The Haunting of Elvira: Real-Life Ghost Stories From the Mistress of the Dark

It started with listening to footsteps from the empty third flooring. From there, Peterson recounts in her e-book, she witnessed an apparition of a lady wearing a Nineteen Thirties-style nurse’s uniform, that warned she was going to “take” Peterson’s sleeping ex-husband “into the pool.” Another time, she encountered the spectre of a person in interval clothes sitting by the hearth.

Not solely does Peterson report the home was the web site of a couple of suspicious dying (together with that of a Ziegfeld Follies lady who died in the pool, and wasn’t found till the subsequent day), she tells of a cocktail party attended by Mark Hamill. The Star Wars actor revealed he had lived in Briarcliff in the Nineteen Sixties, till one of his housemates died by suicide.

Peterson tells Den of Geek in a current interview: “He drove in the gates, and he just got out of the car, and stood there going, ‘Oh, my god, I can’t believe it; this is the house I lived in when I was in college.’”

Peterson stated Hamill proceeded to “drop this bomb” about his roommate who died in the residence.

“We told [Mark] all about what had been going on there, so he was fully aware of that, and he told us that story because we told him about all of the creepy things that were happening,” Peterson says. “We were like, ‘Oh, my god, please don’t tell us that’…of course it turned out to be the master bedroom closet right across from our bed.”

Despite her personal beliefs, and misadventures as Elvira, Peterson stated she doesn’t encounter the unusual and weird all the time — though she at present lives in a “very creepy” residence that was beforehand the web site of a “horrible, horrible violent death.” However, she does recall a second from her youth, “in the 50s, probably,” that she ascribes to the paranormal.

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