haymitch Abernathy (performed by Woody Harrelson within the 4-film adaptation) was the second victor from District 12. He participated within the fiftieth Hunger video games, the second Quarter Quell. He had an early benefit within the video games by surviving the cornucopia massacre and coming away with a knife and backpack of provides. He took down a number of career tributes and was nearly killed, however was saved by fellow District 12 tribute Maysilee Donner. They fashioned an alliance till they separated—not desirous to kill each other. Maysilee was attacked by vicious chicken muttations, and Haymitch held her hand as she was dying, the identical method Katniss did with Rue. Haymitch discovers the drive discipline surrounding the sting of the sector, when he kicks a pebble on the cliff, and it bounces again. In his ultimate knock out drag out with the District 1 tribute, he leads her to the sector’s edge. She throws her axe at him, he dodges, and the axe rebounds off the drive discipline and hits her within the head as a substitute. She dies, leaving Haymitch the victor.

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